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Worldwide Regional Results

I’ll hit up the TO for Sydney over the weekend and see what I get. What exactly are you looking for; just Top 8 IDs, full field IDs, decklists (caveat that some might not want to share)?

Vienna Regional : http://www.acoo.net/anr-tournament/1259/vienna-regional-2016-siren-games/
Köln Regional : http://www.acoo.net/anr-tournament/1245/german-regionals-west-2016-rpc-cologne/


I’m mainly looking for the following:

  • Number of players at the tournament
  • Names and final ranks of the players in the top cut
  • ID pairs of each player in the top cut

Anything beyond that is gravy.

Upon reading this, I just realized that I have the Cologne list. I confused myself due to the different name. But thanks for Vienna! 11 players, hmm…Well, a top cut is a top cut, I suppose.

Ah, I missed this from before. You had 29 players but only did a top 4 cut?

Regionals this weekend (June 4th unless otherwise noted):

  • US
  • Atlanta, GA (Stream)
  • New York City, NY (Stream)
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Europe
  • Birmingham UK @ UK Games Expo (June 3rd) (Stream)
  • Leiden, Netherlands
  • Madrid, Spain

Stream for NYC’s regional championship:


Itzehoe had 5 Rounds of Swiss and a Top 4 Cut for 29 players. Combined Standings after the cut:

  1. Heinzel SYNC/Whizzard
  2. Marsellus Titan/Noise
  3. Dome NEH/Whizzard
  4. Daniela Sol/Ken Tenma
  5. Ole Haarpsichord/Noise
  6. Bjarne EtF/Ken Tenma
  7. Falk Argus/Kit
  8. Mark NEH/Whizzard

That custom playmat is beautiful. I’d love one, but I just can’t make that trip today :frowning:

I wrote down the results for the Dallas regional (with top 4 pending) and then I forgot it at the store =. Here’s what I can remember.

After Swiss:

  1. Greg Feeney @flowerscandrink NEH/Kate
  2. Allen Haas @doomrat Palana/Andromeda
  3. Geoff Pendry @Damien_Stark Palana/Maxx
  4. Max Brown @Asclepius EtF/Valencia
  5. Sam Suied @SamRS SYNC/Whizz
  6. Kevin Dickerson SYNC/Whizz
  7. Andrew Furst Haarp/Kate
  8. Tom Keaton Haley/SYNC


  1. Andrew
  2. Sam
  3. Max
  4. Tom
    5/6) Allen
    5/6) Kevin
    7/8) Greg
    7/8) Geoff

Will update with the result of the grand finals. Updated now.


Sam got second, Andrew Furst got 1st. Kevin on Sync I believe

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I was 7/8th in ATL. Zach, Pacer, and I played almost identical corp decks, going a combined 14-1 on the day. Our lists are here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/35435/astro-city-hall-s-temple-thingy-8th-atl-regional-variant-o

My Andy list is here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/35434/jack-carvis-4-prez-2016-8th-place-atl-regionals-

Really fun tournament, 41 players. Zach ended up taking it! Repeating his stomping of us southeast nerds from last year! One day ATL may win its own regional…


Won IL with Whizz/IG. Legendary reverse Moby in T8 vs @Daine as I won on time with IG (GFI scored). Only played 2 out of 5 rounds of Swiss with no bye used. Props to @spags for a third place finish and always getting under my skin.


Why only 2 rounds of Swiss? & grats

Most likely 3 IDs

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It kind of seems like everyone would have to be doing really, really bad for you to be able to ID three times total and still make the cut.

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No, just early sweeps and splitting with very good players with good SoS.

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IL Regional - 55 players


1- Joe Schupp - Whizz/IG
2 - Daine Stevens - Kate/NEH
3 - spags - Whizz/NEH
4 - Daniel Cook - Whizz/NEH
5 - Greyson Inman - MaxX/NEH
6 - Andrew Webber - Whizz/NEH(?)
7 - Asher Stuhlman - MaxX/NEH
8 - Rob Wiley - Whizz/IG

2/5 Swiss is kinda absurd.


Seems risky to split round 3, but I’m apparently not that good at gaming the tournament structure =P Grats on the win, and the epic timed IG win. That must have been a game for the ages ^^

On a different topic, basically every tournament winner was playing Mumbad City Hall in their decks! Card’s good, people.

Asher almost made the cut playing 2 games. Josh Wilson made him play last round.


I can’t be the only one that thinks that ID’ing makes me want to go to events less, can I? I mean, what’s the point of doing your best and trying hard if you’re just going to lose to people who don’t actually play the game?