TheBigBoy 45-Card Banned List Update

It’s been 2 months since the original 45 card banned list format was proposed, which means it’s time for an update!

Some of these changes may seem quite reactionary, but I’d prefer the format to make big, exciting changes that force people to build new decks. Here is the first set of changes:

Gang Sign is Banned
Faerie is Unbanned

With no Jackson Howard, a Criminal deck with Gang Sign, HQ interface, and Fisk Investment Seminar was extrememly oppressive to even the fastest Corp decks. Gang Sign is being banned due to both power and NPE.

Faerie is a powerful tempo card, but with many people going to Crypsis anyway, it may encourage the use of traditional breaker suites a bit.

Accelerated Beta Test is Banned
Adonis Campaign in Unbanned

Having 6 3/2s made rushing with HB a bit strong and so obvious that it was the first deck that almost everyone tried. I’d rather people explore other agenda suites and Project Vitruvius has more decision points than ABT.

Adonis Campaign’s massive economy boost is much more of a liability when you cannot control your hand with Jackson while you wait to run it down. This is intended to be a buff to Glacier decks and 2-remote decks. With no Breaker Bay Grid around, this should be a safe unbanning.


Blue Sun: Powering the Future is Banned
Hostile Takeover is Unbanned

Blue Sun Glacier proved to be VERY strong against all but the most solitaire/lategame runner decks. The ID discourages running and aggression so much that I don’t feel it adds much health to the format.

Hostile Takeover, on the other hand, promotes a more aggressive scoring Weyland deck. With no ability to search all 3 of these up with Atlas counters, Hostile Takeover should be fine. With Hostile Takeover legal, both it and Archer are on the watch-list for the next update. This is part of why Faerie has been unbanned.

The New Banned list is as follows:

Deckbuilder · NetrunnerDB <----- Runner
Deckbuilder · NetrunnerDB <----- Corp

Account Siphon
Inside Job
Gang Sign

Clone Chip
Self-Modifying Code
R&D Interface
Levy AR Lab Access
Magnum Opus


Runner Neutral/Mini
Same Old Thing
Kati Jones
Prepaid VoicePAD

Eli 1.0
Ash 2X3ZB9CY
Biotic Labor
Accelerated Beta Test

Caprice Nisei
The Future Perfect
Mushin No Shin
Nisei Mk 2

Scorched Earth
Project Atlas
Mumbad City Hall

Jackson Howard
Astroscript Pilot Program
Sansan City Grid
Breaking News

Corp Neutral
NAPD Contract
Global Food Initiative
Breaker Bay Grid
Museum of History

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire
Haas Bioroid: Engineering the Future
Blue Sun: Powering the Future

With Regionals wrapping up in many areas, Hopefully you find time to give this format a try if you haven’t already. I will have time this summer to hopefully organize an online tournament for it if there is interest.


You should see if the Hall would do this for league, if you haven’t already. I’ll come more if the try it out.

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This seems pretty cool. I do agree that Faerie shouldn’t be on there anymore.

Cool. I may link to this thread and see if anyone at the LGS wants to start bringing a deck or two in this format. I would like to play my BWBI Glacier again but it’s been unviable since, well, forever.

Nice choices. I will definitely play in a tournament of this.


Thanks for the update. I really like this format. But now we have only 44 cards on the list (excluding the IDs). Maybe it’s time for a better name?

There is something vaguely reminiscent of an ecological experiment in all this. It reminds me a little bit of the history of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. I find the whole thing really fascinating. Kudos for a cool idea!

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great changes - ABT particularly is was one I might not have noticed; given that it rarely “feels” unfair; but in the context of the overall agenda pool was indeed very strong and almost everpresent in the few bb45 games I’ve played.

I’m curious what a Shaper deck looks like under this banlist… Like, I can imagine what the other factions would look like, but Shaper? I can see a big rig setup sort of deal, except that Mopus and Kati are banned. So instead it just looks like they really just don’t do… anything?

