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Terminal Directive cards discussion

Hi guys

Like a lot of people I’m quite a fan of Netrunner, but just can’t put in the time to play often enough to decidedly determine what cards are actually good and what are not in this new expansion release.

First I would ask, are there anyone else that was slightly disappointed like me that we were only given 1 copy each ID? I mean sure it might not be practical to have more than 1 copy but maybe I’m just completionist or have OCD issues haha

So what do you guys thinks of the new IDs, do you think any of them well see successful competitive play or just to make fun decks? and how bout the Agendas, they seem interesting but will we be able to build something effective around them?

I personally think Seidr Labs is interesting but relies on combo heavy cards or an attempt to make porous bioroid ice seem viable.

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You might take a look at this discussion here, which is largely about exactly that. It starts before TD was released, but covers almost everything you’re asking about here.

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