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[Blue Sun] Bootcamp Glacier



cr, you’re my hero.


You could play another card that helps vs Val and Noise, Housekeeping.


I’m actually tossing around a bunch of ideas for Housekeeping. It’s really good for both Noise and Kate. NA Sol version ended up a bust, so its back to green. I’m hesitant to use it with 10 agendas, but if you turtle even more than usual I guess it punishes setup. Also worth considering snares with it, because you end up in a LOT of situations where you could kill with 3 net.


Where’s the decklist? :smiley:



Just posted it. :blush:


I tried 3 hostiles and elizabeth mills in Blue Sun glacier for KoS out of fear of Employee Strike and Blackmail. You get to go heavier on Archers too! :smile:


Hurts NAPD, though :frowning:


I went with 3 food 3 hostile 3 atlas 1 oaktown


then you go score 2 hostile 1 food and 1 2pt?


Yep! Plus 1 public support for archer usually.


I tried like 1hostile 2public and mills before, didn’t work well against Kate. Whenever I drew my hostile, I couldn’t hold it long enough to leverage my bad pub. Same for Mills, like I just discard her after 1-2 turns if I don’t have a bad pub yet…

3 food 3 hostile makes more sense if that early money can open up a 3/5 window, and hostile can actually add up to more points. Only need to score 2 agendas is probably really nice :grinning:

I have a question that always bothers me when I think of hostile takeover
when you go score it, do you normally ask their reaction for clot ?? :sweat_smile:
Does that mean when you IA, you always need to ask if they want to clot?? I would LOVE to burn some clonechip that way, but it feels so wrong


Or does it feel so right? You’re a weyland player Ran, embrace the evil!!

(Honestly it won’t happen much, Kate usually doesn’t even bother)


My standard play: install, advance, straighten archives, advance, score.


Just for fun, a Mimic-proof High strength sentries only variant of bootcamp glacier:



Oops! All Sentries!

My favorite breakfast cereal!


You can go even further, and ask for a reaction at every point - they don’t know you’re not running SfSS after all!

In seriousness though, I’d ask after every install and after every advance. Why not? (Except the time thing…)


Why was there even a doughnut lever in a damn cereal factory. It just makes no sense.


So what are people’s thoughts on ice spread in Bootcamp Glacier? I think this is probably the most important portion of any vegan Blue Sun deck, since the ice can be so much more fluid and you can force the runner into lots of situations where they’re running against unknown ice. My current list is:

3x Curtain Wall
2x Hive
3x Spider Web

2x Datapike
2x Tollbooth
1x Wormhole

1x Archer
1x Assassin
2x Caduceus

1x Orion

I chose to go with the Spiderwebs over ice wall/meru mati to try and tip the percentages a little more in my favor in ppvp kate matchups, and Datapikes over Enigma because it can hurt so much more in those early facechecking turns. In the past I’ve experimented with things like 1x Flare or 1x Janus as “surprise” pieces of ice after pulling up a Curtain Wall or Tollbooth (mostly in Midseasons-type Blue Sun though).

What do people think of bootcamp ice composition after D&D? Should we see 2 Assassins? 2 Archers alongside 3 Public Support? Any non-standard ice choices that have proved successful?


We glacier player have our dignity! Runner’s reaction means NOTHING ! :sunglasses:
No need to guess! This is an agenda, I’m advancing it, I’m gonna score it next turn, and there is nothing you can do :sunglasses: #realcorp


After seeing the success of HB Foodcoats I started tinkering with 3 Assassins and cheaper Code Gates. Of course Weyland doesnt have good Code Gates and thus have to be splashed.

Also, I hate Data Pike and there is Lotus Field which does a pretty strong imitation along with enforcing an extra gearcheck on Icebreakers like Yog.0 and makes Zu.13 pretty expensive to utilize.

So my suite is currently

3 Spiderweb
2 Curtain Wall
2 Meru Mati

2 Lotus Field * *
2 Enigma
1 Tollbooth **

3 Caduceus
3 Assassin

1 Orion *

This configuration came about after I played my OAI-less Vegan BS at KoS during which I had 2 Tollbooths and 2 Assassins. They were good but the lack of Caprice made playing just those cards cards pretty tough. Decided that ridiculous fatty Ice and/or OAI was the best upside to BS in ADDITION to recursive Campaigns for econ. At KoS only had recursive econ believing that OAI and Curtain Walls were wasted space due to precarious opening hands at the time with so much expensive ice in the deck at the time.