I’d go with a flex rig Professor or Hayley. Though since the good anarch stuff is banned, probably hayley.

the aesops engine is alive and well (as is shaper draw to fuel it). Multithreader can give it some late game staying power. It’s also worth noting that without ash or caprice you will likely need way fewer credits over the course of a glacier game to get the needed accesses, so the case of “my deck ran out and now my big rig is clicking for credits” is much less likely to happen.

imho criminals actually get the bigger shaft from bb45; already they are in a tough spot in the meta and without influence free siphons to boast of or desperado forming the base of ridiculous run economies it seems like there isn’t a lot to recommend the faction. Otoh, with parasite gone de-rez effects just got a whole lot sexier…

Kate is still a good ID and you still have Indexing and Maker’s for strong multi-access. Lady also does not cost influence in this format.

I think a Shaper deck is more difficult to build at first, but will likely be just as strong once people figure it out. Indexing with no Jackson to preemptively defend is terrifying!.

Some sort of Test Run / Code Siphon jank. I’d imagine something like this, though keep in mind it is horribly untested:

Just got back from a league night. I tweaked the CT deck in the previous post and played it. It didn’t do too bad even vs competitive decks. I think it’d be really good in BB45.

Now I’m working on my favorite corp, Sol, for this format.

Lol that list is a hot mess. I Love it.

Only possible in a world with no fear of the Astro Train :slight_smile:

Crazy shit works again! Though, even in bb45 this list could probably use a little tuning…

I know i already said it in the original thread, but can i just gush again about how G D fun this format had made the game again? 2 of my friends who quit packs ago have decided to get caught up just from playing around with bb45 for a few weeks. I honestly want to push to get it established as the default for our local group; would be awesome if we could even make our events use this (don’t know if that’s breaking some ffg rule tho…)

If anyone’s been reading these threads with scepticism, even if you just have beef with @TheBigBoy’s card choices, I’m begging you: try it! You have no idea how fresh the game will feel again until you do.


Suggestions? I’m interested in what you would change to improve the list. It is rather consistent, IMO, though not drawing Library can be a problem.

Also, I’ll throw down on my jank vs your jank any time. Just name a time and place, brothaman. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the Brahman/Oracle May interaction. :smiley:

yes, this is slick, it took me a second to actually realize why may was in there besides making an entrance.[quote=“Orbital_Tangent, post:17, topic:7508”]
Suggestions? I’m interested in what you would change to improve the list. It is rather consistent, IMO, though not drawing Library can be a problem.
[/quote]I certainly don’t mean to dump on your list; looks like a lot of fun, and has some clever synergies! That said, Making an entrance seems like a very weak card to me (especially without eureka :stuck_out_tongue: ) especially to be spending 6 influence on.

my immediate thought would be -3 MaE -1 code siphon +2 autoscripter (no caprice means this is a much safer investment) +2 quality time. maybe drop chameleon for the third QT?

Autoscripter just generate insane value for you with london library, seems like a powerhouse include for this list. aslo, maybe sneak a net ready eyes or even personal touch in there? s4 brahamn is fuckin’ nuts.

On a completely different note, (or rather, back to the topic of “why play shaper in this format?”) I’m currently testing au revoir CT with turning wheel and reflection ; shaper provides the draw, tutoring and memory to get it online in a hurry, and once it’s there it’s honestly really nuts to be like “click for 12 credits, 4 turning wheel counters, and oh, by the way, please reveal 4 random cards from your hand. turn.”[quote=“Orbital_Tangent, post:17, topic:7508”]
Also, I’ll throw down on my jank vs your jank any time. Just name a time and place, brothaman.
I really may take you up on that. I can’t play a lot right now (5 week old baby and all that) but when I do I’m always hangry to get some games in this format. If you ever see me on slack #lfg or #bb45 send a message and we can do it!

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MAE is such a good card though… Ripping down 6 and killing all my unneeded duplicates + memorizing for Oracle is great.

I see your point on Scripter, though. Good call. Same on NRE/Personal Touch. These are certainly cards to experiment with.

I like the Au Revoir / Turning Wheel engine. I might see what I can do to fit some of that in, but that’s likely a different deck concept entirely.