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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


I still make my decks in NRDB just because I find it useful to open the list of all neutral cards and run down them to make sure I haven’t forgotten any. (Hedge Fund and Sure Gamble keep being forgotten.)

I do agree that some way of making a Cube, specifically, would definitely help meteor to stand out. Right now I don’t ever go to Meteor unless someone’s hosting a draft because I like the interface of NRDB so much.


Hmm, can you be more specific? What makes building a cube list different than a regular deck list, other than the larger number of cards?


For my part it’s specifically the larger number of cards. It’s difficult to look at the list of all those cards and contextualize the information. It would be nice if there were more categories to break it down by perhaps? Sorting options is probably what I’m thinking about. Perhaps a way to sort by Cost so you can tell if there’s too many expensive ICE in the cube and not enough cheap ICE?



Thanks to @bluebird503




What @CrushU said. I don’t want to brag or anything, but me and him are the living breathing force of draft on Jinteki.net. It’s not easy coming up with that many cards on your own, but being able to have any sort of guide whatsoever would be great. Maybe even just something to make sure there are enough economy cards in the cube, and a decent amount of icebreakers. It would likely take a lot of effort and a serious brainstorming session, but I wouldn’t be opposed. Any true children of the draft would easily help too I bet (cough cough @CrushU cough cough). I think there’s a lot of design room for creating a cube, there’s lots of themes that go unsupported in netrunner that would’ve have to in a cube. Maybe I’m just thinking wild thoughts, but there’s very likely tons of potential.

Honestly, something that just encourages and advertises draft on meteor would be bananas, if nothing else.


Oh good lord, no.
I’m not good at building a cube, though I have thoughts on modifying existing ones.

I do think that having an easier way to join drafts would be nice, instead of having to copy/paste a link every time. No idea how you’d do that with just HTML5 available, though, since that implies a lobby?


Got to step up to the plate sometime man.



New lists sorry for delay, was at worlds when pack was released lost track of this :D.


New lists!



Before I go and duplicate work… has anyone tried a cube consisting solely of cards in the 1st two cycles? So post rotation I figured we might have a ready made cube.

Card pool of 180 unique cards. so I think it should be 270 cards per side. I know the easiest thing to do is just do it and see how it works, but that also takes a while :slight_smile:


Wait when did we go down to 1 fall guy 1 DLR! :triumph: @bluebird503 you got a lot to answer for


The earliest Stimhack cubes are within the first two cycles.


Yep. But they also include core and big box cards. We want to try with just cards that have cycled. We are normal drafting tonight to make sure everyone likes the game that way, then building a cube.


Why does the Quorum Runner list only have 317 cards?

EDIT: Nevermind, old cached NRDB data was messing me up.


This is awesome :slight_smile:

How are the card choices made?


Is there somewhere online draft up to Quorum cards?

Or, how can we draft online with the lists from netrunnerdb?


You can import the list to Meteor, and use the draft feature there: https://meteor.stimhack.com/draftinfo


@bluebird503 makes them, currently. Right now he’s in the middle of revamping the cube to be even cooler.

Sorry for the 21 day response time =P


Sorry for delay. One month vacation then one month of traveling/netrunner vacation leading up to Nationals.

Major change here is -2 priv contracts +2 hedge funds in corp starters. Let me know how that works for everyone.

I also removed armitage and hedge from the draft lists as I had complaints about them appearing in both draft as well as starter deck. This should remove some confusion.

Lots of changes overall this time. Just messing around a bit I changed a few of the supported archetypes around and removed some of the weaker cards I suppose.

I should make note that I think that the current 10-10-10-10 way to draft netrunner kind of sucks compared to drafting 15 15 15 LRL like MTG. The 10 card packs with 8 people leave a LOT to be desired. I’m going to continue managing the 320 card cube but I think if you want a more competitive experience 360 cards with 15 15 15 will lead to some higher power level but more control over your drafting. If your worried about experience drafters having an advantage and what to even the playing field stick with the 10 10 10 10 since the luck of the draw and seating matters way more(based on my limited experience/opinion I by no means speak for all drafters). Being able to know what is coming back around can give you better control over the fate of your draft though so I prefer it. We have had some 15 15 15 drafts here locally with @ossa and @saracenus nus cubes and I always feel better about it then the Netrunner 10 10 10 10.

I hope everyone enjoys the new lists, sorry about the delay.




Have we thought about taking magnum opus out? Two drafts ago, I took it and won every game off it. Last draft, I took it again, and didn’t put it in my deck just so it wouldn’t be played against me.

Maybe like medium and/or keyhole too? They’re pretty bonkers.

EDIT- Also, -3 Oversight AI? What’s that about?