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[Blue Sun] Bootcamp Glacier


That’s an awful lot of ice at 5, and Kate already wants to Atman 5 against Blue Sun since she can’t Parasite your Tollbooths.


My only 5 str ice are Assassin and Tollbooth.

If anything I might be soft to Atman 5 AND Datasucker.

Against Kate my plan is just to make a barrier + sentry remote and RnD and just tax them out over time. Its not the best strategy but it’s also a complaint I cant have if my MU is only 50/50 at best.


What are Fruit Loops, but tiny, freeze-dried donuts?


Barrier (8)
3 Curtain Wall
2 Meru Mati
3 Spiderweb

Code Gate (6)
1 Datapike
2 Enigma
3 Tollbooth

Sentry (4)
1 Assassin
3 Caduceus

3 Tollbooth is the bomb.


I would just go 1 assassin, we have too many tracers and that means once you meet a high link runner deck you are rekt (aka dyson threader Andy)

3booth is always good, I played 3 restructure, 3booth for a while during June. But now with food, where did you cut the inf? no food? no adonis?


Has Spiderweb over Hive been noticeable?


You can certainly play the deck without Adonis Campaign which strangely enough also means you don’t need 2x Bootcamps.

Launch Campaign really did impress me while playing this deck and honestly the inclusions of GFI and Launch Campaign gave me reasons to actually practice the deck serious. The deck was fine before but had a pretty bad MU against Kate. This is the first time where playing against Kate actually feels like a 50/50.

I can see myself going back to 2 Tollbooth but lately I have really liked rushing with this deck and ending match point with Ash. Lotus Field accommodates my play style with this deck better. Also, my meta is mono Anarch.


Assassin is a big lad. It’s worth rezzing against a 2 link runner certainly. At some points even a 3 link runner.


2x Curtain Wall
2x Meru Mati
3x Spiderweb

Code Gate (5)
2x Datapike
1x Enigma
2x Tollbooth ••••

Sentry (6)
1x Archer
2x Assassin
3x Caduceus

is what I’m running. Played my first testing games yesterday against Sunny. Opening Ice was Caduceus + Assassin… That said Assassin still has plenty of teeth against her and 7 credits is not difficult to chew up. I’d rather cut Caduceus for more early game ETR (Enigma?). Was rather unimpressed with Meru Mati also. Spiderweb has far more utility than Hive over the course of a game. Public Support is amazing so Archer should definitely be included. I’d hesitate to put more than 1 in though. I really want more decent facecheck punishment.


I’m going to join in.

Barrier (7)
2x Curtain Wall
2x Ice Wall
3x Spiderweb

Code Gate (3)
1x Datapike
1x Tollbooth ••
1x Wormhole

Sentry (6)
2x Assassin
3x Caduceus
1x Negotiator

Multi (1)
1x Orion

I think you’re all right that I should play Archer. I’m not sure whether -1 assassin or -1 Negotiator is correct.

I’ve genuinely been finding the Negotiator good as a Caduceus 4, that’s a bit better against linked up runners. If only it was 3 not 4 to rez and we’d be talking. @Xenasis likes Hive over the ice wall. You need more than 1 lady to intercept the first OAI behind a Hive is the thinking. I like Ice Wall, it costs 1.

I have 3 Ash rather than 2 Ash, 2 Tollbooth. I like Ash early enough, but we may have established that’s wrong.


3 Ash, 2 Interns woo! :smiley:


Have you lost the Sexy Man Robots then?


Yep, I play 2 Launch Campaign instead. No bootcamp. I think, if anything, you want to go faster than the runner instead of durdling with the Adonis. We all know how bad Weyland’s late game is…


We’re playing HBs late game though :stuck_out_tongue:

(I am well aware of how wrong that statement is)

I do think that playing to 3 rather than 4 agendas means you can trade agendas. I need to try the Launch Campaign no Adonis version. Clicking for 2 seems so much worse than clicking for 3 though. If you can leave the asset in the server, Adonis gets so much value. Upgrading Launch to Adonis seems better than upgrading Wormhole to Tollbooth. As crazy as that sounds.

