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Titan Transnational


And then three Chobots for extra synergy!


Don’t forget Josh B, Nach, and armitage.


It’s doesn’t have to be. It’s just the most prevalent. I like its existence, as people will see MaxX and assume Siphons.


Calim wasn’t claiming that Keyhole MaxX is a) good or b) the best MaxX. I think the best MaxX will prove to be Junk, aka running good stuff and getting to it faster.


Yeah I should have been more precise. I was just answering to people wondering how Titan Supermodernism would fare against MaxX/Siphon/Keyhole deck and my opinion on this topic is: Pretty badly but since this archetype is rubbish against every tier 1 corp deck, I don’t need to take that into account when building a tier 1.5/2 corp deck.


MaxX was already a glass cannon out of the gate. The Siphon/Keyhole build just a bigger, more fragile cannon.

But, ENOUGH about MaxX here. I’m liking the idea of Titan. I think 2 Yale is good in almost any build.


I liked the post, but I need to call this out as hilarious, awesome, and very true.


Dan just wants you to ask him about his Reg-Ass MaxX deck.


Ice HQ and R&D, play economy operation, pray for Jesus Howard to save me?


Why would we? We’ve been testing that long before he made his :stuck_out_tongue:


That is the safe play, but I doubt it’s the correct one as Weyland that needs to use their scoring windows early.
Unless you draw another ICE in the next few cards you lose a lot of time.

While it depends somewhat on what agendas & ICE are in the hand I would seriously consider either Economy Op, ICE Remote, Install agenda Remote or ICE RnD, ICE Remote, Install Agenda remote. Especially if one of the agendas is a Atlas.


Those would be the plays I would consider, too. Let’s just hope you have decent early ICE and not Archer,Chimera =). not that you would really ever need to rez the RND ICE that early


Sorry but that’s just wrong. Out of 3 tier 1 corp decks, NEH, RP glacier and PE cambridge, it completely pisses all over two of them. The NEH match-up is probably marginally worse than any runner other runner deck that isn’t purpose-built to beat NEH. Where exactly are you getting your facts from?


I don’t think any of us have “facts” here, but just opinions. @Calimsha has been pretty vocal that he think MaxX/Keyhole isn’t very good.


Explain me how do you keep running through a Tollbooth + Caprice on a server. With this kind of Meta, i’m even more inclined to remove one of the two ELP for 2 Crisium instead.
And PE Cambridge isn’t a Tier 1 deck. It’s at best a gimmick deck nobody learnt how to deal against in the US. There’s reason why he didn’t get any results in Europe after the german national even if a third of the field took this deck to a lot of tournaments.


A lot of people read this site for opinions of people they consider experts. There’s a difference between saying “I think something is rubbish” and “the archetype is rubbish against every tier 1 deck” as if it’s a fact.


Why would anyone keep running through a tollbooth? You can either spooned it or femme it. Have you played the archetype or not? How many games?


This is a Titan Transnational thread, n’est-ce pas? Let’s talk about MaxX on the MaxX thread, which might itself need to be split into MaxX + Eater and MaxX + Mediohxcore :slight_smile: .


I do think the silverwares are more powerful than you’re giving them credit for. I played a practice game with a friend from IRL, him piloting my bootcamp glacier (with 2 crisiums) and me with max-eater-keyhole. I spooned a tollbooth on R&D three times (he internsed it back, and I SOT-spooned it again), and moreover, he had to bend over backwards to not get his curtain wall knifed. I ended up winning through a crisium on each central and 2x interns.


If you don’t mind, which list were you running? Crisium has been a real problem for my MaxX Eater deck.

(Sorry for the off-topic post!)