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Stimhackers Game Together, Vote on the Game Here

ergh guild wars 2 was addictive for 200 hours, but then I got to the point where I had gotten fully geared with the best equipment in the game from the high level versions of those mini dungeons…I forget what they are called…and had gotten every single item for those unique weapons except for the base weapon that randomly drops from a boss, and then just spent every day hunting every boss with guild mates as they spawned…and they game got very boring. Still have an account, should try to sell it, given the items I have on there xD

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Sounds like a good game to me LOL. Getting 200 hours of gameplay out of any game is solid.
I think getting burned out on PvE is definitely possible (after 200 hours lol), but I’m surprised you didn’t go to sPvP or WvW if you got bored of hunting daily bosses.


I’m keen on Battleborn once it drops. Right now I’ve been grinding through The Division pretty hard (for me).

A video preview of Battleborn


oh def did my share of WvW and some sPvP. The WvW was quite good and fun, but eventually got a bit repetitive as well. But it was satisfying how much you could manage to do by yourself as well as as a group when needed. But yeah, eventually it all just got too grindy and repetitive. Still good value for money and I know if I ever want to go back to it I just need to prob download a few gigs of patches and updates

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Write-in vote for Rocket League here.

Also, I played the closed betas for both Overwatch and Battleborn, and I enjoyed Battleborn more, worth keeping an eye on it. I think both hit open beta in May in the weeks leading up to their actual releases.


Open beta for Battleborn starts April 8 for PS4 and the 13th for PC and X-Box one. The game is released on May 3rd. Overwatch has their open beta starting May 5 and the game is released on May 24th.


I would be soooooooooooo happy if there was a Sticmack Rocket League tournament going. That would be so sick.


Chivalry is currently in the humble bundle for $1

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Supporting atlas reactor would be sweet. My bother in law is one of the lead devs. My other vote would be duelyst which is a digital ccg designed by Eric Lang. Lol my computer is broken so I actually can’t play any of these things but a stimhack guild for Galaxy of Heroes would be neat. Guilds launch later this month and are going to feature raiding (rancor !) yes it’s a freemium game but you don’t need to pay money to be competitive in PVE or PVP. Money just lets you go lateral.

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We’ve got a healthy number of people playing HOTS at the moment, so if you’ve ever wanted to try it / a MOBA, now is the time!

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Duelyst is excellent, very interesting game!

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I play Dota 2, would love more folks to play with. [BH]Ravlin on Steam.

If anyone wants to play let me know.

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Ugh, I’m withdrawing my recommendation of Battleborn. After playing the beta throughout the past 24 hours, I’ve got to say… I just find myself wanting to go back and play a regular top-down MOBA instead of playing this. I might have to join the HotS crew. I’ve got a few hundred games logged, though I haven’t played since September. Seems like a good time to hop back on though.

Crimson#1547 if anyone wants to hit me up on b.net.

Oh crap I’d been looking for this game.

This game is sweet and I highly recommend it.

The commander can come out of the base in a fighter just like everyone else; He usually doesn’t though because his logistical role is so much more important. It happens if the team is desperate enough or everything’s on autopilot.

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I’d love more people to Rocket League with.

Challenger I Standard, Challenger II Doubles, and… Prospect II Solo Standard…

Play a full Season against AI just to get used to how the ball moves and how to hit it, then jump online!


All those MMOs on the list and no EVE? Dude, you can set up an evil Corp in EVE… How is that not something Netrunnerds would dig?

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Eve takes a lot of commitment in addition to $15 a month.

I have a few friends that play EVE and they make enough in-game currency that they offered to finance my way into the game if I enjoyed it.

I didn’t enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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If you want to play the actual best card game out there Twilight Struggle just got released on Steam

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I’d never played it, but always seen it really high up the charts and wondering why it was so high when it looks dry from the outside… Should try that game I suppose.