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Weezer (or your favorite band)

Just saw Weezer for the 8th time! Had a blast. What’s your favorite band/singer/dj?

U2, David Bowie, Counting Crows are my top 3.

Bowie head and shoulders atop the universe. Saw him twice live - not bad for someone born in '86. Bonus points for often dressing like he lived in the A:NR universe. (I know, I know, THE MOST OBVIOUS performance but sue me, it was epic.)

Right behind him are the White Stripes - best live band I ever saw hands down insofar as the songs came to life in some combination of twice as fast and twice as heavy, feeling totally different from the recorded iterations. The Felice Brothers not far off - mad lyrics, fam.

Fave singer ever? I’m utterly divided - technically (assuming rock/pop and thus excluding Jessye Norman and Ella Fitzgerald etc.) probably Jeff Buckley or Annie Lennox on the basis of lovely sound. For feels, stripped of technical considerations? probably Nick Cave.

Not so up on my DJs but I really like weird ambient stuff so Thievery Corporation, Air (circa Moon Safari), etc.


Sonic Youth is my favorite band of all time.
After that its The Microphones/Mount Eerie, and Eric’s Trip.

Lately it’s Carseat Headrest and tricot.

I’ve seen Mount Eerie probably like 30 times, but he’s local so…


Death Grips. About five years ago it was Animal Collective, but they’ve dropped off a lot in their recent work.

Sleigh Bells is probably my favorite band at the moment.

Too much to say…

In no particular order:

90’s HH: The Roots, Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest, IAM, NTM, The Pharcyde, Laureen Hill, Cypress Hill.

Acid Jazz: Jamiroquai (albums 1-2, maybe 3, maaaaybe 4), Brand New Heavies, Mondo Grosso, Chlorine Free, Corduroy.

Funk: James Brown, The J.B.'s, Roy Ayers, The Headhunters, Fred Wesley, Lyn Collins, Maceo Parker, Ceux qui marchent debout, Steevie Wonder, Sinclair, Michael Jackson.

Electro/Turntablism: The Avalanches, C2C, Daft Punk, Nujabes, Marcelo D2.

Jazz & fusion: Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Django Reinhart, Sanseverino, Paris Combo, Marcus Miller.

Jazzrock: Alain Caron/Uzeb, Jaco Pastorius/Weather Report, Sixun.

“Rock & stuff”: Deep Purple, Dionysos, Guns N Roses, Nirvana.

Funk rock: Spin Doctors (albums 1-2), FFF, Keziah Jones.

Other / arty stuff: David Bowie, Chairlift, Émilie Simon, Camille, Gainsbourg, Janelle Monae.

Shame on me: The Beatles, Johnny Clegg (he’s the one that started everything :p).

etc, etc. Bold Italic for huge fanboism.

a.k.a. Jazz, Funk, 90’s Hiphop (conscient or turntablism), some rock. All of these are or were my favorite groups since 27 years ago, I recommend you listening all those groups if you like specified styles.

And I’m probably forgetting 50 persons.

Anything with a good drum / bass duo is autolike: I was a mediocre jazz/funk bass player in another life.
I play(ed) with a Warwick SS2 4 strings, because 5 strings is for pussies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw Weezer/Panic! a few weeks back and it was awesome. Not a big fan of Panic! but they were very entertaining. Weezer was incredible as always (it was my 5th time seeing them). My favorite live band is MuteMath. If you ever get the chance, it is very much worth it to see them. Also can’t wait for Radiohead’s full tour next year. Saw them during King of Limbs tour and it was glorious.

Second on the not Panic! fan but they were surprisingly not bad

I like shoegaze. Particularly Slowdive and Ride as old school bands and Soundpool, Fleeting Joys, A Sunny Day in Glasgow and No Joy for newer bands.

I also like a lot of pop music. Mostly first two albums by Oasis, Saint Etienne and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Stoner Rock has also been something I quite liked. From founders of the genre like Black Sabbath to Electric Wizard, Kyuss and some Boris albums.

Hooverphonic in all of their incarnations is also quite fun. Also quite like Bonobo.

And lastly, vocaloids. :slight_smile:

Have you been listening to Fuzz? I’m not normally a huge Ty Segall fan, but he’s a killer drummer and the band is great!

Squarepusher is about as close to a band as I get (He plays instruments at least!). Does Kate Tempest count? Otherwise its all electronic. Aphex Twin, Mike Paradinas, V Snares, Autechre, Hellfish… Most things on Warp, Rephlex, Planet Mu, Skam and Deathchant records. Not what you would call easy listening! :wink:

Unfortunately haven’t listened to yet. I have friends who are into him that also introduced to may fumanchu.

Ain’t no shame in liking the Beatles. Everyone likes ice cream, doesn’t mean it’s overrated. :3