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Worldwide Regional Results

Canberra, Australia at the end of Swiss.

Text at the end: Toby (Felitz) came first, Ryan (Thomas) came 5th/6th.

One of my mates was there but didn’t make the cut. I couldn’t clear it with the wife (too short notice that there was a car going). I’m not sure how much more info I’ll be able to pull, but I’ll try and get T8 IDs if I can and will edit the post. I know:

1 Tobias Fielitz - Noise/SYNC
2 - Gareth Jamieson - Whizzard/Palana
3 - ? - ?/?
4 - Stephen Corfield - Apex/GRNDL
5/6 - Ryan Thomas - Whizzard/NEH
7/8 - ? - ?/?

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Thanks everyone for reporting results!

Here’s what I’m still missing from this weekend:

  • Swansea provided by uk Slack channel
  • Cleveland provided by various Slack people
  • Canberra (incomplete)
  • Prague
  • Valencia
  • Strasbourg (happening today)

If I could get attendance and top cut names/placements/IDs that would be sweet. Thanks!

Cleveland top 8 (47 players):

  1. Ben Blum - CI/Kate
  2. Greg - Palana/Kate
  3. Andrew Webber - NEH/Whizzard
  4. Peter McOwen - ETF/Val
    5/6) Sarah - NEH/Andromeda
    5/6) Josh - NEH/Whizzard
    7/8) Phil - NEH/Andromeda
    7/8) Austin - Palana/Andromeda

Swansea top 8 (34 players):

  1. Laurie Poulter - Palana/Hayley
  2. Chris Dyer - ETF/Noise
  3. Emily Gill - SYNC/Andromeda
  4. David Whittaker - Palana/Hayley
    5/6) Michael Donaghy - Palana/Leela
    5/6) Rob Thompson - NEH/Andromeda
    7/8) Tagore Nakornchai - NEH/Hayley
    7/8) Tim Fowler - NEH/Kate

Prague 12 players
Not sure about 1st and 2nd and names.
1/2: name unknown Valencia? / Palana
1/2: name unknown Andy / Palana
3rd Mark: Whiz / Sync
4th name unknown: Noise / NEH

Hope it helps even when it’s only partially.

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Thanks! Who might one ask to find out who got 1st and 2nd?

I asked Prague TO and he said the event has been uploaded to Acoo so you should find all results there soon.

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Cologne was as well this weekend.

BTW I think this thread could use a name change to 2016 Regionals Results, as all remaining ones are outside of USA


Here are some more partial details for Canberra:

2 - Gareth Jamieson - Whizzard/Palana
4 - Stephen Corfield - Apex/GRNDL
5/6 - Ryan Thomas - Whizzard/NEH

A bunch of the top 8 games were recorded, so hopefully the rest of the details will be available soon.

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Sweet, I’ll also edit the post above. Do you know IDs for the rest of the field?

Fair point, changed. I hope that’s OK for me to do.


Cologne, Germany (42 players):

  1. Jürgen ‘Axul’ Valencia and SYNC
  2. Anton ‘Agendae’ Reina Roja and HB ETF
  3. Martin ‘Bitstream’ Valencia and SYNC
  4. Krystian ‘Krystman’ Andromeda and NEH
  5. Felix ‘Jackmade’ Andromeda and NEH
  6. Jan ‘Django’ Valencia and NEH
  7. Alex 'FF0X" Andromeda and NEH
  8. Sebastian ‘U’ Andromeda and SYNC

More details to that tournament statistics can be found here:

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Nah, don’t remember the other IDs, sorry. Had to get up pretty early to drive down to Canberra, so the whole day is a bit of a blur.

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Some of this weekend’s Regionals are on Acoo now (Wrocław, Prague, Cologne, Adelaide, Stockholm).



Looks like Netrunner is over guys. We can all go home now.


Hmm, let me enter that into my records…


Dang, is there a formal results submission to FFG? If so can anyone send me in the right direction?

@dodgepong has a better record than what I linked since that was FFGs record and didnt include a lot of regionals.

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My mistake, hadn’t noticed how far back in the thread I was reading.