What decks would you recommend to a new player of ANR but not of Netrunner

Hi to all,

as I said in another post, I am thinking of starting playing ANR.
I have played countless CCG over the years and a lot of Netrunner 1, so I am not a noob per se.
However, looking at the decklists on netrunnerdb, I am a bit at a loss where to start; I would like to find a few “typical” and up to date lists for both runner and corp (like 2 each). For now, I have tried this runner deck : The Digital Ascetic · NetrunnerDB
it looked fun but I have trouble getting to the point where the engine is running. It seems very slow without outside card draw and the only way I seem to be able to get agendas is via Indexing.

I also tried this corp deck : Fast Advance is a Crutch v15.0 - 1st place Aldershot BABW · NetrunnerDB
which I am not sure I like either.

When I played ONR, i usually liked to draw many cards and repeatedly attack R&D and HQ accessing multiple cards at the same time. As to the Corp, I thinked I liked the Fast advance kinds of decks or combo ones.
Also, I am not too much into the so-called “psi game”.

So, if someone could please point me towards a few decklists that would seem to suit me (and not necessarily Tier 1, but still competitive), that would be great!


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Drawing a lot of cards would mean shaper or Anarch. Try a recent MaxX build like this:

Idea is to put most of your breakers in your heap then click magnum alot. Vamp/keyhole are your hq and r&d pressures.

Might be strange, but i think you might like a combo shaper like Dyper or this:


Fast advance out of weyland is a new thing.

If you like combo, CI might be your corp pick.

You might find this interesting:


thanks a lot, those lists look interesting !
Proxy times :wink:

You might like Obelus, which combines accessing a lot of cards with drawing a lot of cards. I haven’t played it much, so I can’t recommend decks based on what I’ve played, but this one is very recent and seems to be getting a lot of likes on NetrunnerDB, so it’s probably good. It’s very combo-y, but it has a lot of support for setting up, and many of the combo pieces are quite good on their own.

To further expand on @anon91331400’s post, that league only uses the teaching/learning decks developed by @TheBigBoy:

These decks are about solid fundamentals, and a good way to get up to speed on ANR. The Kit deck would match your preferred playstyle, but none of the 3 Corp decks are great match (although both the HB and Spark decks can do fast advance).

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Ah thanks, indeed, looks awesome !

Ok thanks, I will have a look at the Kit deck

Ok, for our forthcoming regional, I planned on playing an Obelus-Severnius deck, but station one is not authorized.
Hence, I have to find something else.

I have tried the Maxx Magnum deck mentioned above but I feel that it lacks card draw (except the inherent Maxx ability) and it struggles if it does not get Magnum quickly.

Any other suggestions ?

thanks !

The games you don’t get Magnum quickly are few. Mull for it or Frantic. You should see either turn 1 in 80-90% of games.

You haven’t said much of what you like corp side, just that you’re not a fan of the HB deck you found.

Regarding runner decks, I’ve been having a lot of success with an Andy deck that runs a decent amount of multi-access. It’s pretty much mostly money and breakers, sticking to the fundamentals while just playing really good cards.


Decks with engines that require recursion seem to me to be targeted these days, so I’d suggest staying away from that sort of thing. I suggest just making sure all of your cards are good, and criminal, with all of the cards that give bonuses for runs, seems more up your alley.

Here’s an alternative criminal list:

Am not the OP, but am taking your Andy deck to my local regional, so thank you for sharing it. :smiley:

Thanks for the Andy deck, I will have a look.

Well, I will play an Hasty CI deck I think, because I like combo-like decks.

As to the runner, I am looking for a deck with a lot of card draw and inevitability, i.e., a deck that tends to win the longer the game goes.
I like cards that allows to access multiple cards from R&D/HQ (like Keyhole, Medium)…

The biggest problem with a lot of the runner decks with “inevitability” is that a decently fast start can blow them out. Some of these decks run cards like Beth, Diesel, and Quality Time, but a lot of the time they never have quite the amount of draw they really need. This has been the problem with a lot of Shaper (and Sunny) lists for a long while. To be honest, none of the Anarch decks sound great to me when I think of Skorpios and any taxing sort of HB. Well, except maybe DLR, which has its own sort of inevitability, but you’ll need a way to get it going potentially without spamming Account Siphon. This means non-MaxX DLR, and it also means that perhaps trying a Vamp deck would be a good idea.

I don’t have any Vamp decks readily available, but they can be truly hilarious. If you’re thinking of trying something combo-y, I suggest trying (not necessarily for Regionals, unless you start winning a bunch) a deck that features Vamp -> Apocalypse -> tons of Keyhole runs. Even without the Apocalypse, Vamp and the Eater-Keyhole combo tend to be fairly strong (except against ICE like Turing, Chiyashi). But given that I’m hearing some grumblings about HB asset spam, Apocalypse seems rather strong and hilarious splash, wouldn’t you say?

@GwiLo Follow up: Andy did good! I did not, but that’s because I lost all my Corp games. I published a copy of the deck on NRDB so I could claim my spot with it on Always Be Running. I hope you don’t mind; I included a link to your original.

Good to hear it did well! It’s always a treat to hear of someone using your deck, so I really don’t mind at all.