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Titan Transnational


I am willing, and totally comfortably with going down 4 points on 2 agendas early… its just when its 2x 3pointer when i only run 3 that it gets rough.

The comment for more from constantly have ice killed, siphoned, Keyholed to death, and just not seeing a Hostile or money cards or a crisium which I run 3 of… while I had 3-4 agendas in HQ. Rough game going rough and just not drawing my answer for it.


looking for some advice from the masters

how to deal with maxx? almost always i end up with 1 ice opening hand. if i get lucky, i draw into 1 turn 1. where do you ice? lets assume agenda in hand. my play is typically ICE RND and set up remote, leaving HQ open. this is risky to wanton. if you leave RND open, you risk keyhole/medium. no joke, every single game i leave RND open, they drop turn 1 Medium or Keyhole. Noise has done it, Quetzal, MaxX, seems uncanny but there it is. if you dedicate ice to hq/rnd, you may not draw ice soon enough to start scoring fast enough to win. in all cases, archives is open, making retrieval run for morning star very easy, a play that i have faced many times - not a corner case. lotus field gets knighted every time, and your scorches won’t save you from a half decent player who stays at 5 with at least one IHW

assuming an opening hand after mandatory of ICE ICE Agenda Agenda Operation Operation, what do you do versus MaxX?

another question: how do you play versus CT Oracle? you will almost never be able to get a credit lead on this build, unless maybe you score an early Fracking. unfortunately, you have to advance Fracking at least once. this means CT has a fair chance of Test Run Femme for a guaranteed steal; they should be confident they aren’t going to see a trap. it’s an interesting match-up because you can’t reliably rush and mid through late game CT is going to have remote lock and significant central pressure between TME and Legwork. what do you do in this match-up? Shutdown their Lady? not a great option, as they run 3x Test Run and sometimes scavenge. if you don’t win before they Levy, you’re in a bad spot.


ICE HQ, Remote, Start scoring. Unless the Agendas are hostiles, at which point you don’t need a remote yet.


yeah like I said this is my usual play, but it always gets me burned versus MaxX


MaxX will disappear pretty soon as people start to understand how weak her keyhole/siphon/Wontons version is weak against standard tier 1 deck.

I’m not gonna bother to tweak around a weak archetype :stuck_out_tongue:


Remote -> 1 ice -> crisium -> win the game is what I’ve found.

It helps to crisium HQ too though. Then make RnD taxing with Wraparound or wormhole.


list not running crisium. no room, really, could cut yales i guess


Until things die down, at LEAST 2 crisium are mandatory.

In honesty though, even outside of anarch, it is a fantastic card.


Don’t cut Yale, seriously. The more I play with him, the more I’m starting to think it’s the best card in the set. You can get so many versatile plays with him; he’s really the J-How of the Weyland faction. Especially in Titan.

It might sound crazy, but I’m testing a list without Snares and so far I haven’t really missed them. They do practically nothing to good players anyways. That way, you can save 3x four credits for more useful stuff. Maybe try cutting those for Crisium and see how it works for you?


Yale is really good, but the second you draw is likely significantly worse than the first and you often don’t want him until turn 5-6. If I run Bootcamps I think running 1-2 is enough.


It’s not so much about the snare doing some works than forcing the runner to be prepared to hit a snare. It’s exactly the same as Architect in NEH. Even if the ICE never fire, having the card in the deck makes the runner wary on how he will play. Having Snare! in the deck and 2 atlas token tend to make the runner really careful on how they run your hand for instance. Or how deep they will dig the R&D.


I fully respect that, but Titan is not GRNDL which can take the 4cred swing much better; especially early. Maybe it’s a fault in my playing style - very possible! - but I’ve found in the past that the credit loss hurts me as the Corp much more than the 3 card loss does to the Runner.


Regarding economy what is everyone running?

I think 1-2 Yale, 3 Hedge, 3 Hostile is almost mandatory but other non-influence options are kinda sad.
I’ve been trying out Shipment from kaguya and Beanstalk and non of them have been great.


Mine is not titanmodernism but:

3 beanstalk
3 hedge
2 mark yale (2 EBC to find him as needed)…with 3 hostile, 3 geothermal, 2 firmware, and 1 high risk. (never using atlas with yale…)

Also some econ comes from errand boy on occasion.

Money is rarely a problem for me…


Guy at my local doesn’t have ToL, so instead he slotted in San San’s. Worked better against the Kim I was trying.


I don’t really count any 4/2 or 5/3 agenda as economy, if you can score them great but it’s not realiable in the slightest.
Also I never feel good playing Beanstalk outside of BABW, three credits for a card and a click is kinda sad.


I guess you just have to learn how to score agendas then? Weyland economy comes from the agendas…

Beanstalk is great for a little recovery. It’s not amazing, but often I’ll hold them just to play them for unexpected money. Also you have to draw, thats a sunk cost sometimes. You might as well get 3 for it.

Most Titans can run on low money anyway too.


Why does the best Maxx deck have to be Keyhole Siphon Wanton?


Because the other versions are Insufficiently Punk Rock? :slight_smile:


For irony’s sake, Run 3x day job, 3x hard at work.