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Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/the-board-scores-hostile-takeover/



“On our website…”
Which is?


Oh my lord this playmat. People better let me win my event.


Just look at that schwag - nailed it!


I believe the site is still being worked on and they haven’t shared it yet. I image that will be shared soon enough.


We get it, the Committee vapes.

In all seriousness, these changes are great and that playmat is gorgeous.


ONE DAY Capslock Intern, I’ll solve your byzantine riddles. One day…


I am a little bit disappointed, as far as I can remember I asked beginning of august a couple of questions in the nisei ask questions thread and didn’t get any answers.

I waited “patiently” for Oct.22 and the FFG license to expire and now all I get is that I have to wait (again) till Nov 16.

You are cruel people. :cry::frowning_face:


That’s a heck of a playmat, NISEI folks. Excellent work!


What were the questions?


Nah, just me. Austin smokes, and I don’t think any of the others are nicoteen fiends :wink:


@kevintame is correct - I was hoping to have the site ready for these articles, but it’s still being polished and I didn’t want to make you all wait for this info.


Sweet! Looks really good.

I’m the glad the cards that are rotating back in are things like Fetal, Deus X and Akamatsu. I was (and still am) a little bit worried that they were going to go nuts and bring back RDI and Eli 1.0 (or even something like Jackson or Parasite). Much better that they are bringing back alternative, niche tools than generic power cards.

Hopefully this comes with Lunar, San-san, and ideally Mumbad cycling out soon, but I get that they wanted this to be a smaller rotation.


It is really nice of you to care.
I was just wondering about some random stuff about rotation, MWL, banned lists, new core set and the like and I am pretty sure you won’t give out any more info till Nov 16th. :frowning:

I got a few answers already from Code_Marvelous’s Youtube vids so I withdrew the question.

My enthusiasm is gone for sure in any case.

I wish you the best!


Hey @Mantriel, I hope your enthusiasm stays! Our initial plan was to announce those things publicly today but we decided it would be best to wait until the 16th. This is a big deal and we definitely want to get it right! Keep in mind that if this were still FFG’s game, we’d probably be even further away from rotation or a new MWL. Give us a little more time, and don’t stop playing Netrunner :slight_smile:


Speaking of the CORE SET, the details of SYSTEM CORE 2019 will be formally ANNOUNCED on 16 NOVEMBER 2018 , alongside the MOST WANTED LIST and ROTATION .

The first ROTATION will be SMALLER than usual and is the FIRST STEP in TRIMMING the CARD POOL to a size that is more MANAGEABLE.

I haven’t played in a while and probably the biggest reason is I’m just super sick of the same old Val Rebirthing into Omar, Indexing, CTM with MVT, HHN, etc. Shaking up the meta a bit would be ok, but totally changing which cards are legal is way more exciting.


Rebirth is likely getting the :hammer: :slight_smile:


Why not just ban Omar? Why oppress my legitimate Los playstyle that rebirthes into Iain or Steve. Honestly.


Because speaking as the number-one Omar at Worlds (after you factor out all the Rebirthing Vals), you can take him from my cold, dead hands.


I very much hope that CAPS LOCK Intern is a card in the first NISEI set.