Worlds 2018 - Magnum Opus - The Nomenclature is Coffin Controller

Orbital is back with the Worlds thread. Seeing as how FFG as announced the official end of our beloved game, this is likely the last one of these that I will ever do.

Over the last five years of this game has meant a lot to me. Playing it, thinking about it, theory crafting with people I know, and meeting people I didn’t. Though it’s probably a cliche at this point, I have to say that the last one was the best part. You all, the people who I’ve met, are what makes everything so worth it. There’s nothing like Netrunner, sure, but there’s doubly nothing like the community around it.

As we embark on our final months of official support, please know that this doesn’t end here. The bonds and friendships we formed can and should endure, and we have the means to continue on as long as we like. Keep posting. Keep Slack-ing. Keep on talking. Keep playing games on Jinteki. Most important of all, and let’s engage another cliche that is quickly becoming the new battlecry of our people: Always Be Running.

With that, it is time to start a new thread for all of you schmucks to find everything you need to make the logistics of this thing happen. This is THE thread, so let’s install some Resources:

Official Worlds Announcement & Link

Tickets & Registration
Update 08/26/18: WAVE 2 OF TICKETS GOES LIVE Tuesday, August 28 at 12:00PM Central Time and concludes when the remaining tickets are sold out. GO HERE.

Update 06/29/18: TICKETS FOR BOTH DAYS ARE SOLD OUT. There will be one final, very small, wave of extra tickets sometime before the event; these will be the unclaimed reserved seats. No information on them currently. You can still claim a reserved seat.

Update 06/10/18: Both days are available for registration now: Click here for Day 1A, Click here for Day 1B. SOLD OUT. Links here for informational purposes only.

TL;DR – Event is September 7th-9th. Registration for the event will start June 16th at 12:00PM CDT (UTC/GMT -0500). For anyone unsure, that’s Central Time. A link will be posted here when available.

A metric ton of people are entitled to Reserved Seats. They may apply for entry NOW. Click here to claim your seat if you meet the criteria. RESERVED SEATS STILL AVAILABLE.

Reserved Seat Criteria (Click to Expand)

If you meet any of the following criteria, you’re guaranteed a seat at this thing. Some winners of the larger events don’t have to pay, and others get a guest as well:

  • 2017 World Champion (free entry, with guest)
  • 2018 European and North American Champions (free entry, with guest)
  • 2018 European and North American Championship Top 4 (free entry)
  • Late 2017 and all 2018 National Champions (free entry)
  • Former World Champions (free entry)
  • 2018 Regional Champions
  • 2017 World Championship Top 16

Updated 06/16/18: This year Fantasy Flight has decided to distribute the tickets to Worlds via an application process and division into Day 1A and Day 1B. We (I) assume that means that there will be no cap on attendance and random sorting into days, but no details are firm yet. You pick a day during registration, and there was indeed a cap.

Day 1A is going to be hosted on Friday, September 7th while Day 1B will be on Saturday, September 8th. Day 2 will be on Sunday, September 9th and open to all players with 28+ tournament points. There will be a Top 16 Cut.

Calendar of Events
Note: Calendar is filled with major events, but some of the side events aren’t here because there are no details yet. They will be added when they are available.

Click here for a handy Google Calendar of all of the official Fantasy Flight Main/Side Events as well as any Non-FFG Side events. Click here for subscription link.

FFG Main/Side Events
Dates and times for the official Fantasy Flight run events.

Main Event

  • Netrunner 2018 World Championship Day 1A - September 7th - Check-In: 9:00 to 9:30AM at FFG Event Center
  • Netrunner 2018 World Championship Day 1B - September 8th - Check-In: 9:00 to 9:30AM at FFG Event Center
  • Netrunner 2018 World Championship Day 2 & Top 16 Cut - September 9th - Check-In: TBD at FFG Event Center

Side Events

  • NAPD Multiplayer Event - Date TBD - Check-In: TBD at FFG Event Center
  • Netrunner Genesys RPG - Date TBD - Check-In: TBD at FFG Event Center
  • Icebreaker? - Date TBD - Check-In: TBD - Unannounced, but has been something that has happened at most of the previous Worlds events.

Non-FFG Side Events
Fan run stuff. Please PM yours truly with deets on your side events and happenings in the area and I will get them added to the list. Name of event, location, special rules, prizes etc…

  • Digital Kumite - KOS - King of Servers 2018 - September 6th - Check-In: 10:00AM to 11:00AM at FFG Event Center. @Spags of the ANRPC and Stimhack Forums will be putting on the traditional digital kumite, King of Servers. This is a four (4) person team event, sign up a team here starting July 3rd at 11:00AM CST. Entry Fee $20. EVENT WILL USE OFFICIAL CARD POOL + CHAMPION CARDS.

  • ONR Sealed Deck - September 7th - Start time TBD at FFG Event Center. @ff0x is holding a sealed deck event with Original Netrunner this day, max of 16 people. PM @ff0x for details. There will be some prize support. Entry Fee TBD.

  • BetRunner Fantasy Draft - Draft Open Until Day 1A - Go to this site, sign up, and pick who you think the top competition will be. At this point, this is pretty much just for bragging rights.

