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Worlds 2017 - Scoops of Hot Rotatoes and Fresh Ruses!

Worlds. The big event at the Fantasy Flight Games Center. Five whole delicious days of card flopping, dice rolling, and shit talking.

Finally, on this sixty-first day of July in the year of our Jackson two-thousand and seventeen (7/61/2017), Fantasy Flight has announced the details on how they will distribute tickets.

With that, it is time to start a new thread for all of you schmucks to find everything you need to make the logistics of this thing happen. This is THE thread, so let’s install some Resources:

Tickets & Registration
TL;DR: Go to the top and click the link. Find the thing that says “Apply” and fill out a form to get a CHANCE to purchase ticket for one of the events. Registration Link for informational purposes.

Update 09/08/17: Registration is now CLOSED. You should have received an email that has a link to purchase your ticket, or stating that you were rejected. Screenshot posted in thread below. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS.

Update 10/05/17: Registration and ticket sales were opened to all comers. See the link above; tickets may still be available. Click “Apply” to get to the registration and ticket sales.

Additional Time and Date Info (Click to Expand)

This year Fantasy Flight has decided to distribute the tickets to Worlds via an application process and random lottery. They’re going to cap attetendance and randomly select who they offer seats to. We do not know the caps, but last year was around 250-350 per event.

You’ll have to go to the link above before September 6th at 9:00AM Central Time to apply for a CHANCE to purchase a ticket to one of the events you want to play in. They’re going to send out confirmation emails to random winners on September 8th, and only those people are going to get to buy tickets.

Winners of Regional, National, North American, or European Championships are entitled to Reserved Seats. They still have to follow the application process above and will be notified of application acceptance on September 12th.

After notification, event tickets need to be purchased by September 19th at 9:00AM Central Time or they are forfeited.

On September 22nd, if there are still seats available, additional winners will be sent confirmation emails. Those people need to purchase tickets by September 29th at 9:00AM Central Time.

Calendar of Events
Click here for a handy Google Calendar of all of the official Fantasy Flight Main/Side Events as well as any Non-FFG Side events.

FFG Main/Side Events
Dates and times for the official Fantasy Flight run events.

Main Event

  • Netrunner 2017 World Championship Day 1 - November 4th - Check-In: 12:00PM to 12:30PM at FFG Event Center
  • Netrunner 2017 World Championship Day 2 - November 5th - Check-In: 9:00AM to 9:30AM at FFG Event Center

Side Events

Non-FFG Side Events
Fan run stuff. Please PM yours truly with deets on your side events and happenings in the area and I will get them added to the list. Name of event, location, special rules, prizes etc…

  • Digital Kumite - KOS - King of Servers 2017 - November 2nd - Check-In: 10:00AM to 11:00AM at B-Dale Club. @Spags of the ANRPC and Stimhack Forums will be putting on the traditional digital kumite, King of Servers. This is a four (4) person team event, sign up a team here. Spags is looking to do an order from World Street Kitchen for lunch, sign up for food here. Entry is looking like $20, and food is about $12. Cash Prize 70/30 Split after Spags covers expenses. EVENT USES OFFICIAL FFG CARD POOL.

  • King of Flag Football (Pre-KOS Workout) - November 2nd - 9:00AM Start at B-Dale Club. Several players are looking to get in some physical activity before sitting down to a long set of rounds at KOS. You can sign up here, it’s free, and don’t forget to bring some deoderant!

  • BetRunner - Worlds 2017 Fantasy Draft - hosted Online. @anon50033301 is holding an online draft of the Worlds 2017 competition to see who’s the best at sizing up the event. You have a fake $25 to select players from a list on this website. Entry is $10 paid to Josh, with an unspecified amount for prize to best team.

  • ONR Sealed Deck - November 1st - 6:00PM start at FFG Event Center. @ff0x is holding a sealed deck event with Original Netrunner this day, max of 8 people. Additional days on the 31st or 5th, depending on interest and if he makes the top cut. PM @ff0x for details, entry is looking like $5. There will be some prize support.

  • More? Your event could be listed here!

