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Worlds 2018 - Magnum Opus - The Nomenclature is Coffin Controller


I saw in #worlds that people were getting rooms in the 110’s with the FFG discount, even for this year. Maybe keep trying at different times of day.


So… it’s sold out. Is it possible to attend simply as a spectator?


I believe I booked at $115. Note you’re there for Fantasy Flight Games, and if they don’t give you that rate, I would ask to speak to a manager.


2018 update of my food post:


Bite Squad, a local company, offers delivery from something like 200 restaurants to the general vicinity of Worlds.

Near FFG: For eating near FFG, check out this Google map.

For those looking to venture further afield, here’s a list of some of my favourite local restaurants:


Tillie’s Farmhouse (American; unique takes on staple foods) V
Augustine’s (American; huge, delicious portions) V
The Happy Gnome (70+ taps & fantastic gastropub food) V
Revival (Southern comfort food)
J Selby’s (100% vegan) V
Co-op Creamery (good food, good prices, tax/tip included) V


Sweet Chow (new and so, so good) V
Hai Hai (incredible Vietnamese breakfast / lunch)
Tori Ramen (best ramen in the Cities if you like nontraditional ramen) V
Zen Box Izakaya (delicious Japanese pub fare + more traditional ramen)
Kyatchi (great sushi & other Japanese fare)
Pinku (amazing Japanese street food)
Kado no Mise (Japanese dining, excellent, whiskey bar upstairs)
Ngon (Vietnamese + French, really good)

Latin / South America:

Brasa (vaguely Latin? all delicious) V
Barrio (~100 tequilas and excellent small plates)
Jefe (fewer tequilas, awesome Latin fare)
Victor’s (great Cuban hole in the wall)
Hola Arepa (awesome brunch / lunch) V


World Street Kitchen (King of Servers caterer) + Milk Jam ice cream shop (in. sane.)
Filfillah (some of the most authentic Arabic cuisine in the cities)
The Naughty Greek (reasonable prices for large portions)
Naf Naf (Chipotle for the Middle East)


Hot Indian (Chipotle for Indian food) V

Probably the second best Indian in the Cities is the buffet place near FFG (see the map above) that is surprisingly good.


St Genvieve (French, spectacular brunch)

There are also German and Scandinavian restaurants around, but I don’t often eat at them so I don’t have solid recommendations.


Capitol Café (Somali café, get the tea.)

There’s a large Somali population in the Twin Cities, as well as Ethiopian and other African nationalities. I just wish I could remember the name of that one Ethiopian place…

General notes:

V = good vegetarian choices.

There are a lot of great places to eat (including a Hot Indian branch) at the Midtown Global Market.

Big Groups

Some of the above places are smaller than others – e.g. Tori Ramen is tiny and you won’t be able to get a seat if your group is >4. If you have a large group (like 6+), the following can definitely accomodate:

Anything at Midtown Global Market
World Street Kitchen
Happy Gnome
Brasa (St. Paul location on Grand Avenue)
J Selby’s

Don’t take large groups to Tori Ramen or Pinku. Otherwise, calling ahead should be fine.


If breweries or distilleries are your jam, there are too many good ones in the Cities to even start to count. A few I like are:


Bang Brewing (tiny but punches WAY above its size)
Surly (one of the biggest local breweries. Beware: it’s always packed)
Day Block (craft beer & craft pizza)
Lakes & Legends (solid, particularly if you like Belgian ales)
Inbound (great spot to play board games, experimental, and good)
Modist (very experimental)
Venn (this is far from FFG, but everything I’ve had there has been great)

Distilleries with lounges:

Du Nord craft spirits
Tattersall distilling
Norseman (big cocktail lounge, frequent menu changes)
Lawless (small but very inventive)
Vikre (in Duluth, but excellent)


Gori Gori Peku (Japanese whiskey, above Kado no Mise)
Marvel Bar (unique cocktails, speakeasy-style.)

Fine Dining

I’ve also heard from a few people who are interested in fine dining. These restaurants are a mix of à la carte, tasting menus, or both. They range in price from $50 to $200per person, plus optional drink pairings. Some have chef’s table options if that’s your jam.

