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US Nationals - Gen Con

Will be there. Looking to hangout as well, if I know you, awesome! If I don’t, come introduce yourself.

Can’t wait for the stream of the Jesse Vandover meet & greet.


He knows you can’t sell it. #sarcasm

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I’ll be there. There will be a few other Detroit Metro guys, but I don’t think/don’t know their Stimahack handles. A few of the nearby East Lansing crew (@Zolend and @AaronSolon) said they’re coming as well.

Myself and at least 3 others from Toledo will be going. Really looking forward to it. It’ll be my first GenCon.

You know that would get high viewership too.

We’ll have at least 3 players from the Chicago krew, with a couple of spicy decks :3

will probably be there by Thursday night :slight_smile:

Maybe Medio could be cooking in the background. ANR meets The Chew.

He may beat me at netrunner more than I beat him, but I would whoop him in a cook off.




Any words on FFG streaming the event ? Or anyone else planning on at least recording the finals ?

I’m sure there’s no streaming. I’m sure getting an Internet connection hard wired to the middle of the con would cost a lot.

There will not be streaming, correct. I considered getting a 4G access point so I could stream it, but there were still a number of hurdles in the way preventing me from being able to stream it. I might try harder next year, this year it was kind of too last-minute to pull it together.

Team Covenant is recording it, so it will be up on their channel eventually.

Believe me, I’m pretty disappointed that it won’t be streamed. To not have the national championships of your game livestreamed in 2015 is kind of silly, IMO.



takes off life preserver and runs to flux capacitor


So my extra ticket is spoken for, does anybody else have an extra? Got an interested party.

I realize this is a long shot but if anyone is going to Gen Con and thinks they might have a shot at picking up a GoT 2.0 core set or two for a fellow Stimhackbro, PM me and I would be ever grateful! I’ll get @mediohxcore to sign some alt art stuff and send it to you (also the cash of course).

Is there any interest in having a larger gathering of players for a cube draft? I will have my cube, and I know that @hasuprotoss and @westonodom will each have their cubes as well. If there is significant interest then I can duplicate my cube up to a couple of times. I realize this is very last minute, but just testing the waters for interest beyond those of whom I’m already aware to be so.

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I’d love to get a big, bracketed cube tournament going. Not a super hardcore, cutthroat thing, just a big friendly cube draft with some structure to make it more exciting.

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somebody periscope the finals
this is 2015 yall