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Sweeps Weekly Open

Hey Netrunner Community

I am Nemonix a competitive gamer at heart and also someone with a Keen interest in competitive gaming commentary I currently cast for SCVrush (Starcraft 2 Tournament) and Previously hosted the Blazblue EU open.

Sign up http://jnet.challonge.com/SWO2

I’m looking to Start up a Jinteki.net based weekly Tournament, there are a few things this will give to you the player

  • A chance to play in the competitive format run similar to Store Championships but online
  • Somewhere to home your meta knowledge in a competitive setting
  • Win Prizes and cash by being the top for a given week (e.g. Tokens, alt art cards, Data Packs sent via post, cash sent Via Paypal)

These weekly events will be Streamed on Twitch and archived on youtube.
To get things off the ground and started I’m looking for a few more people to add to the team and help me get whole thing off on a right start

There are 2 main roles I’m looking to fill at this time

Admins will work closely with the players to make sure everyone’s matches are running smoothly, they also will be pointing the Streamer for the given week into matches that are ready to be casted. Admins will be in charge of Sign ups and the Challonge page where players sign up to

Currently looking for a Co-Casters to interchange from week to week to keep the stream fresh, a co-caster is expected to talk about the metagame in detail and also shine light on Tricks and mechanics that are happening in the game on stream

If you are Interested in signing up one of the roles above JNetOpen@gmail.com

Currently looking at Saturday 6pm GMT
Would like to know if anyone has any feedback on how they would like this ran and if people are interested
We will likely see our first event happen really soon possibly by the end of November


This is a great idea.

I would highly recommend joining the stimhack slack to help coordinate / find people who want to help:


Two questions:

  • What specifically is the format? Tournaments with double elimination brackets take a fair bit longer than tournaments with just Swiss, and this seems like something that’s going to take a lot of time every week even if it is just Swiss. On the other hand, the double elimination bracket is kind of a defining feature of the more competitive format.

  • Will the admins also be acting as judges? I assume so, since you haven’t mentioned any other judges and resolving disputes is arguably part of making sure matches are running smoothly. If so, you might want to mention that specifically in your description of the role, since it affects what skills people need to be good admins.

Swiss and Double Elimination

also you would be correct in thinking that the admins would have to be capable of judging a match

as for the time constraints, the event should run with the same amount of time that most major Store championships
Depending on player turnout dictates how many Rounds we would have in Swiss and then how many would advance to the Cut

Edit: we are beta testing this weekend hopefully and we will then know what is the best way to go about Format

this is a great idea! especially cause i don’t play any netrunner lately

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Thank you for answering!

The store championship format is really decidedly not short. A store championship with just nine to twenty-four players is over seven hours if every round goes to time and there’s zero time between rounds. In practice obviously both those assumptions are going to be wrong, but they cancel out a bit.

That doesn’t mean that these tournaments can’t be that long, of course. It’s just that I would find a seven-hour-plus tournament every weekend pretty draining, so I wanted to confirm that was what you’re planning. I look forward to hearing the result of your testing.

I should say that I’m definitely interested in participating sometimes, but I don’t think I’ll have time to participate every week.

At the moment we are looking for people to add to the Jinteki weekly open team so that we can Iron out the format and everything else that has a decisions attached to it

to anyone reading this please if your intrested in helping in anyway please email me :slight_smile:

Beta Test signup page is now up

[quote=“Nemonix, post:8, topic:8335, full:true”]
Beta Test signup page is now up[/quote]This Saturday at 6 PM GMT?

that is correct hsiale

I would highly recommend reducing the cut size and increasing swiss rounds compared to ffg recommendations. They start cutting to top 8 wayyy to quick. This will reduce run time for you (as well as reduce IDs). I’d recommend going to top 8 after 40-50. And 5 swiss 24-40, 6 swiss 41-70. Something like this. If you’re getting sc sizes top 4 with 5 rounds of swiss is the best call.


Thanks for the feed back SimonMoon I will take everything you said on board

thanks for the conversation you had with me on Slack

I was thinking a bit about the format. If this turns out to be popular (let’s say 70ish people), the correct format would be 5-6 rounds Swiss + top 4/8, which would be way too long for many people for a weekly event. People will burn out, attendance will drop, this of course will fix event length problems, but not in a good way.

The advantage of a weekly event where most likely majority of participants plays at least semi-regularly is the additional information you have from past events. This information can be used to seed the initial round draw (getting an effect similar to having 1-2 Swiss rounds played beforehand, and those are first rounds, which are least interesting due to uneven matchups being most likely there).

How could this work in practice? Let’s say each player has a rating score assigned to them, which is total of their 5 best Swiss scores during past half a year*. On a Saturday people sign up for an event, after the deadline TO takes the list and sorts by ratings. Bottom 20 people start the tournament from 0 points. Then further 20 people start from 3 points. Then further 20 people start from 6 points. And so on. With such system we can do 4 rounds Swiss + top 4 no matter how many people turn up and we still have meaningful results. And 4 rounds Swiss is very good for such event. Starting 6 PM GMT, it would finish around midnight in mainland Europe (while starting late enough that people will be back from small local tournaments they might attend), it would finish early enough in America to still do something else in the evening.

*5 results from half a year may seem very little, as 26 tournaments will happen during that time, but this rating is not an end result we need for some classification. It is used for seeding and thus should reflect playing strength correctly as often as possible, even for semi-regular players attending once a month, or someone who happened to go on a two months holiday in some remote wilderness :wink:

Hsiale this is a great Idea

would you be willing to join our team and help work on this system

Great initiative, unfortunately i cannot join you this week, looking for the next one!

I would like to play, but it would depend on which Saturday.

we will hopefully have one every Saturday Starting this week
depending on format this could change to Bi weekly but at the moment we are trying our best to put a team together that will produce the tournaments and streams weekly

Ok, works for me, signed up.

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Signed up so hard.

hope you enjoy it Akalic :smiley: