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The Geist Zeitgeist




What we need is UWC for card draw.

But we can’t have everything I guess.


There’s always Earthrise. Career Fair is in faction too.


2 Drug dealers + 2 UWC in geist = a slightly better wyldside pancakes?


Better because you get the cards on their turn, so they protect you from damage you mean? Yeah, but 4 cards instead of 2 is a huge cost, plus you need the link. That’s a lot of work to get what anarchs get for free :worried:


better in the sense that you can be broke at the start of your turn and dodge the dealer fee, whilst still getting the underworld trigger. better because you have pseudo damage protection. better because all 4 elements are independently useful, and technically have lower upfront investment costs (1 and 2 cost installs rather than 3), better because mills doesn’t hate on it.

worse because you need a link, worse because dealers generally need ongoing maintenance.


I’ve been trying out Paricia in place of Scrubber in my Autoscripter/Savoir-Faire build. Free to install, credit on Tech Writer, and I often gain back that click to install. Not being able to trash upgrades is kind of unfortunate, but usually by the time I get to the end of a server where an upgrade is installed, I’ve made enough money during the run to trash whatever it is. SanSan is obviously more of an issue, but once Councilman and PolOp is out, that will alleviate things a bit. Also, because I’m running Zu as my permanent code gate breaker, I had a free MU available for Paricia. Dyson is a bit expensive and I don’t need that additional MU, so Access to Globalsec fits nicely at a low install cost.

So far the deck has been working well, still not sure Autoscripter is worth the hefty install cost, though…


While I had it in mine, I would only install it off Peddler, if there was nothing else. It def should be a 1 of at the most. Same with SF. I’m running neither ATM.


Thinking about draw, I’ve been doing Symmetrical Visage (x2), and it’s been fantastic. Dislike Autoscripter/Savoir. Liking OCA, except when I don’t draw it early.


Glad you guys are moving off the Autoscripters and/or Savoirs. Siphon is too good to sacrifice. I won half my games this weekend on Jinteki because of mid-game Siphon Spam alone.

I tested the OCA / Peddler builds mentioned up thread and found them really strong - except when a timely Corporate Town basically wrecked my game vs. Gagarin deck of hell. No solution to that one, except maybe not stack the UWC/Traders on the OCA, but then you’re losing out on 6 more possible free draws.


The way I see Geist, there are two builds that you generally have to eventually steer towards:

Siphon Geist, which likely wants some amount of Crescentus, even NACH, maybe Film Critic, pushing you more towards OCA. Even after the new criminal (Severn) console comes out, you might even want to keep Forger in this kind of build for the value. @kiv has been doing well with @josh01’s build, with some minor changes. (I have not found Crescentus to be very useful at all, to be honest. It’s almost a combo piece in Geist, needing a bunch of breakers + Siphon in hand to be worth it.) This version can more realistically play Medium, since it can sometimes guarantee R&D can’t be rezzed. Can attempt to control FA with Siphon recursion.

Non-Siphon Geist, which wants to eschew Crescentus altogether. It doesn’t need NACH, and probably wants to include the Severn console. This gains a few deck slots for things like Inside Job, Drive-by, etc. This deck wants to control FA with Legworks, Maker’s early on. Can probably fit Autoscripter/Savoir, but doesn’t generally need it, especially with OCA.

While there might be two directions of builds, I don’t think there is a better or worse version. I think both are good, and both work, fairly well.

More important are the variants to the builds that you fine folk have been discussing above – whether to include OCA and how many Connections are relevant to get value from it, whether to go with a more control-oriented build with Paricia/Scrubber, whether to include Underworld Contacts at all (working with OCA but a tempo hit). Whether to play Tech Writer, opting for slightly more programs over resources… etc. etc. So many choices, and I love that we’re on the verge of Geist’s very actual “zeit”. Here are some observations from piloting this deck below irl and online, and having tweaked it over and over this last weekend. Deck is based off @CodeMarvelous’s “Garbage Man”, but with some notable changes. Certainly, when Polyop comes out, we’ll fit that in here. First, the deck.

Geist No-Siphon

Event (7)
1 Inside Job
2 Legwork
1 Levy AR Lab Access ●​●​●​
1 Special Order
2 The Maker’s Eye ●​●​●​●​
Hardware (5)
1 Dyson Mem Chip
3 Forger
1 Security Chip ●​
Program (14)
1 Corroder ●​●​
3 Crowbar
1 Faerie
2 Mongoose
3 Shiv
3 Spike
1 ZU.13 Key Master ●​●​
Resource (19)
3 Daily Casts
3 Fall Guy
2 Same Old Thing
3 Street Peddler ●​●​●​
2 Symmetrical Visage
3 Tech Trader
3 Technical Writer

Some thoughts.

