Up and Over text spoilers

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61 Architect ICE Sentry 4 3 Architect cannot be trashed while installed. HB (2)
->The Corp looks at the top 5 cards of R&D and may install 1 of those cards, ignoring all install costs.
→ The Corp may install a card from Archives or HQ (paying all costs).

62 Peak Efficiency Operation 1 Gain 1c for each rezzed piece of ICE. HB (1)

63 Labyrinthine Servers Agenda 5 3 Place 2 agenda counters on Labyrinthine Servers when you score it. J
Hosted agenda counter: Prevent the Runner from jacking out. The Runner may not jack out for the remainder of this run.

64 Ashigaru ICE Barrier 9 4 Ashigaru gains “-> End the run.” for each card in HQ. J (3)

65 Mamba ICE Sentry-PSI-AP 6 4 → Do 1 net damage. J (2)
→ You and the Runner secretly spend 0c, 1c, or 2c. Reveal spent credits. If you are the Runner spent a different number of credits, place 1 power counter on Mamba.
Hosted power counter: Do 1 net damage. Use this ability only during a run.

66 Reversed Accounts Asset 0 3 Reversed Accounts can be advanced. NBN (1)
Click, trash: The Runner loses 4c for each advancement token on Reversed Accounts.

67 Universal Connectivity Fee ICE Trap 2 2 → The Runner loses 1c unless the Runner is tagged. If the Runner is tagged, he or she loses all credits in his or her credit pool and the Corp trashes Universal Connectivity Fee. NBN (1)

68 Blue Sun Identity 45/15 When your turn begins, you may add 1 rezzed card to HQ and gain credits equal to its rez cost. W

69 Changeling ICE Barrier-Morph 5 4 Changeling can be advanced. W (2)
While Changeling has an odd number of advancement tokens on it, it gains sentry and loses barrier.
→ End the run.

70 Reuse Operation Double 0 As an additional cost to play this operation, spend click. W (1)
Trash any number of cards from HQ. Gain 2c for each card trashed.

71 :diamonds:Hades Fragment Agenda Source 5 3 When your turn begins, you may add 1 card from Archives to the bottom of R&D. N
Limit 1 per deck.

72 Docklands Crackdown Asset 2 3 Click, click: Place 1 power counter on Docklands Crackdown. N (0)
The install cost of the first card the Runner installs each turn is increased by 1 for each power counter on Docklands Crackdown.

73 Inject Event 1 Reveal the top 4 cards of your stack and trash all programs revealed. Gain 1c for each program trashed, and add the rest of the revealed cards to your grip. A (2)

74 Origami Program 0 1 Your maximum hand size is increased by 1 for each copy of Origami installed. A (2)

75 Fester Resource Virtual 1 Whenever the Corp purges virus counters, he or she loses 2c, if able. A (1)

76 :diamonds:Autoscripter Hardware 3 The first time you install a program from your grip during your turn, gain click. C (3)
Trash Autoscripter if you make an unsuccessful run.

77 Switchblade Program ICEbreaker-Killer 3 1 0 1c: Break any number of sentry subroutines. Use this ability only by spending a credit from a stealth card. C (2)
1c: +7 STR. Use this ability only by spending a credit from a stealth card.

78 Trade-In Event 1 As an additional cost to play this event, trash an installed piece of hardware. S (2)
Gain credits equal to half the install cost of the trashed hardware (round down) and search your stack for a piece of hardware, reveal it, and add it to your grip. Shuffle your stack.

79 :diamonds:Astrolabe Hardware Console 1 +1 MU S (2)
Draw 1 card whenever the Corp creates a server.
Limit 1 console per player.

80 :diamonds:Angel Arena Resource Location X Place X power counters on Angel Arena when it is installed. When there are no power counters left on Angel Arena, trash it. N (0)
Hosted power counter: Reveal the top card of your stack. You may add that card to the bottom of your stack.

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So Criminal gets Autoscripter and Shaper gets Astrolabe, Anarch gets…?

My question is, how on earth am I going to find the MU for Origami as an Anarch?

Don’t answer Djinn.

If only this were Shaper. :frowning:

Pretty excited about Fester and Changeling for the current decks that I’m testing. Mamba seems pretty good too, but outside my archetype.

Scheherazade, obvs.

