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What do we know of Slovakian Nationals?

Sure I could use Google, but this sort of shizzle is what Stimhack is for.

What do we know of the Slovakian Nationals? 19th September right? Is speaking only English going to be good enough? Which wonderful city are we potentially attending? Is there sexy prize support? Anyone got linkage?

Many thanks!


You’re turning into Laurie, but for Nats instead of for regionals.


@PeekaySK has most of the info on this. I’ve been in contact with him as well. Basically, it’s being held in Bratislava on 19th (swiss) and 20th (cut + side events) of September. Registration will open at 9am, first round listed start will be at 10am, actually expected to be around 10.30am apparently. Venue is the same as the X-Wing Nats earlier in the month, of which all the info can be found here:


Basically, what @clercqie said. Yes, English only is definitely good enough, though I consider it a personal challenge to have taught you people at least some (appropriately inappropriate) Slovak by the end of the… “social evening” part of Saturday.

As far as prize support goes, we’ll have the kit at the very least (assuming they don’t send it off to Prague again, like they did for Regionals :stuck_out_tongue: ). As for other support, that really depends on the size of the tournament, though if we have more than we did for Regionals (which looks like a very real possibility right now), we’re thinking additional store credit, possibly some older GNKs that I’ve hoarded away for occasions such as this!

Linkage in progress - Aiming to have a page up for both Netrunner and Conquest by the end of the week (along with the respective sign-up forms). Will post it up once it’s there.


And with upgraded travel and accommodation options. #Laurie2.0 #ExecutiveRetreat #AdonisCampaign

Nice one, thanks for the links.

Good man, I look forward to seeing more details soon. Also news of parties and how to woo Slovakian ladies (assuming my mad Netrunner skillz aren’t enough, but it seems unlikely).

Get out those Femme Fatale’s as extra prizes :stuck_out_tongue: We are prolly coming with quite a lot of Belgians!


Gary does Europe, in a non-erotic way…

I find your lack of faith disturbing.


The current plan is for a group of 10 (!) Belgians to attend. We are road trippin’ over there :smiley:
Also, none of us speaks Slovak :wink:

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“Nazdrovje”, isn’t that all you need to know? :wink:

10 bucks they’ll end up in Slovenia!


Deal. Pay upfront september 13th!

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We ain’t russians, fool!

This could be arranged…

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I believe they use the expression in Poland as well, so I mistakingly thought this was generally used in the region. Not my intention to start a political argument. My sincerest apologies!

The two countries aren’t even next to eachother! :smiley:

@PeekaySK, who will be TO? Any contact details?

thanks in advance !

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Nah, just messin’ with ya :slight_smile: We use the same expression, and it actually ends up sounding pretty similar (Slavic languages, yo), it’s just spelled as “Na zdravie”. Good to see you have solid foundations to build on, language-wise, though!

Doesn’t stop the postal services from messing it up all the time, why should road-trippers be any different? :smiley:

I’m handling pretty much everything right up to the tournament itself, my wife will be TOing the tournament days. Anything else you want to know, ask away.

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They are the Canadiens of Europe… Anything can happen

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Any news?

(set legality, date/time, registration, prize support)