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Worldwide Regional Results

Assymetrical game as Netrunner, a Swiss round is a single game. Pairing rules are:

  • you can play an opponent only once during the Swiss
  • you are paired against someone with similar score
  • at the end of the event you should play each side similar number of times (if there’s odd number of rounds, you need to play one side exactly once more than the other)
  • you should not play same side more than twice in a row

For Netrunner I would probably modify first rule to say that you can play same player for the second time but only with switched sides and with at least two rounds between those games.


looks good to me

The data you’ve all been waiting for (so far): 2016 Regionals Top Cut Data (Updated June 15th, 2016)


Genova (Italy) Regional, 23 players, 5 rounds of swiss + top 4.

  1. Nicolò Podestà (@koichinakano): NEH/Whizzard
  2. Simone Altamore (@Suka): NEH/Ken Tenma
  3. Lorenzo Canazza (@lorwin): NEH/MaxX
  4. Mattia Guainazzi (@Guaina_Guainazzi): Blue Sun/Ken Tenma

I also found the data from the other regional we had in Italy so far (Parma Regional), 20 players, 5 rounds of swiss + top 4.

  1. Willy: Haarpsichord/Quetzal
  2. Andy: Haarpsichord/Noise
  3. Bracco: Argus/Silhouette
  4. Lorenzo Canazza (@lorwin): NEH/MaxX

Thanks! When was that regional?

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The Genova Regional was yesterday, the Parma Regional was on May 22nd.


There were 25. Way, way down from Dallas last year.

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Last year we should have just had a Top 8. That would have lead to a much more preferable result. :wink:


Regionals this weekend (all dates June 11th unless otherwise noted):

  • North America (final week of US regionals!)
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Colorado Springs, CO (Text coverage)
  • Europe
  • Swansea, Wales (Stream)
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Wrocław, Poland
  • Strasbourg, France (June 12th)
  • Australia
  • Adelaide, SA
  • Canberra, ACT

Any streams I should know about to link to?

I’m considering doing a rebroadcast of the ATL regional since the internet was so spotty that day – the recorded video was fine, it was just stream itself that was constantly breaking. I’m about to get all the videos up soon, but would people be interested in a rebroadcast anyway?


My first thought: Australia for sure doesn’t have many Regionals, why make two on the same day.

Then I went to Google Maps to check how long would the drive be and found out Australia is way bigger than I thought :slight_smile:


Checking in from Cleveland, looks like it’s getting ready to kick off with 47 people. Unless someone gets added at the last minute.

Results from Wrocław

1 @Matuszczak Whizzard/Haarpsichord
2 @yarrow Whizzard/NEH
3 @Jander Valencia/Palana
4 @prozz Valencia/Blue Sun
5/6 @romanoSoprano Whizzard/NEH
5/6 Raven MaxX/IG
7/8 Coval Whizzard/NEH
7/8 Ania Whizzard/NEH

26 players, 5 rounds Swiss + top 8


Results from Adelaide, Australia (19 people down from 25 last year, long weekend actually hurt participant numbers as people had better things to do I guess, top 4 after four rounds of swiss)

Final standings

1 @firesa Andy/NEH
2 Matth W Whiz/Blue Sun
3 Tim H Hayley/NEH
4 Stephen Robb Chaos Theory/Blue Sun
5 Garth Davos Valencia/NEH
6 Jeremy Valencia/NEH
7 Michael Andy/Cerebral Imaging
8 @Dropbear Noise/NEH

Andy decks were that Euregio winning list with some changes (at least to mine, especially to the econ package). Top NEH decks were on kill, and Blue Sun decks were on kill as well (one was off the grid). Chaos Theory I think was hyperdriver shenanigans of some sort. A lot of Valencia and even more NEH at the event, of all varieties


jesus that’s a stacked top 6


Colorado Regional Results

  1. @Sirris (IG / Noise)
  2. Rick (SYNC / Leela)
  3. Kevin (NEH / Leela)
  4. @Elliott_Hedman (SYNC / Whizzard)
  5. Brett (SYNC / Leela)
  6. @mike_summers (SYNC / Andy)
  7. Spenser (EtF / Val)
  8. Martin (Argus / Val)

38 players, down one from 39 last year. More stats to come later.

Edit: @dodgepong - okay, I swear this is correct now.


Stockholm Regional Results

1, Peter Hernandez @Yoshi (Gagarin, Whizzard)
2, André Nilsson @thearete ( Hayley, NEH)
3, Victor Åberg @secondvictor (Noise, NEH)
4, Marcus Pettersson (Whizzard, Sync)
5, Peder Bergenwall @kollapse (Kate, NEH)
6, Daniel Hallbäck (Whizzard, NEH)
7, Niclas Ledin @Warpstoned (Kate, Sync)
8, Markus Järlstig (Andy, Sol)

25 players, down from 35 last year. Probably due to Sweden having 5 regionals this year compared to last year when we had 2. 4 rounds cut to top 8.

More stats if anyone is interested: http://www.anrsthlm.se/turneringar/stockholm-regional-2016-dragons-lair/


@CrimsonWraith Elliot and I are swapped.

so happy @sirris took one down


Cleveland Results:

  1. Ben Blum CI/Kate
  2. Greg Kate/Palana
  3. Andrew Webber Whizzard/???
  4. Me/Peter McOwen Val/ETF

I don’t know enough else to make the full top 8 accurate yet.