Maybe I should get some new medication…


I might as well throw in the list I’ve been playing:

Lunch Shop (49 cards)

Blue Sun: Powering the Future

Agenda (9)
2 Global Food Initiative
1 NAPD Contract
3 Oaktown Renovation
3 Project Atlas

Asset (8)
3 Jackson Howard
3 Launch Campaign
2 Public Support

Upgrade (6)
3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY
2 Crisium Grid
1 Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (8)
3 Hedge Fund
1 Interns
3 Oversight AI
1 Restructure

Barrier (7)
2 Curtain Wall
3 Hive
2 Spiderweb

Code Gate (5)
3 Datapike
2 Tollbooth

Sentry (5)
2 Assassin
3 Caduceus

ICE (1)
1 Orion

It’s okay but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s overall just a worse Foodcoats versus everything but Crim and some Val decks. I started the deck with 2 Interns instead of Interns Restructure and switched to the latter. The deck’s solid, don’t get me wrong, you can probably win a regional with it, but I don’t think it’s quite tier one, even though I really want the deck to be good. It’s a joy to play.

I’ve been loving Lunch Campaign, other than going great with the Food and your Croutons, not having to tutor for your econ card is great, and you can (and do, sometimes) play two at once. Certainly though, you can’t be as grindy as the Adonis decks but I don’t think you want to do that anyway. What’s lost in Adonis (which, to be clear, we’d play three of if it was inf free) is gained elsewhere in our inf, too.


Never saw the appeal in Orion tbh. Maybe it’s a playstyle thing, but I prefer to be able to manually rez my stuff as much as possible instead of having to rely on Oversight. Curtain Wall is the exception because of it only being a barrier. Reducing the amount of possible breakers for it, makes it much easier for me to evaluate windows.

Speaking of scoring windows: the ability to create them early on is quite impressive here, but I’ve noticed that because of the low amount of agendas, they can easily pass before I’m able to capitalize on them… Thought on including Fast Track here to put on the pressure?


Going all launch instead of adonis is perfectly fine in my testing, although I think maybe an ichi instead of 3rd ash is another way to spend inf.

What brings Adonis back is actually corp town and bootcamp, I found I still need bootcamp no matter what. The fact that corp town completely makes drip econ runner match up trivial for BlueSun can never be overstated and bootcamp as another copy of Jackson/tutor for corp town is also important against Noise.

In the end I just feel like adonis is a better fit given all the needs above. I still love launch campaign, I keep 1 copy for as many remote play as possible.

3datapike is too overpriced even for BlueSun I think, Timmy once said “When your game plan often involves multiple Curtain Walls you really need to save every credit.” (although he was talking about ice wall :laughing:) 1enigma for early gear checking on remote is not bad, and another 3cost ice means you can turn 1 OAI Curtain and have one more option to put in front of it, which actually happened a lot.

OAI Archer as another way( or the only way?) dealing with david is huge too. I have to cut an assassin for it.

Foodcoat is really no fun :worried: but I have to agree, it’s overall better.


I don’t think you can beat DLR Val without bootcamp & corp town, and once you have those I think Adonis fits perfectly.

If you don’t run those, then Launch is probably better.


I have 3 TB, 2 Ash, 3 Jackson, 2 Food.


I’m not on the Corp Town plan yet (although it is good). I was very nearly Dan’s first DLR Val loss on OCTGN with this list (he had to toss the rest of his deck to blackmail HQ for a 1/5 and got it). I just paid money to trash everything with a protected Jackson out. Corp town is cool though, It’s just kind of un-fun :confused:

Hive sucks. I have no idea what it even does for you. You need to win very quickly against most decks and scoring the first agenda is usually trivial. When I ran Hive, it pretty much always had 3 or fewer subs before I even got the chance to rez it. Many people don’t poke early against BS because of Enigma, Datapike, and Cad. Why do we need more early game ICE?

Also, Fast Track wins games.


Boy, corp town is the definition of fun. Spending a large chunk of money is not