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2015 European Nationals Info

just surf on @argamas his couch, I’m sure he won’t mind.

Pretty sure no trip will be awarded, just the bye. Dutch kits are handed out by the Scandinavian supplier, that made sense to FFG for some reason.

But as far as I’m aware, all nationals were prebooked for a spot at worlds(hence the insane early book time with FFG), so not sure where @Terrificy gets his information, but pretty sure it is incorrect.

Yeah, I guess that’s kinda hard to figure out.


And here is a link:

“This year, seven of our international partners are sending twenty-eight National Champions to the World Championships, and we will be reserving their seats.”
“Other National Champions should be sure to register during open registration on June 15th.”

If you do not already have a ticket for Worlds, you’re out - doesn’t matter if you win Nationals or anything. There are simply no unbooked tickets left (unless you win the Spanish national, I’m not sure if that has been held yet?).

Bergsala is the supplier for the Netherlands, so it should be good

That said, I didn’t organise the event, so I don’t know

Based on the FFG info, you cannot register and need to be in already

that’s not the point, FFG reserved seats for Nat champs, and I believe the Dutch Nats are included as well, as Bergsala is an official supplier of FFG products

No, In the list were no Dutch nations. See the article Terricy linked

ohhh, the 28 was of nat winners of ALL FFG games total. Here I was thinking it was netrunner only.

Hmm, yeah well, that sucks:)

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On a whole other note, thinking Bergsala is reliable is kinda funny. They’re just not. Absolutely horrible.


Like receiving store champ kit 6 months later? Yuuuup

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Who is coming to the Dutch Nationals this weekend? I know of three people from Team GB - which other countries are representing?

Exciting times!

@busti and me from team belgium


team Brussels you mean :wink: We’re coming with 12 people from team Flanders as well.

Edit: Poor phrasing on my part. Just wanted to say that a lot more Belgians are coming! Don’t want to enforce differences between the different regions. :smile:


consider me jealous, guys :smile:

Team CroatianImmigrantInNetherlands representin yo!


I’ll be there, too. Probably a bunch of other Germans, too.

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I’ll be there too. Stateless since Turkey :wink:


Info about our Nationals is up.

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Guys, I want to let you know it’s very likely I won’t be at Dutch Nationals… :cry:

I got a babygirl who was / is sick and it got to me too. :cry:

Ah, shame. Fast recovery to the both of you! :slight_smile:

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Best wishes to both of you.

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