Bigger question is how many nights at Duggar’s will it take me to find two copies?

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Also, Reversed Accounts has huge potential to bring expose effects into the meta. You can’t just leave randomly advanced things alone anymore. And it’s so cheap to splash. Mushin No Shin it and for 3 clicks, the runner loses 12 credits unless they trash it immediately.

I predict Inject to be staple card of most noise decks.

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Off the bat, gotta say I am looking forward to playing with Reuse, especially in CI. Maybe a janky toolbox build with silver bullets; ditch the ones you don’t need. Not that I will only use it in CI.

Universal Connectivity looks like a fun trap, too.

IMO Reversed Accounts is broken at 1 Influence. As mentioned, it’s not a fair card in PE or Tennin. This is a card that will be used at least twice as often by Jinteki than NBN, and yet they print it with 1 Influence. It seems too powerful, but maybe it will prove otherwise.

Without expose, Runners cannot feasibly check a Mushin’d anything. If it is Junebug, it’s probably game. If it is Overwriter, it’s basically game again. While I like the idea of Reversed Accounts, I think it should have been at least 3 or 4 Influence.

I guess my point was more that these are hardware that offer click efficiency/compression/whatever for common instances in the game.

Inject, while a nice event card, merely gives Anarch flavor event card draw that other factions have had for a long time.

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I agree entirely. Maybe this means we’ll see some cards that provide expose that are actually useful in the next Cycle? (they have said that this cycle is supposed to be corp-heavy)

Hahaha, Reversed Accounts is awesome!

Gonna jump on the bandwagon and say Reversed Accounts at 1 influence seems really good.

I really like Astrolabe. I haven’t seen much discussion about it since it was spoiled but it is amazing vs the prevalent NEH. I think that card might boost Kate into the best contender to consistently beat NEH.


Astrolabe brings some NEH fighting power to Dirty Hands Exile.

Reuse is pretty good in faction for Weyland. Generally to avoid shit draws early 18-20 ice go into Weyland for me. A FCC-esque turn of dumping excess drawn ice, particularly early game, can be a welcome boon when you’re under assault.

Fester seems pretty fantastic for noise and even general anarch virus suites, particularly reina playing denial hard.

Changeling is a pretty sweet card, love having a non Fenris or guard ETR sentry.

I don’t know. I don’t see Reversed Accounts as being much better than GRNDL Refinery (2 inf), and you don’t see that card splashed left, right and centre. If you do get the ole quadruple-advance you burn 16c (if the runner has that much), which is great, but at the cost of 2 full turns and 4 credits, which is a lot.

I think the play is going to be install-advance in a taxing server, then next turn advance, trigger and install Astro. Something like that.

Reversed Accounts isn’t going to make the Cerebral Overwriter / Ronin deck any more dangerous, which is the deck you already needed expose for. PE doesn’t care how many creds you have, it just wants to kill you.

It will be excellent in glacier. Runner either loses creds running it, or loses creds not running it.

IAA it in your scoring server.
Runner runs it -> scoring window
Runner doesn’t run it -> advance and drain 12c, install ABT

Edit: so, what Almotasim said. That’s what I get for not reading everything.


Ashigaru is going to be nuts out of CI. The only question I have is what leaves to make room for it, as Morningstar is the only reliable answer to it…a 4 strength barrier with 12+ ETR subroutines? Yes please.

Reversed accounts is a perhaps slightly weaker Haas Arcology AI with only 1 influence instead of 4.

So it does not seem OP. A stronger version has already been around, and no one plays it.

In addition to glacier, it may have a slot in tag 'n bag. IAA, then if they run somewhere else instead, you pop it to drain them into SEA-Scorch range.

I see your points about Reversed Accounts. You’re right; PE doesn’t care how much money you have. Maybe it won’t be as popular in Jinteki as my kneejerk suggested, but I still think it’s under-influenced at 1. I disagree very much that it has much in common with Haas Arcology, though.

Reverse Accounts seems solid in NEH (install for a draw, then they either run and spends 3 to trash or you threaten AA trash).

Peak Efficiency might see some play in HB, probably replacing Restructure.

Autoscripter is the sleeper for this pack, I think it might be playable in both Andy and Gabe (then again, I had high hopes for Grifter).