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Worlds 2015 Fantasy League

This idea occurred to me yesterday, and may have been brought up before on SH. It would be fun to do a fantasy league for Worlds 2015. I’m not super familiar with fantasy leagues in general, but here are my initial thoughts:

  • Each drafter picks a team of players. I was thinking 5 might be a reasonable number.
  • Points are awarded based on each player’s performance at Worlds. This needs the most crunching out, but I think for Swiss it could be based on Prestige (maybe factoring SoS somehow; I’m not a big numbers person), then another method for the Cut.
  • Low buy-in, something like $5-10. Distribution something like 1st place 50% pot, 2nd 30% and 3rd 20%. Platform/method of pay in/out needs to be settled.

Issues I foresee:

  • Getting a list of Stimhackers going to Worlds
  • Getting sufficient tournament information (from FFG, or somehow)
  • Settling points/scoring system
  • Settling payment platform
  • Gambling laws? >.>

The trickiest to me seems to be the second. One way around it could be to only draft for the Cut, and maybe reduce teams to 3 players. None of this matters if there isn’t any interest, though. Does this sound fun to anyone else? I don’t foresee any participating Worlds attendants throwing matches to improve their chances in the league, especially since full Swiss+Cut results wouldn’t be available until everything was over. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Large bet on myself to drop in the 3rd round please!


Sounds fun. I’ve been big into fantasy sports in the past and have toyed with similar ideas, although my idea was to make fantasy drafts of cards and then gain points depending on their performance in big events. In essence, instead of a fantasy league where pro players are what you draft and track, it would be the meta and card popularity at high level play that you would be analyzing.

im down for 10 USD, we can do bank transfers and a facebook conversation to organise w/ google docs

I’m down for it

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We did a version of this at SMC Finals and players seemed to really enjoy it. Would be interesting to see it fire off on a larger scale.

Hit up that Draft Kings site :wink:


Does DK allow you to make your own custom leagues? I didn’t think it did.

Can we get a side bet going on how many matches @ItJustGotRielle goes to time? :laughing: :clock2:


Only once at nationals! :stuck_out_tongue:

(And the reason I missed t16 :angry:)

It doesn’t. I was just jesting due to all the commercials I’ve been seeing all over for it.

Just don’t put me in your team I’m gonna bomb your score :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you need some kind of incentive to not just pick the best players, like a point system or a draft system or something.

Maybe something like the value of a player get split for each person picking them for their team? I don’t know how that’d work, or how you’d balance it with the fact that you’d be way better off picking no-names if the counterbalance is too strong. Also, fwiw, some people have byes.

That being said:


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let the snubbing begin


I’m in.

So it looks like there is sufficient interest.

Anyone know if there is a platform we could use? If there is, would it help? It seems relatively easy to handle it all in a spreadsheet or something.

We do need a list of some sort of Stimhackers going to Worlds.

Regarding @mediohxcore 's point, I don’t think a drafting system is necessary. IMO there are scores of players good enough to make the cut and win Worlds in this game. Personally I don’t consider there to be any small number of “best” players in ANR. There will certainly be overlap amongst teams, but that’s okay. I think we can disregard the bye issue; players who have won Regionals will likely be the most drafted anyway. Did you mean it has to be taken into account if we score off prestige? Do players with byes end up with less prestige?

Only nationals winners get byes. IMO youd have to be nuts not to pick people like @lucasli who starts off 2-0 if theres no downside


Maybe have it be a bracket draft like Final Four? That seems the best way to start, and then work in incentives based on bracket accuracy.

Sure, if you’re just trying to win. The pots not going to be large enough to draft just to win; of course, those that want to are welcome to. I’ll be drafting for fun, players that I like that I want to cheer on anyway.

How would this work, though? We obviously couldn’t do anything for Swiss, and I doubt we will have Cut information fast enough to put together a bracket and draft teams before the Cut gets underway. Is Swiss one day and Cut the next? if that’s the case, we should definitely do a Final Four bracket style!

then again, the Top 16 of this functions very differently than a traditional bracket. more branches, IIRC. We would also need at least the first round pairings in advance





I think you should be able to draft the best player without a stimhack account. Don’t need to name them, just put the none stimhack field on your team.

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