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US Nationals - Gen Con

Whose going? Does any stimhacker out there need an event ticket yet?


I will be there. What I’m bringing… well… that’s a whole different question.

I’ll be there! anyone know if old hollywood will be out/legal? I’m assuming not…

god knows what deck’s i’ll bring. if you want to visit I guess I’ll be at the bottom tables :smiley:

I’m going, plus most of that rude California crew, both north and south. Most of us are staying by the airport and renting a car.

Don’t want to speak for them, but I know a few ATL people are confirmed, @AceJack and @Webster.

Let’s coordinate some off the grid ANR hang outs, cube draft and such. Stimhack msg for #.

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I have the stimhack cube built through chrome city with 8 starter sets. We could get that together. And I’m from West Virginia, Noah, not Atlanta! How dare you. :wink:


You’re honorary ATL!

In addition to @AceJack (and @Webster), I will be there along with @hasuprotoss, @Makai, and a few other Atlantans whose Stimhack names I don’t know. I also know that the Huntsville crew will be there including @hollis, @Sjohn and more.

As for Old Hollywood, judging by the latest Tournament Rules release, my guess is that it will be released at GenCon, meaning it will not be legal.


I’ll be there. Hopefully my bye let’s me in. Or else I’ll just spend the entire time drinking. Which is slightly less than ideal. Only slightly

@Webster I also have a cube built. We could get a pretty sick 16-person draft going one day probably.

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I know at least 6 of the SWORN crew will be there;
@eric_c, @DJhedgehog, @anon50033301, @FoilFlaws and his wife, and myself.

Me and maybe 2 others will be coming from Central PA. Dunno about the Philly group, or the Baltimore group. Or anyone else in the MAC.

Fiancée but close enough :smile:

that just means it’s not too late :wink:

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@dashakan is going but I don’t know that anyone else from Philly or Baltimore is.

If it’s like last year, the bye card and the required amount of generics lets you in.

Ian at Organized Play confirmed this for me when I asked a few months back. Let’s hope they stick to it, otherwise I’ll be making the 10 hour drive for squat. (Just kidding – I’d be excited to spend a couple days at GenCon, even if disappointed at the lack of Netrunner.)

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Same except 15 hours for me! I’ll have a friend with me. Definitely down for some anr hangs.

If they didn’t allow for that, I would say that starting a riot would be justifiable in court.


Sitting out nationals again; Mostly because it’s @ a horrible time of the year for me. GL to all of you going.

FWIW, I have a bye for sale. That’s still legal, right?


Fairly sure that the rule is that if you are not planning on attending at the time you win your bye, it should be passed down to the 2nd player. If you decide not to attend at a later time, you are not able to pass on or sell your bye, as it is considered personal.