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The Geist Zeitgeist


they’re more unwieldy and take some time to build up. there are a lot of exactly 3-sub ice, so i don’t exactly know why people are off of them.

with corporate grant and autoscripter, you can get a lot of extra build up time, but i can see the appeal of off-campus apartment being able to trigger multiple times per turn

i think with scarcity as ubiquitous as it is though, going back to the programs can be a solid strategy to get some econ and deal with that


The issue with the B&E Breakers has always been maintaining strength vs the larger ICE, since they can only tackle large ICE if you have a lot out, and as soon as you start breaking things, they start trashing themselves. Since we’re in a large code gate meta, this makes Crowbar easy-ish to tax out. Also, you weren’t really drawing cards (other than hard drawing) until you found enough breakers to break ICE, which could sometimes take a bit.

Geist almost always ran regular breakers in addition to his B&E suite, so replacing them with other cards that also trash for valuable effects makes sense. In the Pirate builds, you basically replace them with better cards that also gain you accesses (better because you don’t have to worry about strength or program trashing), enabling you to run earlier, which draws you cards earlier. In Spags’ build, you basically replace them with the Off-Campus draw suite and a buncha money, meaning that you can draw through your deck by installing things as well as trashing stuff, and get money through stable drip econ and the meaty bursts of Calling in Favors.


Once you get off the B&E breakers, there’s no going back. Yeah the synergy with Geist is cute, but they take up way too many slots and don’t really do enough.


I’d love to go back, and may, but as noted by others, ICE STR is the issue. ICE isn’t getting any less deadly nor weak.


I’ve been on Clip + Femme, but I’m coming around to this Na’not’k + Source + Saker notion. Geist makes few enough runs that Femme doesn’t always pay back.

Unfortunately, cutting Clip + Femme for 3 cards means making a slot. :sob:


I’m in the market for some Geist play advice.

How much running do you do when you play Geist?

My most comfortable play style is to run a fair bit, but I have seen a few Geist players who seem to place a very high premium on setting up for several turns and only running when forced to do so by something in the Corp board state.

Is this why some people say Geist is really a blue Shaper? Do you run much when you play Geist?


With German Geist, you don’t run much. Take free accesses if you know they have no punishment, but otherwise you’re mostly playing solitaire (plus current wars if you’re on Grant) until you’re set up. Once you have your rig and a lot of money, you score points by making targeted runs: remote if you’re sure it’s an agenda, Legwork if you think agendas piled up in HQ, and Mad Dash R&D when Spy Cam shows you points on top.

Cloud breaker Geist or Pirate Geist may contest remotes a little earlier, I don’t know. I’ve only played German Geist.


What are your thoughts on your current…currents…vs Corporate Grant?


As noted, I just stole that list from tug, who took it from heinzel. They liked those currents, and I found them to be fine, as well.

I also play Pirate Geist (glad that nautical bandit moniker stuck), and I do use Grant in there. Some games, it’s completely ineffectual, as the Corp pulls away with cash. (see: Azmari) It’s a fine card, but feels almost ‘win-more’ currently (pun intended). I believe its power will grow with the addition of NuSiphon.


I find Corporate Grant often functions as a Scarcity swatter and just about any other current would do the same thing it does; however, that 1 credit drip over a few turns does add up.


Aumakua+Dean Lister is the best breaker suite for Geist right now. Corps move fast, you don’t really have time to draw and install 5-6 breakers before you can run. The pirate suite is cute but Hayley does it better, because she has in-faction R&D multiaccess so can make more impactful runs. On your 2nd go round your deck, you’ll have enough money to use regular breakers for most runs, and only need Dean for particularly taxing servers.


this is my experience as well. contaminate will be awesome for turtle as well, but time will tell if there’s room for it in geist with peddler and all the other influence spent