Strong decks against chameleon Hayley?

Pretty much the title. The typical chameleon kate deck just melts through ETF servers so I was thinking a deck switch may be in order as she is popular in my meta. I’ve played her myself a bit and I can’t think of anything that just shuts her down off the top of my head. Anyone have tips in terms of good cards or corps versus her?

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Play sol, play targeted marketing and state ‘chameleon’. Boom, fifty credits.


Does she really care about how much money you have? Unless maybe you add sea source or midseasons along with scorches? Since nbn is so hard to get money-wise with astros and sansans, I’d prefer a different option if possible.

Actually i was just thinking that blue sun could really do the trick. 2 ice generally that are higher str than 6 and expensive to atman, and tolbooths as well for before chameleon is pow 5.Elizabeth also helps with aesops. Plus their early-game potential just helps in general.

Housekeeping and targeted marketing are the easiest answer. Sentry heavy RP or jinteki in general, and asset spam + tour guide are also very good.


…Chronos Protocol :slight_smile:
“Oh you ran ? Neural BOOM SHAKALAKA EMP”


PSI games always help.

Anything that zaps her Chameleons. I like net damage.

Agreed. CP absolutely wrecks Chameleon decks. So much so that it may as well be considered an automatic loss if the runner is relying on having those chameleons available.

Mids into psycho beale?

Jinteki in general is quite good. Their low strength high sub sentries do a lot of work in a deck without parasite, and if you make their breakers irrelevant with Mushin’d traps, it doesn’t matter how rich they are.

I’ve played Chameleon Hayley (different engine from Spags’ deck, but similar concept) against CP, and there’s enough recursion and backups to make it easily winnable. It’s Shaper, your heap is just your other hand. Plus, you can just hide your Chameleons on Personal Workshop when you expect an EMP.

this is not correct in my experience. unless you can gear check 3 types of ice, not be invaliding half of it via atman, punish clone chips, and force a lot of runs to give you a lot of chances to neural emp (or you are great at hitting traps.

you wont ever hit chameleons with HoK, so its actually really easy to play around with any chameleon +atman setup… especially since they run inti or lady or cycy or other stuff too.

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targetted marketing + ash + interns in sol is good

ice above strength 6 is good. even at 6 is good because it forces 3x llds.

blue sun can do it if they get the early lead. they also have orion and curtain, which are good answers

chameleon decks usually lack parasite, so high sub ice can actually force a reasonable tax (tour guide is zzzzzzzzz)

24/7 kill stuff can be played around as chameleon, but it makes you be VERY cautious

outrace it with fastro (feels coinflippy to me though, as they run clot)

psi games upon psi games

housekeeping imo isnt that rough. but some people dont wanna deal with it.

if they use PW, elizabeth mills can be annoying. also hits aesops.

i dunno, theres answers. try to force all 3 to be installed for runs if you wanna tax the deck. otherwise i gave some ideas above.

been playing chameleone kate since july last year. i seen it all, and im scared of almost nothing.

most of my losses are to…

nbn 24/7 kill (bleh)
fastro getting the jump on me
psi games being lost in bulk in a row
ci 7 shutdown (coin flip matchup vs my version)

sol is a very hard match, that i dont see very often. theres tech in sol for sure.


Especially the Hayley version, which has 6 dead copies of Aesop’s / ProCon / Workshop it might as well just pitch to Housekeeping.

Looking to the future, there’ll be Salem’s Hospitality and Salem himself coming.


Coming up in Salsette Island we will get Salem’s Hospitality, which will basically shut this deck down.

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Honestly, remote-spam Gagarin with Tour Guide shuts it out pretty hard. She just can’t deal with having to break Tour Guide in a reasonable manner, since she doesn’t play Parasite. Hayley is a little slow to get both money and breakers set up, so you can rush the first couple agendas without too much issue, usually. Then make her break Tour Guide more times than she can handle.


Is this thread for real?

Cant tell how many times you played vs a experienced chameleon deck pilot.

Dont put people down for asking for advice, the hell dude.


This deck’s real good for sure. One of the reasons I have tabled BS Glacier for the time being. I would second those arguing for Sol; Targeted Marketing is really good right now, as it should be fairly easy to name correct cards after seeing the Runner ID. I have had success versus Hayley as NEH Fastro. You have to rush and stretch her thin, similar to how you do against Dumblefork. You have to put heavy pressure on the Clone Chips, forcing Clots and minimizing the availability of SMC. Even so, I find I always have to score the last agenda through a single Clot, and sometimes two. It’s still pretty tough versus a good Shaper/Hayley player. It’ll be tough to find the right cuts for Salem’s Hospitality, but I think it could help the Shaper match-up immensely, allowing you to rush after naming “SMC.”