The Geist Zeitgeist

Alright, we need a thread to discuss this sexy mofo:

He seems like the Criminal Exile, but now that we know his ability isn’t once-per-turn, I think he could actually compete with the big girls.

Obvious synergies:

  1. Disposable breakers: the B&E suite (Crowbar, Shiv, Spike), Faerie, maybe Grappling Hook?

  2. Derezzing things: Muertos Gang Member, Crescentus (bonus synergy with disposable breakers), also Emergency Shutdown is a good card that’s blue

  3. General good cards: Same Old Thing, Clone Chip, SMC

  4. Forger + Underworld Contacts

  5. Hair product


From reddit discussions, here’s a list of the cards that will trigger his ability.

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Main Issues:

The Disposable Breakers have dis-synergy with winning netrunner games.

The best trash icons are all out of faction.

Forger is not Desperado.

Main things going for him: Geist will probably hold the title of “ID you would be least embarassed to be running with Underworld Contacts.”


HQ locking? Sneakdoors, as he’ll have the MU. They’ll help enable the Shutdowns, and keep pressure on all 3 Centrals. I’d run HQIs, as well.

Does he run LARLA? Will he get to the point where he needs to refresh his B&Es?

Will he have enough free MU to take advantage of Data Folding? If one runs Dysons, as well, to gain that link for the B&E and UCs.


So close. Thread title could have been The Geistgeist.


I’d have titled it ‘The NotQuiteGeist’.

But I also would have been fine with no thread for him.

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Zeitgeist is a GNU(/Linux) reference, or at least it should be

You just hate Criminals, @hhooo because you are a nice fellow and don’t likes crimes. Let the bad boys like me figure out his optimal build.


Oh please, even Whizzard is more of a Bad Boy than this guy. We’re talking about the Gob Bluth of Netrunner here.


Geist decks use Criminal illusions.


Not for long though with Sunny on the horizon :stuck_out_tongue:


Faerie doesn’t work, because it’s not a trash cost. Same reason you can use sacrificial construct on it. If it did, Aesop’s-cache would find a second home.


ID TRANSLATION: Every time you use a [Trash] ability, draw 1 card.

So far my take on him is:

  1. Thou shalt splash Clone Chips
  2. Thou shalt at first try Underworld Contacts and thenst inevitably concede that they sucketh
  3. Thou shalt play Falleth Guy
  4. Thou shalt play Sameth Olde Thinge
  5. Thou shalt try the B&E Breaketh Suite, concede that t’isn’t worth it, stoppeth playing link, then stoppeth playing Geist altogether.
  6. Thou shalt play Madame Leela or Andromeda

Bunch of crabby old ladies in here. Play B&E, play Autoscriopter, play Forger and link, run a bit less, set up a bit more, Siphon for 0 tags and +4 cards, recur crescentus and parasites, and most likely win 100% of games with this ID.


On the LARLA issue. If you go B&E full suite, fall guys, street peddler, clone chip, same old thing. You already have 21 draw. If you also go Decoy, forger, crescentus, muertos gang member you could go to 33 cards that give you draw. So I think he could cycle through his deck pretty fast.

So, I am a criminal-minded player, and I think @hhooo raises some of my concerns around Geist. In testing, I found that there’s a lot more “skornergy” at work here than synergy. He’s not at all bad, but I just want to temper expectations around him. Exile has a stronger ability and I think he’s OK. Geist will end up around the same, IMO.

A few observations from my—admittedly limited—testing with him.

  1. The B&E stuff takes a fair amount of setup to be worthwhile, and then it is disposable, losing power all the time. It’s terribad against glacier, meaning you pretty much have to play regular breakers, meaning you have (probably too much) marginal deckspace used by B&Es. If you use them for early pressure against weak ICE, you are getting a cycle-draw, which is nice, but I am not convinced that it is better than having a permabreaker.

  2. While there are some intriguing picks on the list of [trash]-cost ability cards, many of them are super-narrow, costly in influence, or underwhelming, meaning that your deck is full of cards you don’t necessarily want. Avoid that trap.

  3. That said, you can attack ICE with him: Clone Chips for Parasites and Crescentus felt pretty strong. I think the Shaper Ladies (Kate/Hayley) and Reina do that better, but it’s definitely a pretty nice way to land siphons. If Siphon were as powerful as it used to be, he’d be awesome.

  4. Don’t get suckered in to the forger/decoy approach to dropping siphon tags. It’s not worth including those cards in your deck. You may as well use NACH.

  5. I’d run HQIs, UC, and LARLA, as you can cycle your deck pretty quick if you do any of the normal criminal drawing—which I think you should. In any case, it felt like you had to pick a server to win in, and given the criminal toolbox that seems like HQ.

+1 for the thread title!


Should’ve been “The Giest in the Machine.”

[quote=“hhooo, post:9, topic:4242, full:true”]We’re talking about the Job Bluth of Netrunner here.

*GOB and unfortunately I agree.

I’m really not keen on the B&E suite, and I’m not playing a Crim console that isn’t Desperado. Gonna try something like this (probably bad, needs a couple anti-Scorch slots, maybe Utopia Shard).

Geist Headlock (45 cards)

Event (14)
3 Account Siphon
3 Emergency Shutdown
2 Inside Job
3 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (6)
2 Clone Chip
3 Desperado
1 R&D Interface

Resource (8)
2 Kati Jones
3 Fall Guy
2 Same Old Thing
1 Symmetrical Visage
3 Street Peddler

Icebreaker (7)
1 Breach
1 Eater
3 Faerie
1 Femme Fatale
1 Passport

Program (7)
3 Crescentus
1 Datasucker
1 Parasite
2 Sneakdoor Beta


So basically this is the Criminal version of Chameleon jank? Oh, I am SO there!

Okay, first of all I’m gonna need Savoir-Faire, Scheherezade, and some Stimhacks. It’s not quite SMC/Clone Chip, but I can totally make Geist draw enough cards to make this happen. Extra economy is Gorman Drip and Fall Guy. Utopia Shard and a Disrupter gives you your damage protection. Box-E for the console, maybe a Grappling Hook for emergencies, and I think we’ve got one heck of a solid jank deck here!