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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


The fact that delxues stick around forever mean we will likely never see lots of functional reprints like MTG has which make that singletons feasible.


Or instead of trying to replace near functional reprints, we could power it up. Temujin for compromised employee or something?


I think that’s generally where we’re going. The problem, for cube, is ‘irreplacable’ cards that you need to have not just a singleton of (Ghost Runner if you want Stealth to be a thing, or Cloak)

I almost wonder if Cube drafting should instead be 3 10-card packs for each side that are representative; If you draft a card you can play up to three copies of that card.

You could experiment further and go to something crazy like 4 10-card packs that are from both Runner and Corp side, drafting both sides at once, with the Representative Card strategy of it.

The card pool isn’t quite large enough, I think, to determine if Singleton is Impossible. Magic makes it work by having a few functional reprints, but you’ll note in most Magic cubes there aren’t a whole lot of functional reprints: There’s usually some twist on each individual card. It’d be if there were a Hardware version of Cloak that cost 2 or 3 instead of Cloak’s 1, and a program version of Cloak that costs 4 to install, but gives two recurring credits instead of 1 for the same MU. In that way, we could make the Cube Singleton and still support Stealth. Give it another year or two before we actually start pushing hard to go Singleton.

In the meantime, I think you’re right; Replacing cards with more powerful cards is generally where we should be heading. Replacing Morningstar with Paperclip, for instance. That’s fine. :slight_smile: (Although there is, technically, a Morningstar centric build that uses Medium and Demolition Run to get a bunch of accesses all at once…)


I recently upgraded my membership to a MtG cube site, gaining the ability to add “personalized” card scans to my lists. I started working today on uploading my versions of the stimhack cubes to the site, skinning magic cards with the “colors” and card types of netrunner.

I’m just getting back into collecting for NR, so the cube is only updated to D&D, until I have a chance to catch up and work with my cube partner on Mumbai and 23 Second updates.

So far, I only have the Corp cube finished, but should (hopefully) have the Runner one ready to go by tomorrow afternoon.

My “always available” cards for the corp are 2 hedge funds, 2 pad campaigns, and as many priority reqs as needed to pad out the player’s agenda point totals. Once a player finishes a draft, these cards are available in the place of “plains” “islands” “swamps” etc when finishing the deck.

Magic cards I used in the place of netrunner’s were selected mainly for consistency of type, alphabetical order, and 1:1 mana/credit cost, so the AI for the cube will probably be all sorts of fucked up until it gets trained properly by me. I picked these funky parings to help smooth the process of updating the cube, until the site owner gets around to offering full editing privileges towards card names and other parameters.

Here’e the visual spoiler and draft pages for the corp cube:


I’ll post the runner stuff as soon as it’s finished.



That type of draft they’re doing in the other thread looks fun but I think it needs to stay separate. I like cube becaues it’s janky. I don’t want to sit down and play against 3x caprice or some butchershop deck with all the breaking news they’ll ever need.


Finished the runner cube.

Visual spoiler here:

Draft it here:


I’ve received some good constructive feedback that my starting “always available” econ suite might be a bit too good: using 2 pad campaign/2 hedge fund for the corp, and 2 armitage/2 sure gamble for the runner.

Are there any alternate schemes that folks have run that are a bit more balanced, or less prone to being auto-jammed into their final decks?

I’m currently considering 2 launch campaign/2 beanstalk royalties, and 2 easy mark/2 ??? for the runner.



I’m a big fan of Private Contracts and Armitage. They’re substandard as economy cards go, but they’re better than clicking for credits in both cases, and also they’re reusable, but limited. I find that players will play between zero and two of both, which I’m very happy with.


Sorry for the huge huge lack of updates everyone. I have transitioned control of the cube into @bluebird503’s caring hands (and his active playgroup). They will be posting updates and acting as the official cube from now on.


I think everyone should feel free to use this thread for posting their own cube lists. For example I believe @Xenasis has his own great lists as well.


Thanks for all the work you did @SneakySly !

I have changed my own cube to @Xenasis version mainly for reason such as no Mopus in there and similar, Mopus is just to simple to draft, always the right choice and can easily lock games down as pumpable inefficient breakers are a good way to get in always.


I always felt that the MU requirements on mopus made it hard for me to put together a good rig during the game. I’ve been trying to draft mem chips a lot higher these days, cause it seems really easy to lose track of MU on your breakers and programs, when you’re already scrambling to acquire a complete collection of decoders, fracters, and killers. For me, mopus has frequently been the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Yeah - this. I always have problems putting together 4MU of decent program as it is; Mopus + 2 breakers (minus any Sneakdoor/Keyhole/etc you also want) is a hard sell in our draft where program destruction is a really high priority :smile:

More broadly - thanks to the Sly and the Family Stim for their excellent work to date.


You guys need to pick consoles, draft life w.o. console is sad life.


I think you guys are trying to do too much, I usually just run around with a sentry breaker :D.


I stay with Lycan for this very purpose. No one remembers it. Sometimes runners drop faerie/femme/mongoose and get sad


I stay with Lycan for this very purpose. No one remembers it. Sometimes runners drop faerie/femme/mongoose and get sad


thumbs up

Can we get them on meteor for some jnet action? And your’s too, sneaksly? The links seem to be down.


That’s a job for @kiv. He’s the man behind Meteor.


I put the latest cubes on the main draft page: https://meteor.stimhack.com/draftinfo

But just so everyone knows, you can draft any list you want by just importing it as a deck and then pressing “Cube Draft” at the bottom. No need to wait for me :slight_smile:


You know, I’d really like a way to make creating a cube on meteor easier. This could be exactly the niche meteor needs to not only survive, but thrive. I personally just create all my decks in Jinteki now, forgoing even NRDB, but I’d really like a sort of cube creating wizard.