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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


Yeah, I mean, you could always beg for rebranding teams or proxy some. I don’t recommend buying the set of rebranding teams. If people are really going nuts over this we could make em PSFs.


Heya - if you were going to make any moves, it occurs to me that you could update to factor in the completely spoiled Democracy + Dogma, Salsette Island and Fear The Masses - and or just wait for The Enlightened Mind and have one massive sea change. :smiley:


We need more draft cubes, I was thinking about making ones that focus on a specific faction to make a themed cube. Like Jinteki vs Criminal cube


Checking to see when we should expect an updated cube. Thanks!


Not that it’s a huge rush. For one thing, it’s all spoiled now - you could technically release one update and catch up with the end of Mumbad.


Do you guys use the newer faction draft ID’s, the blank ID’s or custom ID’s when you use this cube?


This cube just uses the default basic IDs, The Shadow and The Masque.


The draft Faction ID’s aren’t really fair at all. Not worth including.


Every time I see that this thread has something new I think it is the updated cube…but it never is :pensive:


Same, but then I realized that the title would be different if there was an update.


Sorry about my complete and utter failure everyone.
I will be updating the cube tonight.


Man the kids are going to make so much fun of my firstborn when I name it after you. “What kind of a name is Sneaky?”

It’s the name of a hero.


Updated up to Liberated Mind!

(I would have had Fear the Masses in here as well, but NetrunnerDB actually stopped me from doing so and instead created a bug that I had to work around. :angry:)



And yes @Yoshi, this time it is real. :wink:

This is my favorite post on the whole forum.


Woohooo, have a Cube day lined up already and gonna do some Grid drafting soon too :slight_smile:


D’aww. T’anks.

List looks good! Almost surprised there isn’t 1 x The Noble Path for those game point “F^&k you Janus!” runs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re getting closer to Highlander!

Just FMI - what were you going to change for Fear The Masses?

Also your suggested IDs are pretty funny - we had at least one game where “Trashing Corp Card = 1 Net Damage” flat-out killed someone using Keyhole.


How have people adjusted for smaller drafts?

Let’s say you have a group of 4 people. Instead of drafting from the full 320 card pool, now you are instead using a subset of 160 cards. While the full 320 card pool, respects some sort of composition (x% econ, y% ice, etc.) the 160 card subset does not.follow such composition.

Should this be a concern? If there is a skewed subset composition, perhaps the draft remains “balanced” since everyone has equally awkward skewed decks. Maybe draft inheriting fixes itself since players will realize what they are missing and draft accordingly?

If the problem is noteworthy, how could you resolve the problem with minimal overhead? The best method I can think of would be a maintenance nightmare (step 1 in particular):

  1. Create 40 card packs that each respect the cube’s % composition
  2. Determine number of players in draft and add a 40 card pack to the subset for every player
  3. Shuffle the subset and draft normally


Last year @bluebird503, @JohnnyCreations, a non-Stimhack dude, and I got together for a 4-person Stimhack Cube draft. What we settled on was basically a Rochester Draft, formatted to fit the cube. We shuffled the cube and made each “pack” of something like 8 or 10 cards apiece (I forget atm), as required for the drafting process, and then laid all the packs face-down on the table. Someone was designated “First,” and then the first pack was turned over and laid out bare in front of us all. The first person would get first pick, and it would move on down the line until we all had picked a card. Then that pack would be discarded; we would no longer get to pick any of those cards again. The second person in line would then get first pick of the next pack, and it would cycle around this way until all the corp cards were picked. We would then move onto the runner cards and do the same.

The draft time takes a while, but it’s an absolute kick. It’s also cool because you can literally see what other people are picking, so you can make some really neat counter-picks and hate drafts. Knowing that you aren’t going to have a second crack at the pack of cards really ups the importance of each pick as well. If there’s a Sure Gamble and a Chameleon in front of you, what do you pick? Sure Gamble is econ, which is awesome, but there’s only 1 Chameleon in the cube, so if you let it go you will never see another, and it will never come around again if the other people don’t grab it either.

Anyhow, we had a blast. It’s highly recommended.


Yes, also interested in how to adjust for smaller cubes, we played with 4 people, which could have required some adjustments. Probably some type of Rochester variant is best, but that takes away some of the “normal” drafting parts, also is a lot harder as I understand it?

Another thing, how do I draft, I am very terrible at it, can someone write an article (someone good :wink: )


I actually find using the full draft works out fine even when I 1v1 Grid Draft against my bestie. (Grid drafting, btw, is the best most agonizing choice-inducing format I know: “Oh no the Eli and the Adonis are in different columns - razzafrazzadamncube -”

Your suspicion that equally awkward decks even out is pretty much accurate in the 2 and 4 person drafts I’ve done - maybe you have no Fracters, but maybe my one Barrier is Paper Wall. Or someone drafts a winner and (in my experience) the games become a light hearted mutual cheering squad to take them down.

Also the Draft IDs from Cube Drafting 201 go a long way toward enabling more finicky decks - tagstorm, stealth, etc. The ability to either enhance a strength or just plug a gap often mitigates the possibility of RNG ruining your day.


I thought about it actually. Will probably make it into the next list.

Yup! :smile:

I think it was something like: