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Worlds 2018 - Magnum Opus - The Nomenclature is Coffin Controller


Anybody know what the correct link is for the fillable decklist? The first link in the .pdf with the submission process is broken.


I downloaded the pdf from the email, filled it in, and submitted it.


The blank decklist under tournament resources seems to come up fine:


Not sure if it’s any different from what they’ve sent out via email.


Thanks. Yeah, the links in the email (which I initially missed) were correct. I’ve pasted it below in case other people come here looking for info:

Thank you once again for registering for the Magnum Opus! We have a couple important details to address before the event.

Deck lists must be submitted before the event. Please submit your list here: http://bit.ly/Opus-Decklists
File name must be in the format LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_MM_DD
If you change your list, please resubmit at the same link - update the date of the filename or add _REVISION_X if submitted on the same day.
File must be a printable 8.5x11’’ PDF - 1 or 2 pages. Each page must include your full name.
You can find a writable blank decklist here: http://bit.ly/ADN-DL
Lists for both Day 1A and Day 1B must be submitted by Thursday, September 6 at 11:59 PM CDT.
If we don’t receive a list, you will be given a round 1 unpaired match loss.
We are aware that many players are in need of Reign and Reverie cards. We encourage you to source your Reign and Reverie cards before the event and to bring any extras you might be willing to share with other players. If you are unable to source your own Reign and Reverie cards, we will have a process in place to help you on the day of the event. Please arrive promptly at 9:00 AM CDT to ensure that we have time to help you without delaying the event. Register your deck digitally as instructed using the cards you want to play with.
You can find the full event schedule including breaks here: http://bit.ly/Opus-Schedule.
We look forward to seeing you next week!




FFG’s latest post explains they are relying on a bunch of fan coverage for Magnum Opus, are they compensating any of you?


They have not suggested that they would.


Glad to see you’ve surpassed your funding target at least! One of the perks of attending worlds is watching the stream afterwards and reliving the event, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been enjoying your recent youtube uploads too.


Is this DivorcedDad?


I look forward to your free stream!!


Honestly tho I’m so glad they decided to take this route because last year’s coverage was abysmal iirc.


To clarify, FFG staff covering the event was the bad part. Knowledgeable and engaged players doing coverage is going to be a slam dunk, I’d expect.


Are there standings / stats from day 1 available anywhere?

Also, do we have a schedule for streaming etc?



I hope this question has been sufficiently answered.


It certainly has been for me.

Thank you so much for the live stream of it. It was professional quality work for sure. Having the different cameras and switching between them at the right times was truly amazing.


That was a great stream and I loved it. :smiley:
Best part? Being able to see the R&D accesses easily.
Worst part? ANRPC dice are too shiny to easily read. :wink:


I could’ve done it better, I just didn’t wanna…