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Teaching Deck Challenge Board League

I’m not sure if there is enough interest in this to make it go.

My thought is to organize a Challenge Board ELO league for games on Jinteki using only Abram Jopp’s teaching decks featured on his blog.

The league would allow newer players to get in practice games that teach Netrunner fundamentals using decks that are designed to be balanced against each other. It would also encourage players to try out the various deck types to get a sense of what it is like to play each faction.

More experienced players could join the league, too.

Let me know if you would be interested in this idea or if you have ideas for improving the basic concept.

EDIT: If you like this idea, you can sign up for the board here:
Password: thebigboy

Here is a Slack channel for discussing the league: https://stimhack.slack.com/messages/C4U1A42S0/details/



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I support this idea.

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Interested: yes.

Likeliness that I will participate, instead of just signing up and then never getting around to actually playing league games: unknown.


Great idea. I think it would be a great format for a gnk too.

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Great to see initial feedback. Links posted at top of thread to Challenge Board.

I’m interested. But how will the matches be arranged?

Was thinking we would use threads like this and Reddit and Slack to organize games. I’m open to other ideas.

I created a Slack channel for discussion of the league that could be used for setting up games.


I would also be interested to join, but could we add a Jinteki deck to the list aswell?

I’m committed to using decks that Abram Jopp has built and balanced. He has not built a beginner’s Jinteki deck, so I do not have one to offer.

I agree. For what it’s worth.

Why? O.o
Couldn’t we ask him to build a Jinteki one? Or someone else? I am new and curious and I don’t understand why not?

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The bigboy teaching decks are incredibly well designed to all be mid-range, fun and fair. Have you read the article?

Yepp I have read it. But couldn’t someone designe a Jinteki deck too? Or is it just imbalanced?

You should read the article. By playing just those decks it means everyone read his how to plays, so everyone will know the entire meta, no one will be playing anything drastically better or worse then anyone else, no one can try to slot new tech to gain meta advantages. I’m convinced it will really work and lead to really fun, tense, games. I’m pretty sure people have asked him to do a Jintiki deck before but he never has I think. I’m not sure anyone else could do it in quite the same way he’s done the others.

Feel free to ask @TheBigBoy if he has a beginner Jinteki hidden somewhere.

Here is what he wrote in the blog post:

“You will maybe notice there is no Jinteki deck. This is because I was unable to build one that meets all of the requirements I set above. I think both Caprice Nisei decks and Net Damage decks are cool and interesting, they’re just not great for building fundamentals.”

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Definitely interested in this, will go sign up now!

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I think there is a difference in “building fundamentals” and creating an online league.
I contacted him, I hope he has the time to help us out. :confused:

I think part of the point of this particular online league is building fundamentals, so there maybe isn’t much difference in this specific case.


Great idea, sounds really fun! Made an account here and for slack. Look forward to some games!

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