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Top Deck Monthly Cup #1

Hello Stimhackers! This week will be the first week of the Top Deck Monthly ANR cup. Every month 16 competitors will play in one best of 3 match per week in a single elimination bracket. Each player will play a runner side and a corp side. If the match is then tied at 1-1, a 3rd random side will be played to determine the winner. By the end of the 4 weeks we will have crowned the monthly champion.

There will be one featured match per week streamed at twitch.tv/topdeckanr which will be hosted by myself and one guest co-host. For the first week I am happy to announce that Hollis “@HEacho” Eacho will be joining me to cast our first match which will take place on October 7th at 7:30 PM Central Standard Time and feature Jonas “@thebigunit3000” Wilson and Dien “@d1en” Tran. We look forward to bringing you an exciting match as these two square off in round one of the tournament. Escalation will not be legal this week but is subject to change for next week.

The 16 players have submitted decklists for week 1 and will continue to submit a new deck list every week that they remain in the tournament. There will be no time limits for these matches and other standard tournament rules apply.

And here is the bracket with live updates.


Great idea, and a great set of players for the inaugural cup. Bravo! I’ll definitely be watching this.


Friday Night Netrunner Club


cool idea.

just inviting strong players to play? plans to rotate the player pool for the next one?

i can see myself tuning in to see this though. thanks for taking the initiative to run this!

Thanks! The plan is to give the top 8 each month an automatic spot in the next tournament if they choose to return. Then I will fill the rest of the spots with either new players or returning players that want another shot. I’m basing who to invite on various factors which include current and past results in online and live tournaments, and contributions to the community. I would be glad to accept recommendations for players privately as I may accidentally look over some people that would make good participants.


Yo this is sick. I hope you plan to export to YouTube somewhere . I’m pulling for Kyle and Abram :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really hoping for a final showdown between @shmeguy and @Yeoda. Would make my heart all a flutter.


Definitely! the videos will go here.


Go @jesseo_o!

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Great idea and an awesome lineup. Will definitely tune in and/or watch on youtube :slight_smile:

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Not sure if this will grow into a regular event (hope so, as the format is interesting), but if yes, single elimination is a good format to find a winner (if you want to have more exciting event and are willing to pay for it with some increase of randomness), but not good to choose 8 people to stay and 8 who end up going out (as a single match decides this and if you lose it you are out at least for 7 weeks).

Instead, the ladder could stay exactly the same with regards to finding the winner, but people who lost would continue playing (being paired against other people with same record) for 3 rounds. After those rounds we would end up with:

  • 2 people at W-W-W record, who would play for tournament win and be sure of staying
  • 2 people at L-L-L record, who are relegated
  • 6 people at various 2-1 records and 6 at 1-2 records, who could play in relegation matches, 2-1s paired against 1-2s with 2-1s getting the privilege of side choice in third game if it is needed to decide the match.

This moves most of relegation deciding games to last week (and makes relegations a bit less random) and gives players some more games while leaving the main ladder (used for deciding the winner) completely unchanged.

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Thanks for the input. I think you have good ideas and will consider them for the future for sure.
However I currently don’t see a need for a proper relegation system for a few reasons.

-Nobody has committed to playing more than one month. People will likely drop out and come back whenever it is convenient for them and I’m ok with that.

-I’m planning on letting competitors return for a second month (and possibly more months) regardless of their performance in their first month. There is no strict relegation.

-The main goal of these cups is to provide entertainment in the form of weekly content featuring skilled players.

There is a possibility that the cup could grow large enough to warrant a more stringent format in the future (like a proper league) but as of now I’m just trying to get people to watch more netrunner and to put a spotlight on some of the players who I think people will enjoy watching.


Will the lists the players submit be posted somewhere? If so, when?


I’m leaving it up to the players whether or not they want to post their lists. If anyone has any specific requests they can send them to me and I will ask for permission to share them publicly.

I added a link in the main post for the live bracket in case people want to follow the results.



Just a reminder, we are live in 2.5 hours (730pm CDT).


Week 1 featured match is now available on YouTube.


Week 2 is here and we have another great featured match this week. Wednesday at 6pm CDT Scott “@spags” Pagliaroni and Alex “@vinegarymink” White will face off for a spot in the semi-finals. The guest commentator this week is one of last week’s featured players, Dien “@d1en” Tran. Looking forward to the matches and looking forward to chatting with Dien about some netrunner.


Week 2 stream starts in 2.5 hours!


Week 2 video is on youtube.