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Worldwide Regional Results

They definitely would, especially if paired with more Swiss. The biggest abomination in FFG tournament system is 4 rounds Swiss with top 8 cut - something I will never use. I played at a 18 people Regionals two weeks ago, there were 5 rounds + top 4, worked great, the only possibility of ID which was worth considering was top table last round, everyone else had to fight for their spot in the cut till the end.


Correction: Kevin (me) was shamefully on NEH.

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Actually the point of competition is to win.

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Agreed. More Swiss, less cut, except at Worlds. Get that T32 in there!


I believe overall (and I don’t want to speak for everyone here, just how I personally feel as well as my perception of what people think), the people who want more Swiss less cut are the people who are going to make the cut regardless of whether it’s a top 4 or top 8, because it works in their favor to have a smaller cut.

That said, I do support a smaller cut, not just for the above reason, but also because I don’t want to play until 3 in the morning.


Keep the cut the same. Add Swiss to mitigate IDs.

Better? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


more swiss rounds, more elimination rounds, papa spogs.


Other 7/8 was @Tr33beard with IG / whizz


The images are on Facebook; that’s close enough to public info right? :slight_smile:

I’ll update this post with the standings as I can determine them. Andru Roger won with Ryan Thomas coming second.

Madrid regional, 36 players, 5 rounds with top8, 4 byes used. Top was something like this:

  1. DojiTre - Andy / Blue Sun
  2. Eloden - Valencia / Making News
  3. Jaz - Whizzard / ETF
  4. Dolar - Noise / Near Earth Hub
  5. P3los - Valencia / ETF
  6. Kojku - Whizz / SOL
  7. Diego - Kate / Palana
  8. Edu - Whizz / NEH

congratulations to the winners

off topic: The problem with IDs imo you have 2 games per round instead of 1 game per round. “ID” where both players take 1 point instead of 3-0 in Magic is pretty fair. You can’t start IDing before the halfway point of the tournament in any magic tournament. They have a good # of rounds that work for the number of players, and it helps a lot that there are no “splits” and its rare that you start IDing before there are only 2 rounds left. Usually needs to be a 14+ round tournament and your at X-1 or X-0. Netrunners Tournament structure is terrible and IDs being used like this only amplifies a problem we already had. (Not saying players that ID are bad, I encourage you to do whatever is within tournament rules to secure the best position, it is just showing how silly this system is when people ID all their games :P)

Imagine a big tournament where everyone just IDs every round. You end the tournament with every single player tied for 1st-Last :smiley:


I think awarding an extra prestige for a sweep (5 points instead of 4) would help quite a bit.


Thanks! Do you know how many players were there?

Also, does anyone have the player count and final placements/IDs of the top 8 players at the UK Games Expo regional?

@dodgepong for the Delft results @Kelfecil should know everything. I only know 11 were there and NEH won

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At a glance, I love this idea. It might lead to some wonky results (e.g. 0-4 -> 8-4 > 4-0 -> 8-4, whereas previously they tie and the latter will have stronger tiebreakers), but it would certainly do a great job of limiting intuitively excessive IDs.

The surest way to remove intentional draws is to adjust the tournament structure so that draws aren’t possible. This would require significant changes, though, so I doubt we will see anything useful from FFG OP.

you basically need to play 1 game per round or something instead of playing the same player for 2 games. It would be hard to make this work for a tournament though.

Why? Just use pairing systems that are used in chess.

One problem would be that two one game rounds would on average take more than one full match round, making the tournaments a bit longer (not that much, as on the other hand I think we could make the number of games played a bit smaller).

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So idk how chess works so that is one issue :slight_smile:


I was able to piece together the UK Games Expo (121 players):

1 - Even Sorgjerd - NEH/Hayley
2 - Chris Dyer - NEH/Noise
3 - Dave Hoyland - IG/Whizzard
4 - David Whittaker - NEH/Whizzard
5/6 - Alex White - IG/Whizzard
5/6 - Tagore Nakornchai - NEH/Whizzard
7/8 - Ben Ni - Palana/Whizzard
7/8 - Ian Gallagher - Palana/Jesminder

Also we should probably not get this thread derailed into a discussion of intentional draws.