  • More? Your event could be listed here!

Pack Legality, Core 2.0, and Official Card Pool
Worlds 2018 will be played with most of the Gensis and Spin cycles rotated, and Revised Core replacing the original Core.

A Revised Core Card List is available for those who were never able to pick one up before official support of the game ended.

Update 08/23/18: the MWL 2.2 Banned & Restricted List was announced 08/20/18 and will be in effect.

Reign and Reverie, the last ever big box and expansion to the game, is expected to be released and legal by the time the event rolls around.

Update 08/26/18: Champion Cards have been spoiled and WILL be legal at King of Servers 2018. Unless FFG announces otherwise, assume this are NOT legal for the Worlds 2018 event.

Netrunner Tournament Docs
Current documentation and tournament rules for Android: Netrunner. Don’t show up to the event without knowing this stuff. Any updates to these will be added as they are posted.

Map of Surrounding Areas / Shit to Do

@JoelCFC25 has created a map of the surrounding areas to help you get around. Click here to open the map. Included are: FFG Event Center Location, Lodging, Restaurants, and Mass Transit Lines.

@Ajar has also put together a big ass list of great restaurants and breweries in the area. Jump to that post to check out all the great stuff available in and around the Twin Cities. List Updated 07/25/18.

@Ajar has created another big assed list of things that you can see and do in the area. Jump to that post to check out the sights and sounds available in and around the Twin Cities.

Please PM yours truly with other hotel options if you’re aware of close hotels. I live here, so I never really needed to look for any. Here are some (but not all) of the options:

  • Raddison - This is the haunt of most of the Stamherk crew during Worlds. It is within walking distance of FFG. Call 888.333.3333 and mention ‘FFG World Championship’ for a special group rate!

  • Key Inn - Another hotel within walking distance of the Event Center, though a little further than the Raddison. Probably cheaper.

  • Motel 6 - If you’re not going to be in your room a bunch, and you want it cheap, here’s your place! A hike to the Center, but pretty damn close for driving.

  • Holiday Inn Express - Also super close, though not in walking distance.

Notes on Air Travel
If you’re taking a flight to Minneapolis for the tournament, here are a few quick tips to make your experience a little less of a hassle:

  • Pack your cards separately from other luggage if you’re carrying them on. They are very likely to get pulled out for screening by TSA, and it’s quicker if they don’t also need to look through all your underwear and toiletries.

  • Give yourself extra time; Arrive 2 to 2.5 hours before your flight. Again, your cards are likely to get pulled for additional screening. You might also be asked to submit to a pat down. Allow time for this.

  • You’re limited to 2 carry-on bags; One must fit below a seat. If you do pack your cards separately, keep in mind you only get one other carry-on bag. Plan accordingly.


I plan on updating the tournament docs section with the quickness, but I just can’t right now because the links are dead at work. Bear with me.

Q: Why will worlds be played with MWL 2.0, not 2.1?

Old thread mistake. This was a copy/paste and edit job. I have to edit that, and the tourney docks. Give me a bit. Some other things are on my plate tonight.

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Done. More edits forthcoming, but at least the confusing shit is gone.

I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t something weird happening with the recent announcement and that.

Apparently the registration links are up early posting them very soon.

Click for Day 1B. Day 1A is not open yet.

Aaaaand it’s down. Guess we wait until 12 after all.

Both days are available now: Click here for Day 1A, Click here for Day 1B

I’m attending and live in the area. Considering hosting an out-of-towner(s) (couples welcome / preferred?) and providing transport (pick up from airport, to / from events and food and breweries, back to airport). Queen size bed. Pet-free / no-smoking house. Basement + bathroom privacy. I’ll gladly take you to my favorite watering holes over the course of the weekend or where you want if you have a specific place you’re interested in! I’m scheduled for Day 1A, so if you’re flying in Friday for 1B, you would need to get a Lyft / Uber to FFG ($25-30). Otherwise I could pick you up Thursday night.

$100 / night. Includes transport to and from FFG, restaurants, airport. Includes kickass breakfasts (omelettes, pancakes, french toast).

Preference given to 1A attendees so Saturday can be flexible to go to fan-events and side events.

Hoping to make some new friends!

PM me if interested!

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Added KOS and ONR side event info. Will add the official Worlds event info later today because I think it is actually buried somewhere on FFG’s registration pages.

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Is it sold out? The ticket link says tickets will be on sale the day of the event. Help?

It is sold out.


Anyone have info about the Radisson group rate? I called and they said they don’t see “FFG World Championship” listed. I suppose makes sense as this isn’t actually the usual Worlds event with all the games together in November, but hoping there will still be something?

It’s weird, but some of their employees know about the FFG relationship and will give the rate even though there’s nothing on the schedule. Others probably have never been around during Worlds. You have to keep trying until you get someone who knows what’s up.

How much of a discount is it?

The rate they gave me when I booked room normally over the phone was $139/night on Sep 7 and 8, $189 all the other nights.

The rate I got last November with the FFG Worlds group rate was $112/night.

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