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Why I Run

Hey guys, I made this thing:


You might like it. I won’t spoil anything; just turn up your speakers/use headphones, since it includes music. The music will take a moment to load and will start playing as soon as it is loaded.



I’m not big on the “lore” for the game, but this is very interesting to me and cool. I look forward to finishing it later!

This is pretty fucking cool. The music is a fantastic touch!


Super duper cool!

It let me install 5 memory worth of programs without any +MU. I guess The Toolbox is implied? (though it still costs credits to break things so no recurring credits. and the bad pub seemed to vanish?)

I think it’s implied that you’re chaos theory. At least that’s what I told myself about the MU. Bad pub stays, it just doesn’t give the script each time.

Only mechanical issue I saw was corp holding 6-7 cards at end of turn.

Ah, that is much better headcanon.

I remember making a run where all I did was break Quandry (with Gordian) and it cost me a credit despite the bad pub. Maybe I’m wrong?

It adds the bad pub to your credit total on the sidebar as soon as you start a run, and says you spent 1cr or whatever at the end, but it’s there and working.

Beat “hard” mode without ever installing either opus or corroder… perhaps the corp should get to play with archer or SEA source for a real challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job though. Good theming and explanations especially. I have a bunch of friends who love twine, but whom I can’t seem to convince netrunner is worth learning. Maybe this will change.


Oh man I love this! Great work! The music is brilliant and so the descriptions of the various cards are too. Very very well done.

Since I have to go out before the game finished though, does it keep track of my progress in any way or do I have to start again?

Great work. If you care, Gordian Blade doesn’t work quite right. It should retain its strength for the duration of a run. Also, I thought that R&D interface was sneakdoor beta when I read it for the first time. Very cool little game. FFG should jump all over this! (they won’t - but they should)


So awesome. This needs to be slapped right there on the Netrunner product page.


Great job! Impressive writing and effort!

Impressive, completed the normal game on my second try. First time I got killed by a running into a snare on my last click and getting subsequently scorched… Going to try the hard version. Also forwarded it to a friend who doesn’t play, let’s see what he thinks of it.


There’s no save system, so if you want to maintain your progress you should keep your browser open. Otherwise you’ll have to restart from the beginning.

Thank you for your kind words, everyone :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it.


I loved the fluff for what happens when you play the cards. You didn’t shy away from the hard to explain ones either, I was never quite clear how I was gaining money from daily casts or sure gamble but your explanation makes as much sense as anything else.

Fantastic stuff! Great music choices and flawless incorporation of game concepts and flavour text into a neatly woven interactive narrative.

Exactly the same thing happened to me! Stole Atlas one turn, PriReq the next, and got greedy despite having seen GLC and BLC on R&D – I mean, this was obviously Supermodernism. But nooooo, I’ll run last click!

Love this. Love love love it. So awesome.

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Sure Gamble’s flavor text hinted at a “hifi quantum manipulation ring”, which you use to cheat in a card game. I decided to go with something a little more mundane, with a script that exploits a vulnerability in a gambling site’s software. The reason for this is that if I introduce something as insane as “handheld tech that can manipulate the outcome of real-life random events”, it’s going to have consequences far stronger than “you get a few hundred credits”.


I like that you inflated the corps money. I’ve always imagined it like the runner is attacking a certain division or branch of the Corp. They would have tons of money in reserve but could maybe only devote a certain amount to the attacked area. Very cool idea and very well done.

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This is really really neat. Kinda reminds me of one of my favorite internet Things also with a cyberpunky vibe, HIGH END CUSTOMIZABLE SAUNA EXPERIENCE. But this is a lot more detailed (and Netrunnery, of course) with more decision branches. Nice work!