  1. Non-Siphon builds prefer real breakers (corroder/zu) to central only breakers. The deck plays remote-control more than HQ control with this style of deck. It Legworks when it can, and it Makers’ when it can. Having real breakers means we don’t have influence for OCA. I could cut a Maker’s and a Sec Chip (more on that later), but I don’t think my draw is that much impacted by OCA to warrant its inclusion here as I have only 9 connections (still good! but not quite enough).

  2. Non-Siphon builds prefer Maker’s Eye to Medium. As we really have no way to leech off the opponent, our runs need to be big and impactful. Also, it’s cute to bin a Maker’s with a Peddler install and Maker’s when the Corp isn’t expecting it. The deck does tend to attack every server more-or-less equally.

  3. Non-Siphon builds might want a single Security Chip. I tried the deck with two, but it’s so infrequently needed that I dropped it. Could be dropped altogether, and that wouldn’t dramatically impact the deck. The problem these kinds of decks run into is the Corp rushing out behind a Tollbooth or a Susanoo. Those are pretty tough to deal with. Chip basically counts as “having found another breaker” but doesn’t take up MU.

  4. Not having OCA means we need compensation for draw: Symmetrical Visage. Such a great card here. We draw every single turn at least once, which means we always have a credit to install something. I’ve tried all of the versions above (except specifically Kiv’s version – I played Josh01’s, just don’t like the Source…)

  5. If you’re not playing Alias (and who is?) you probably want to have two Mongeese. A smart opponent will stack sentries or code-gates.

  6. Non-Siphon builds can probably get away with 1-2 SOT. I prefer 2, as I like to use one for recurring Legs or Makers, and keep one for Levy, if needed.

  7. Technical Writer suffers from OCA problems: draw order sadness. I feel that you really don’t want too many of these kinds of cards in the deck. TW could be more reasonable sources of money to speed the deck up, but I like them in a version without OCA. On this note: Daily Casts + Visage have been realiable for speeding up my Geist.

  8. One Inside Job can be anything else, even a third SOT.

  9. I prefer non-Siphon builds of Geist, but I might be in the minority with this opinion. I’ve found that in Geist, as opposed to Gabe or Andy or even Leela, lining up a Siphon is extremely card-order dependent. It’s like trying to land a combo. I’m not knocking anyone who includes it, as it’s incredibly helpful, but when you have so many resources, it’s not even worth it half the time to click three times to gain 6. NACH mitigates that, and I would definitely play NACH in a Siphon build, but, again, it’s card-order dependent.

  10. Is OCA needed? Maybe not if you have some other mitigating card-draw effects (Visage + a few more trashcan abilities). I might consider it after #droptheplop comes out. Hate losing real breakers!

  11. Did I miss anything?


I just wish Tech Writer was a connection.


You hit the nail on the head. The Siphon build I tested didn’t include The Source either, but did run a singleton NACH and Medium and 2 Crescentus, which work well together. Siphon Spam into Crescentus is a ton of credits with Forger/Traders on board, and can help feed repeated Medium digs.

Influence was Corroder, Levy, 3 OCA, 3 Peddler, Medium, Film Critic. Breakers included Peacock, Faerie, Mongoose, and B&E.

Outside of the Corporate Town game, the deck felt strong.


Any particular reason for Dyson over Access to Globalsec? Doesn’t seem like you need 5 MU, unless you don’t have that extra link that either one would provide.


As many have mentioned, Dyson is just a placeholder for Sports Hopper, but in the present, it triggers Tech Writer. Access would be fine, but it could get breaking news’d and you could lose breakers in a worst case scenario. And I could have 5 MU filled with both mongeese, corroder, zu, and the faerie, I suppose.

I used to have Crescentus in there. Honestly, it’s just more relevant to find your memory solution in a reasonable time.


Ah, sorry, that makes a lot more sense!


i run Peacock/Passport (Peaport? Passco-…)

Cyber-Cypher seems super legit though. for people who actually know what they’re doing and stack code gates on the remote, this is a good answer.
still not sure about the lack of Corroder, but i’ll definitely test this out.


I’ve now repeatedly ran into issues where passport was super limiting my plan. Keeping the disposable decoders around to contest remotes slows your central pressure too much if the corp uses gates on centrals. I think peacock might be my fate. I like rex too though. I can see 2 of those being enough, especially after levy. I can see e3 being a good slot, but it’ll be 47 or 48th slot.

New list for reference http://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/620625


I’m so anticipating 2x PolOp and 1x Councilman for the employees and bank job. They even trigger OCF and Tech Trader+Geist!!

It’s genuinely exciting. Caprice gives Geist so much trouble and we are already super resilient to Batty bombs. And if you plop the PolOp before their Crisium you can Siphon with abandon.


I’m going find other cuts for plop, or let you all do the work for me. Comp Employee is dope as hell.