The Future of Jnet (and Netrunner)

Dark days.


I want Minh to do whatever is best for Minh, not what’s best for me.


I’m with you. The passion for the game has left a lot of people. My local scene died with the end of Mumbad. It’s just sad to see all these people who loved and talked fervently about this game just completely lose interest. It’s just sad.

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Jnet evolved into a hub that serves the whole worldwide community and that has to keep up with a game that evolves pretty fast. It is unrealistic that a single person with a few helpers (as qualified and capable as they all can be) could carry its weight.
Something like that needs the support ( and the resources) of a proper company, possibly FFG itself – should they believe in the potential of Jnet.
If FFG was actually afraid that solutions as Jnet could harm the business of selling cards, they could set up an official system in which cards are available online only if the corresponding datapack is purchased in real life.


Man this chat log is depressing. Minh should immediately stop investing time in Netrunner and do some seriously needed recreation.

PS: Shout out to FFG for being too retarded to establish an online gaming platform for their LCG’s and no interest whatsoever to back and expand their community/fanbase.


Is Jnet down as well now? I hope that this is coincidental and unrelated :cry:

I want Minh to do whatever is best for Minh, not what’s best for me.

A thousand times this. I hope we’re all emotionally mature enough to realise we aren’t owed shit, and if Minh needs a break then his own wellbeing is 1000 times more important than a card game.


A beloved coder and digital tinker being burned out by hundreds of hours invested into maintaining a virtual playground for players of a card game about mega corporations and, yes, digital tinkers…

Now that, is Netrunner.

Be easy @mtgred, you deserve it.


It is for me, but Minh needs some sleep. And he’s earned it.

It is the inherent problem with FFG not doing this on their own - people move on. I basically just stopped playing through Mumbad, my fixation dying down a bit due to the focus of the cycle. I can’t imagine the level of I LOVE THIS GAME that would power one through running that site, day in and day out, for free (or worse).

I find it frustrating to watch because there obviously is a market for’s kind of a setup. It has been up for a long, long time now, and still FFG does nothing. I don’t understand why FFG couldn’t set up a temporary, effectively free and conditional license, which would allow him to openly request Patreon bucks while slaving at this. I pay Stimhack, I pay a couple of Netrunner podcasts, so I would happily pay the makers of on a regular basis. I’m a sad employment lawyer, so I know I don’t understand IP, so odds are I just don’t get it.

@mtgred You do you bud - we all really appreciate this absurd setup you’ve created, even if you don’t hear it.


+1 for Mihn resting.

Does anyone know if DB0 has kept his OCTGN definition up to date? Or maybe someone could take over Jinteki if Mihn would allow it?

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@bblum said that the entire mumbad cycle (i think ?) is available on OCTGN.
And it’s possible to rehost Jnet somewhere else since the code is open source / available on github. For what it’s worth, there’s already a chinese mirror running for a couple of months now.


i think that chat log was a bit personal. He said he was sad drunk and tired. he wasnt in a normal state. Yeah spreading love is nice and all. but also making public someone’s weakened emotional state isnt very nice

i didn’t really like reading that.

But yeah thanks mtgred for jinteki and try to be happy whatever you do man. we are humans, we must be happy with ourselves first and foremost


I feel the same, I know @Chill84 intentions are good but I’m not sure it is ethical to copy+paste a chat log. That it was the public chat log doesn’t change this.


I think Minh understands how public chat rooms work.

I also think that chill is cool enough that if Minh asked he would take it down.

Anyway, I have contemplated breaks too, so I know how Minh feels. If Minh needs it, he should take it. I love Jnet, but not at the cost of even a single person’s life and soul.


He’ll be back.

t. any programmer with a successful grassroots project

Seriously thanks for all the hard work mtgred and put priority on yourself first. You’ve created something that provides a integral service a very grateful community. This community is also very mature and tech-savvy and I would put money a heir would step out of the shadows if you quit being the site host today.

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Sadly, this is my very first post on Stimhack. I’m a total beginner at the game, and after checking out a bunch of different decks on netrunnerdb, brushing up rules and watching videos of online play, I’d finally mustered the courage to start a game on jnet last night… only to find it down.

I don’t know the site’s creator or anything about his situation, but I do hope either he or someone else will continue it. I’ve loved studying this game, but I just don’t have live play opportunities nearby. It took me quite a while to come to Jinteki. I’ll be really sad if it turns out that I got here just a few hours too late.


Man… don’t buy a lottery ticket today, k?

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If you don’t want to continue, then I totally understand. But I am sorry to see you go.

I don’t even use and I’d support him through Patreon just to help promote the game and keep it healthy.


@mtgred, look after yourself. If you want to keep supporting, then rest up and do that. If you can’t or don’t want to any more, set up a succession plan or whatever else you need to move on with a clear conscience.

ETA: Thank you for everything.