Pack Legality and Core 2.0 aka OFFICIAL FFG CARD POOL
Update 09/11/17: FFG has announced that ROTATION WILL BE EARLY and CORE 2.0 IS REAL. Worlds 2017 will be played with most of the Gensis and Spin cycles rotated, and Revised Core replacing the original Core.

To be clear, while Worlds 2017 will use Revised Core, the actual product won’t be availabile. Instead, you will need to look at the Revised Core Card List.

Update 09/27/17: MWL2.0 was released and takes the form of a Banned & Restricted List. Make sure to look at this list to ensure your decks are legal for the event.

Netrunner Tournament Docs
Current documentation and tournament rules for Android: Netrunner. Don’t show up to the event without knowing this stuff. Any updates to these will be added as they are posted.

Map of Surrounding Areas / Shit to Do

@JoelCFC25 has created a map of the surrounding areas to help you get around. Click here to open the map. Included are: FFG Event Center Location, Lodging, Restaurants, and Mass Transit Lines.

@Ajar has also put together a big ass list of great restaurants and breweries in the area. Jump to that post to check out all the great stuff available in and around the Twin Cities.

@Ajar has created another big assed list of things that you can see and do in the area. Jump to that post to check out the sights and sounds available in and around the Twin Cities.

@spags is going to be catching a bit of music with some people after the Netrunner Main Event on Saturday, November 4th. Jump to that post or go here for tickets.

Please PM yours truly with other hotel options if you’re aware of close hotels. I live here, so I never really needed to look for any. Here are some (but not all) of the options:

  • Raddison - This is the haunt of most of the Stamherk crew during Worlds. It is within walking distance of FFG. Call 888.333.3333 and mention ‘FFG World Championship’ for a special group rate!

  • Key Inn - Another hotel within walking distance of the Event Center, though a little further than the Raddison. Probably cheaper.

  • Motel 6 - If you’re not going to be in your room a bunch, and you want it cheap, here’s your place! A hike to the Center, but pretty damn close for driving.

  • Holiday Inn Express - Also super close, though not in walking distance.

Notes on Air Travel
If you’re taking a flight to Minneapolis for the tournament, here are a few quick tips to make your experience a little less of a hassle:

  • Pack your cards separately from other luggage if you’re carrying them on. They are very likely to get pulled out for screening by TSA, and it’s quicker if they don’t also need to look through all your underwear and toiletries.

  • Give yourself extra time; Arrive 2 to 2.5 hours before your flight. Again, your cards are likely to get pulled for additional screening. You might also be asked to submit to a pat down. Allow time for this.

  • You’re limited to 2 carry-on bags; One must fit below a seat. If you do pack your cards separately, keep in mind you only get one other carry-on bag. Plan accordingly.

Confirmation Email


KOS17 planning has begun.


Note: Don’t actually do this.


FFG: “How are things looking?”

TicketSellers: “Pretty good. You already have 188 applications for GoT, 237 for L5R, and a little over 16 million for NetRunner.”


Can you maybe remove these links? I know most people won’t abuse them, but some will.

We have to make this thing big so FFG knows we’re not just a ded gaem.

Empty chairs due to chicanery is NOT going to help that.


Fair enuff. Links edited.


Edited some of the language in the first post and the tournament docs. I realized they were still pointing toward the 2016 versions. Oops. :slight_smile:

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Anyone hear anything yet from FFG about tickets?
Ha! I received the golden ticket like 10 minutes after posting originally! Yay!

We’re going!

Got my email about half an hour ago - signed up and going!

It seems like ticket emails from FFG are coming around right now. Check your spam folder if you don’t see 'em.

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Confirmed, found my ticket in my spam folder.

Also, as an FYI - I booked a room at the Radisson by calling the number in the original post. As mentioned in that post, there’s an “FFG Worlds” group rate - seems like it’s $112+tax, which is a bit higher than last year, if I’m remembering correctly.

Updated to original post with Rotation and Core 2.0 information.

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I’m going to be trying to organize Worlds dining outings for small groups basically each night of Worlds. I know a couple of other locals are also going to be doing something similar so that as many people as possible get to eat the kinds of food they want to eat while at Worlds. In addition, Bite Squad, a local company, offers delivery from something like 200 restaurants to the general vicinity of Worlds.

