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Why I Run

Actually sat down and played through this tonight, very awesome. ]

Need to try hard mode now :smiley:

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Pretty sweet! If you did a pass to tone down/bleep out the swearing (I noticed “fuck” in at least two places) I would recommend this all over the place.

I ran into a Snare! early on my first play, and decided to float the tag to find out whether Naznagul would be mean enough to Scorched Earth on turn 3. Answer: yes, Naznagul is in fact that mean. :smiley:

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Swearing was one thing I thought about a lot, and kept it to the barest minimum in order for the story to remain tasteful.

Even PG-13 movies get to use the word “Fuck” a few times, and the subject matter of the story (and Netrunner in general) is mature enough to be inappropriate for children.

The first instance of swearing is when you realize you’ve just destroyed a corporate asset, and no response seemed as appropriate as “Oh, fuck.”

The other instances of swearing are in the “bad publicity” messages. It’s meant to clue you in to the fact that these messages are coming from other characters, and the use of swearing tells you about those characters.


Daily Casts with three turns remaining shows as 6 credits, should be 600 credits to be consistent

Seems like the messages for the economy operations are perhaps inconsistent about how much money they’re gaining (i.e. whether they’re including the 1 trillion for the Weyland ID or not). This might just be me conflating Blue Level and Green Level though, so IDK.

Dittoing an earlier comment about Gordian Blade not working correctly: a Wendigo-Wendigo-Quandary server should cost me 500, not 700. It would probably be awkward to try to explain that though, so leaving it as-is seems fine to me.

Corp doesn’t seem to have a hand limit - “Corp Projects Ready for Deployment in HQ: 7,” probably also fine so you can continue not really worrying about Archives for any purpose other than Dirty Laundry.

Once I have a big rig set up, the information in the left panel actually extends below the bottom of the screen, and I can’t scroll it. :frowning:

Game indicates Bad Publicity can only be used for breaking ice, but in the real game you can also use it to trash stuff (e.g. Melange Mining Corp)

This is actually a very reasonable runner deck for a beginning player, too. Well done!

AFAICT, contents are:

Sure Gamble
Dirty Laundry
Daily Casts
Magnum Opus

Gordian Blade

R&D Interface
The Maker’s Eye

Public Sympathy
Special Order
Quality Time

I think 3x of everything, except maybe only 2x Special Order and 2x Ninja, to keep this under 15 influence and at 40 cards for Chaos Theory?

Corp decklist might be

Priority Requisition
Hostile Takeover
Project Atlas
Geothermal Fracking (1x?)

Melange Mining Corp

Beanstalk Royalties
Hedge Fund
Green Level Clearance
Blue Level Clearance
Scorched Earth


Code Gates:

Ice Wall
Hadrian’s Wall


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That’s (almost) exactly right :smile: The Runner deck has 3 special orders, 2 corroders and 2 ninjas.

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Spent an hour having cyberpankgasm.

Music is suuuch a Personal Touch™. Where can I find your playlist?

As I pride myself in being a dabbling network security specialist, some things in text caused me to cringe. For instance (you would be surprised) you can classify real-life server protection measures within Sentry/Barrier/CodeGate framework! You did not have to reinvent the bicycle in describing ideas behind barriers/sentries/codegates, and it would be a very beautiful hook to real life.

But hey it’s not a tech literature :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I’d love to provide you content-writing and proof-reading assistance should you ever decide to develop this further.

Are you going to expand this at all? I have some ideas about designs for Jinteki and HB decks (trace seems awful to implement, and it’d be a lot tougher to make a deck for NBN that excludes it entirely). Expanding to new runners would be super cool (Kati Jones would be fun to write for).

Do explain, I am curious :slight_smile:

The only thing standing out to me as maybe requiring a tweak is that 1 cred = 100 future bucks seems a little low for the runner side. 1000 feels more right for high-end (illegal) custom hardware and software.

Oh, it’s quite a curiosity!

You can define as “Code Gate” basically any modern encryption methods (HTTPS for instance, or SSH). This protection does not impede traffic sniffing at all - you (attacker) can listen to it all you want - but it makes data unreadable to outsider without specific “keys”.

Real life “Barriers” are nodes between intranets and global web that are supposed prevent acccessing intranet traffic from outside. They most often come in form of router firmware (think CISCO), or proxy servers. So even if attacker would be able to decipher the encrypted data traffic within the intranet (i.e. has Yog.0 installed :stuck_out_tongue: ) if he can’t access said traffic because of the gateway node impeding him, his Yog is useless :stuck_out_tongue:

Real life “Sentries” are the most curious ones. They are less well-known compared to other routinely used methods, but they do exist and in fact are quite popular. I call “Sentries” active protection methods (unlike others which are rather passive). These are programs that constantly monitor activity within the system, they are able to identify suspicious actions and trace them to particular user. What to do next with that user is up to program :stuck_out_tongue: It can be as simple as session termination (ETR), or launching some fancy subroutines in attempt to find out information about attacker (Trace), or something else entirely. Maybe even spoonfeeding some malware to intruder :stuck_out_tongue: To protect yourself (as attacker) against such countermeasures you likely want to employ some masquerading to conceal your actions (Mimic and Alias fit perfectly). Attacking the monitoring process directly is possible in theory, but in practice it seems too hard to perform compared to simply hiding from it.

So ye, as you can see - three very distinct methods of protecting your virtual assets, with very distinct ways to defeat them - quite fitting Netrunner theme. I must mention that there are some other interesting things about real life network security that don’t fit in any of these frameworks, so there’s even more space to be explored there.


Re: trace, I wasn’t even thinking about the corp-runner credit discontinuity. I was thinking about the part where the AI has to decide how much to bid on its traces, and narratively how the trace is presented to the runner. “You can pay 400 credits to break Hunter with your Ninja, or take your chances. You took your chances, OK you can pay 500 credits to avoid the repercussions now (P.S. the corp lost 2 trillion credits in the process), or you can just wait and clear it later with four hours and 200 credits.” That’s just a big mess for a beginning netrunner (which is mostly the target audience).

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Love this! The part where I dug RND for five and hit nothing felt especially realistic!


Run on HQ: access scorched earth
Run on HQ: access scorched earth
Run on HQ: access scorched earth
Run on RnD: access scorched earth


Man, I’ve been playing to much Kim. My reaction to the first line was “YEAH EAT IT”


Thematically, in the sense of this game, it’s interesting to think what Kim would do. ‘access Scorched Earth’- Kim, “Stay there mofo, I’m comin’ for you.” -You leave your rig for several hours to mess some people up-

I can totally see him leading a raid into the Weyland Facility where they keep the explosives they’re going to use to burn the place down.

That’s what I’ve been thinking. He finds the plans, goes and finds the structural engineer involved, and introduces said engineer to Bertha.

Best way to break those barriers in real life is to remote desktop. Then remote desktop again 4 more times.

Whole-Lee Shit. How did I not experience this until this morning?

Just starting fucking with it because I was bored at work. Oh man, even though it’s Netrunner, it’s hyper-exciting. I was hitting the first real turn and was super-excited and worried at the same time. Is Weyland gonna Sea-Scorch-Scorch me if I run them? This is super-fun and excellent theme and a great game. Expect full recommendations from me to everyone I know.

Thank you so much for your time and effort! This is a fantastic accomplishment.

EDIT: Managed to win my first time! Got Atlas, Geothermal Fracking, and Priority Requisition for the win. Went for anarch victory. That’s what you get for destroying my house. :smirk:

EDIT2: Then went Hard Mode and ran last click into a Snare! into a Scorched Earth! Seems about right with my RL Netrunner play. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: