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Stimhack Regionals Invitational Feeler

Hey guys; I am thinking about starting to put together a Stimhack Regional Champions Invitational, akin to the SSCI this past spring. There are a few things about an SRCI that should be easier, and a few things that might be a little more difficult. Obviously, we would have less players competing, so we woudn’t have to play another 18-hour tournament, and with less players, we might be able to explore some more interesting formats, (maybe a long double elimination, maybe a cube draft for the top8, maybe something else entirely).

Unfortunately, there isn’t a break between Regionals and Nationals events as there was between Regionals and Store Champs, so it might be difficult to find a date that wouldn’t conflict with some people’s plans.

I am making this thread as both a headcount, (if you’ve won a Regional this year and would like to compete in an SRCI, please let me know here), and to tap the community for opinions about what sort of tournament you’d like to see us do if the event were, say, somewhere between 20 and 50 players. It would also be nice if Regional Champs could make it known what dates in August or September are going to have conflicting events that we should try to schedule around. Please don’t go nuts talking about what we could improve from the SSCI here. We got a ton of feedback afterwards with respect to logistical and technical improvements, so we have a good idea of the most important changes we need to make already.

Thanks in advance for the feedback; I look forward to hosting another incredible event!


I’d be interested. Another scheduling issue will be figuring out ways to avoid scheduling over ANRPC finales as well.

I don’t quite know if I’d be 100% in on a massive cube draft tournament, at least for this. I would totally be down for a semi competitive cube draft tournament if the timing were right, though.

The chances I win a regional are slim to none, but I would absolutely watch the stream.

My vote for the tournament type is rounds of Swiss, but then the top 8 cut to cube draft.

I’m only interested in watching a stream of cubes if there’s a guarantee of some memstrips action.


The following cards are banned:


If cube drafting was incorporated, it would only be for the top 8.

I’m interested, if the timing could be a bit more, not during my drinking hours.
(PS, haven’t recieved the playmat from SSCI yet)

I won an official qualifier (Euregio) for the top 32 of the german nationals. Does that count? If yes, I would be pleased to participate. A big, worldwide draft tournament sounds nice, but I would like the Regionals Invitational to be decided through constructed Netrunner. Maybe make an other tournament for draft?

I would be up for this, but haven’t won a regional (yet). Fingers crossed I take down one of the European events I’m hitting up in July.

I would participate, but I have to run the stream :sob:


Is getting a Nationals bye enough? Did not win, came 2nd, but winner already had won a regionals earlier, so I got the bye. If that’s enough, then I’m definitely in. Not during the Finnish nationals though (Sep 12th).

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Question: were you going to allow in ANRPC winners as Regional equivalents? If so, you’ll have to wait until October. If not, carry on.

Personally, August would work. September is jammed up with various ANRPC finals. I would say October. It’s a nice dead time before Worlds, and we could incorporate ANRPC winners.


I’d agree with this. Then the Baltics Regional winner could also participate. YES, our tournaments happen late.

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And yet, the UK NATIONAL Champ was decided weeks ago.



FEWER players


He was implying less(er).


Not mucher players.


I’m qualified and would participate as long as schedule allows

I would prefer a two day event separating swiss and cut somehow, even if the tournament isn’t going to be as big. Stamina is part of Netrunner, but OCTGN is so much more draining since its a computer screen.

I’ll participate either way though.


I qualify and would love to participate. UK BABW final is 20/09 so would be good if you could avoid that weekend.

Thanks Stannis