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Worlds 2015 - Predictions and Useless Banter to Bide Your Time


Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/worlds-2015-predictions-and-useless-banter-to-bide-your-time/

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@spags just made @bahram’s week with that Chameleon Kate shout out.


I’m going to give @spags a hug at worlds this year and I hope that it isn’t too awkward. He always says such nice things about me


I think its awkwardness levels depend on whether its in the hot tub.


New York Times headline, Nov. 9:

“Geist and GRNDL win Netrunner World Championships; hundreds stunned”


I think two of the predictions are contradictory. If a UK player wins it will almost certainly be with NEH.


Wait till you see my runner deck, @spags.





I’m very excited to be attending my first worlds :smiley:

I’ll likely be bringing my Surfer Quetzal and Publically Supported Gagarin, so watch out!

Top tables, here I come! /s


I think HB are in quite good shape this year. They have gotten some nice support cards lately.

Weylands biggest problem are that they really only have the rush/scorched treat. And the saddest part is that NEH does it even better than Weyland since they also have FA tools at their disposal…


Fuck yes.


Now I just need 1 person to play it on Octgn randomly and I can retire it forever.

Just kidding <3

Hope to prove his ‘decent’ wrong at the Team event, in a positive way of course.

Edit - Prediction time! Kate and NBN to win, not sure if NEH or another id. Weyland will have an Argus sneak into the T16. HB will be most played Corp in T16. A surprising amount of Andys will be in T16. Someone will flip exactly one table to Val Mill in the final round as it gatekeeps the shit out of their T16 chances.


@Cerberus probably won’t take NEH. He knows how to play netrunner…


He won’t take Kate either, most likely, so that would break the other prediction.


Spoiler: the predictions are mutually exclusive, and mostly bullshite.


Just like just about everything else you’ve written. Am, however, looking forward to a post-worlds recap, like last year. That shit was great.

Noticed you didn’t mention the obvious deck to look out for - Replicating the Hub.


Sounds really fun, when do tickets go on sale?


simple: at 2:30am central time on the seventh Wednesday after pentecost, unless there was a second full moon or mercury retrograde in that time frame, in which case you’ll have to consult your doctor about the adverse effects of advair and offer thanks to Melqart, who will whisper the amended date and time into your year during one of your regular, recurring dreams.


unsurprisingly both the midwest and west coast have gone unmentioned. i’ll take these two regions to win both friday and sunday