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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


So what you’re saying is that TMI is viable in Making News. You heard it here people @SneakySly clearly loves bad cards. :stuck_out_tongue:


This has always been the case.


I think most of the cards have potential, and I’m now looking into TMI with Aryabhata Tech and Making News, see if that helps.


Im trying TMI out with bootcamp cause I dont want to wait for them to run my sweet ice


Oh Honoured Keepers of the Sacred List - your humble Draft Enthusiasts request your wisdom. Shall Bioethics Committees spring up throughout the land? Shall 3 x Akshara Sareen truly be the fate of the True Believers?


Have people been trying out the suggested tweaked agenda package of 1 of each Framgent, 1 x PrioReq, 1 x Rebranding Team?

I am getting a cube now and will try with that, just wondering if people like it or not, maybe it doesn’t do much as you draft agendas?


I do that for my cube and people still draft agendas. I think it’s fine.


I’ve done that forever with draft, and they are mostly good, but I don’t like the inclusion of Hades Shard, just cause it becomes advantageous for the Corp to sit there and stall once it is scored. However, the rest of the agenda package is fine.


Updates coming this week.


Definitely go with the new package.


I mandate them as the starting set in drafts all the time and agendas are still a high drafting priority. Rebranding is a blank 4/2 (ugh) and even these (decent) 5/3s are nowhere near devastating enough (with no self-protection) that many people take them.

It mostly just means you have the option of some fun janky hail Mary - Mushin no Shin out a good Utopia Shard and you’re in damn good shape, etc. - and don’t have to start drafting Project Wotan just to make a legal deck :3


I managed to draft a full 3/2 deck once. It had two Philotics in it. I was an honorary Jinteki corporation. I even installed three new remotes first turn once!


That’s pretty Jinteki. Not quite draft Beale, draft Overwriter, first round Mushin then click for cash.

But still pretty much Jinteki. :sunglasses:


Oh I did that too. I had Mushins with Overwriter. I was seriously nearly a legit PE Jinteki deck, just without the ID ability. Turns out that’s really useful. :slight_smile: Two Philotic was easily ridiculous, though.


Illegal deck, unfortunately. The “limit one per deck” is rules text.


Hadn’t thought of that… :frowning:

Though I would argue that it shouldn’t exist twice in the Cube in that case. :slight_smile:


I thought this but @mediohxcore disagreed. Eventually it will be 1x. =p


I remember that deck. I decided since it was cube that text didn’t matter but if it does in the cube I’ll make the adjustment when the update happens. I mean it’s only happened once.


Hmm, so I have to buy a 3rd copy of Data and Destiny for more Rebranding Teams…At least I get more GFIs I guess.


Well, you could take the attitude that a cube draft is an informal, non FFG-endorsed system already and proxy the heck out of it.

Or give the weakest player a marginally better 4/2 (uh…PSF?) as a leg up.