Martina (Argentinian, CHURROS OMG, everything is incredible) V
Eastside (reasonable prices, modest portions, excellent cocktails)
Borough (reasonable prices, larger portions, good cocktails)
Spoon and Stable (higher prices, smaller portions, excellent everything)
Alma (solid all around, tasting menus)
Cosmos (larger portions with no loss of quality, great if you’re hungry and want to eat really well)
The Bachelor Farmer (great takes on American comfort dishes, and Marvel Bar is directly below this if you want a 241)
Kaiseki Furukawa (above Kado no Mise, very expensive, but incredible)
Travail (a dining experience, you have to buy tickets in advance)


Tipping is the custom in Minnesota. Serving staff aren’t subject to minimum wage requirements, and in any event the minimum wage hasn’t kept pace with inflation. Thus the tip isn’t really a commentary on the quality of your meal or the service; the tip is functionally part of the server’s wage. The standard tip in the Twin Cities is 20% of the total price. I generally don’t adjust this unless the service was truly horrendous or totally exceptional. There will be a percentage option on the credit card machine or a line item on your meal receipt for the tip.

Exception: you don’t need to tip (and won’t get an option to tip) at fast food places (McDonalds, Chipotle, etc).


Great list. (I have been to ~80% of the places and agree all are worthy inclusions.) One additional suggestion–for anyone specifically looking for a burger and a brew–would be The Red Cow.


Does anybody know how late the second day of swiss goes? Even less likely-- the cut? Trying to figure out return times.


Updated MWL links to newest version.


A very, very limited wave of additional Worlds tickets will be available on the 28th of August (next Tuesday).

I will try to post a link.

You can see the FFG announcement on the Twitters right here.


Added a link to Wave 2 tix, links to the Champion Cards as well as their legality, and links to BetRunner.


PSA for people using the maps: The event / location map from @JoelCFC25 shows King of Servers at the B-Dale club. However, it’s at FFG this year. Everything else on there looks great. :+1:


Hey all, I have an important announcement regarding streaming at Worlds.

It turns out FFG is not going to be streaming the Magnum Opus event. Instead they are partnering with Netrunner content creators to cover the event instead.

I was originally going to be doing a casual side stream to get some extra tables in addition to the main FFG stream, but now that the situation has changed, my plans are changing accordingly.

As the producer for PeachHack, I want to put on one of the best streams that I have ever done for Worlds, doing as large a production as I can manage. Unfortunately, though, this is going to mean quite a bit of expense in order to ship everything up to the event, get new equipment, and pay for 4G internet.

I really want to make this stream special, but all in all I expect that it could cost around $1500 to make this stream happen. Thus, I’m starting a GoFundMe for anyone who wants to help contribute to make this possible. I would be forever grateful for any support you can give.



Like, at all? That’s kind of ridiculous that they just wouldn’t stream the event. I was happy they were improving their stream year-to-year, but just dropping it seems odd.


Correct – no stream at all from FFG. I have some ideas of why they aren’t streaming the event, but it’s just speculation.


Your ideas of speculation intrigue me. My hunch is that all Worlds attendees, being the smartest and best minds of all card games are probably going to be plugged into some hive mind to produce Keyforge decks–and for that reason, they can’t have content like that seeping out into the internet.

Be wary, netrunners!


I have been slacking. Planning on posting FAQ and Rules Update in a bit.


Hard to understand what 1500 dollars could really be for. Streams are usually basic graphics, a webcam and a guy talking.

I’d be happy to stream it myself for free.


You’ve clearly never seen a Peachhack stream. Just fucking lol at “a webcam and a guy talking”. There’s also the data usage, for one.

Also there was no assumption that the stream wouldn’t happen without the GoFundMe, but given what Dodge has put into the community I’m happy to defray his costs.


Dodge had hundreds of pounds worth of equipment he needed to ship. And he’ll need a few hundred bucks for data. The rest will probably be for upgraded equipment, which most of us are happy to help him with because he’s given us half a decade of amazing streams.


Also, FWIW, you can’t stream because you don’t have a press pass and Dodge has posted a summary spreadsheet of what he’s using the money for. He’s committed to transparency.


I would also like to point out that whilst obviously he enjoys it, he’s still providing a service at the expense of being able to play.