For those looking to venture out on their own or with a group, here’s a list of some of my favourite local restaurants:

World Street Kitchen (King of Servers caterer) + Milk Jam ice cream shop (in. sane.)
Tori Ramen (best ramen in the Cities if you like nontraditional ramen) V
Zen Box Izakaya (delicious Japanese pub fare + more traditional ramen)
Kyatchi (great sushi & other Japanese fare)
Pinku (amazing Japanese street food)
Kado no Mise (Japanese dining, excellent)
Brasa (vaguely Latin? all delicious) V
Barrio (~100 tequilas and excellent small plates)
Jefe (fewer tequilas, awesome Latin fare)
Tillie’s Farmhouse (American; unique takes on staple foods) V
Augustine’s (American; huge, delicious portions) V
The Happy Gnome (70+ taps & fantastic gastropub food) V
Revival (Southern comfort food)
J Selby’s (100% vegan) V
Filfillah (some of the most authentic Arabic cuisine in the cities)
Hot Indian (Indian food in burrito form)
Ngon (Vietnamese + French, really good)
Victor’s (great Cuban hole in the wall)
The Naughty Greek (reasonable prices for large portions)

V = good vegetarian choices.

Re: that last one, there are a lot of great places to eat (including Hot Indian) at the Midtown Global Market.

Big Groups

Some of the above places are smaller than others – e.g. Tori Ramen is tiny and you won’t be able to get a seat if your group is >4. If you have a large group (like 6+), the following can definitely accomodate:

Anything at Midtown Global Market
World Street Kitchen
Happy Gnome
Brasa (St. Paul location on Grand Avenue)
J Selby’s

Don’t take large groups to Tori Ramen or Pinku. Otherwise, calling ahead should be fine.


If breweries or distilleries are your jam, there are too many good ones in the Cities to even start to count. A few I like are:

Bang Brewing
Surly (beware: it’s always packed)
Day Block
Lakes & Legends

Du Nord craft spirits
Tattersall distilling

Marvel Bar (not a distillery, just unique cocktails, speakeasy-style.)

There are other well-regarded distilleries with cocktail rooms, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Fine Dining

I’ve also heard from a few people who are interested in fine dining. I’m going to try to organize a group trip to Travail in a separate thread, but in addition, here’s a list of some of the best restaurants around. They’re a mix of à la carte, tasting menus, or both. They range in price from $50 to $150 per person, plus optional drink pairings. Some have chef’s table options if that’s your jam. I’ve been to most of them and they’re uniformly excellent.

Spoon and Stable
Corner Table
The Bachelor Farmer (note Marvel Bar is directly below this if you want a 241)


Tipping is the custom in Minnesota. Serving staff aren’t subject to minimum wage requirements, and in any event the minimum wage hasn’t kept pace with inflation. Thus the tip isn’t really a commentary on the quality of your meal or the service; the tip is functionally part of the server’s wage. The standard tip in the Twin Cities is 20% of the total price. I generally don’t adjust this unless the service was truly horrendous or totally exceptional. There will be a percentage option on the credit card machine or a line item on your meal receipt for the tip.

Exception: you don’t need to tip (and won’t get an option to tip) at fast food places (McDonalds, Chipotle, etc).


Insight, Indeed, and Abel are also all good beer. Eat Street Social has good fancy cocktails.

Thank you for this! For me, by far the most important part of any travel is finding the best food.


Another thanks here. This post is a fantastic resource which shows you put a lot of care into it. Even the helpful reminder about local tipping.

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Any thoughts on Bauhaus, Sisyphus or Urban Growler breweries / tap rooms?

Recommendation on decent local taxi services?

What Corp deck should I bring?

I haven’t been to the Bauhaus taproom, but I definitely like some of their beers. I don’t know Sisyphus.

Urban Growler is right next to Bang Brewing. It’s good, but I think Bang is better.

I think Inbound might be my favourite, although that could be recency bias.

There’s also a sour-focused taproom that opened recently whose name escapes me right now. My wife loves that place – she’s really into sour beers.

I use Lyft rather than taxis. Some of the local taxi companies have apps, but the last time I used one, someone took my cab before I got to the door. So I stick to Lyft.

I’m as much in the dark as anyone about what Corps aren’t complete garbage in this brave new meta.