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Worlds, the Brits are coming

Ticket, flight and hotel booked see you punks there!


@Cerberus @vinegarymink @groober in tow.

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Potentially me as well.

Considering a 7:30pm departing flight Sunday, or 7am flight Monday. Anyone who went last year, would 7:30pm be enough time to play all of top 16?


You can count on at least one of the natives welcoming you with cold beer and colder weather. Looking forward to hearing all your complaints about how much snow we get!

I’m so glad that I’m going with friends, legitimately excited now. I’ll probably take a load of selfies so prepare yourselves.


Natives? Like Apache or Sioux?


Stimhack the Worlds! :). Seriously, this should be a Worlds 2015 roll-call thread.

I’m in.

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Philly is coming. Dan and I of course as well as three non-stimhacksters. Maybe more!

Plenty of Dakota Sioux in the plains, but mostly Ojibwe to the North and East.

Not that it really makes much difference. Everyone looks the same all bundled up in the winter anyway!

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Didnt know you were going - makes me want to go too!

I’m locked and loaded in too. Registered with just 10 ANR tix left. STAMHERK AND MINNESOTA REPRESENT!

Only 10 left? That was quick! Where did you see the counter?

Looks like its sold out as of now.

Event registration page, right before it had me enter in my info. Not sure if there is another way to see it.

Managed to snatch a ticket. :slight_smile: there were 26 left when I bought it, guess I was lucky.

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I didn’t, because apparently my “address and postal code never matched” even though I’m pretty sure I know the address of my own house. I’m trying very hard to not break things right now.

I wonder if X-Wing sold out this fast!

It sold out faster.