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What do we know of Slovakian Nationals?

The impossible has come into existence!

Info page about the Nationals

If you plan on attending, please visit the Signup Form (also linked on the info page) as soon as conveniently possible so I can make sure everyone gets enough free cookies :stuck_out_tongue:


Despite the official release date of Wave Seven being listed as
September 3rd, we’re not sure when we’ll be getting them into stock.
We’ll know for certain by Tuesday, September 8th - check back here then
for updated information![/quote]
Isn’t it the most convenient thing to just go for all cards legal up to Old Hollywood? I know it is for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Taking quite the stand here! :smiley:


Most convenient, yes. However, TUoT has a crapton of enablers that open interesting new archetypes. Therefore, we’d really really like to play with it.

(translation: fuck Noise, Kate, RP and NEH)


Huh - I hope that seat reservation thing is actually true for you guys, since that contradicts FFGs earlier announcements.

Given how complicated all communication is, I have no idea - it could very well be that we got screwed out of the reservation and nobody bothered to tell us. I’ll try to find out and update the info.

Soooooo… It’s now past tuesday 08/09/2015. Any news on UoT legality??


Took a while (sorry), but: TUoT nowhere in sight, so not legal.

Last legal set: Old Hollywood


I’ll come to Bratislava on thursday, 17.09 in order to have time for sightseeing. So, if anyone would like to hang out before the tournament, it would be nice. :wink:

Awesome! Come straight to the store, thursdays is our usual LCG night and I’ll drop you off wherever you’re staying once we’re done :slight_smile:

Still any sleeping bag space left? How many sign-ups for the tournament yet? #addict

Sleeping bag space should be available, yes. Around 20 signups so far, few locals (most are still in the negotiation phase with their wives - newborn babies and similar complications :D). Hoping to see it pick up. If it doesn’t, I’m going to personally murder every single one of these good-for-nothing bastards.

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Almost 50% of the sign ups are Belgian! We want to face locals and other nationalities. We are not driving across Europe to play each other :smiley:. Common people!

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Come on people**
Us Belgians aren’t calling you guys common, we just want to see some new faces before we cross back into Germany on Monday…

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I ment, we, the Belgians, common people, aren’t driving across Europe to play each other.


All is not lost, up to 30 signups as of writing this. Locals’ numbers are still underwhelming, but at least it’s shaping up to be a decent-sized tournament :smiley:

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40 signups, 1 day to go. This looks suspiciously similar to a kickstarter campaign :smiley:


Hope you all have a great time - I qualified for the ANRPC BABW event in London this weekend so I’m going to that instead (despite trains being more expensive than flights to Bratislava!). Hope it all goes well and the Belgian posse represent again! I’ve got a soft spot for them ever since the Nationals in Brussels. :slight_smile:


We will try our best to honour this. :wink:

Final question: does the store has Wifi facilities? Last-last-minute deck changes are very tempting.

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Do you still have a room left in one of your cars guys? :stuck_out_tongue:

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If we all take no gear with us, i think we might be able to fit you in the trunk of the car.