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Going Against the Grain: Reg-Ass Maxx

I don’t mind it from a design perspective as much as I mind how it effects the metagame. Every decent hate card that comes out makes me feel like that’s one more thing you should just completely avoid playing. Kate/RP it is…


Something @vinegarymink brought up with me was that instead of hate cards, they could be printing cards that enable more archetypes instead of printing cards that hose other ones and the game would probably be healthier.


you of all people should know that it’s Andy and RP that they want us to play. Blacklist isn’t friendly to Kate.

Just wait until I figure out how to make Unregistered S&W work.

Combo it with Drive By.

Someday, Drive By will be here. Until then, we are stuck with trying to combo it with Blackguard/Silhouette. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also just gain a click or something.

is it a basic action? like gain a cred?

Doppelganger S&W new meta

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Early Bird S&W better, 'cause then you can still have Desperado


My plan is Beckman/Savoir-Faire/Autoscripter to pull off the same turn Drive-By/shoot Caprice/go steal agenda move.


I agree. But I also understand that it begins to become more difficult later on down the road to enable more archetypes without also “accidentally” powering up existing archetypes. Blacklist is frustrating as a MaxX player and annoying as someone who plays any other non Criminal decks in the meta at the moment.

And this is probably going to be the trademark of this cycle in hindsight.

One of the reasons I like Breaker Bay so much, so far is because it has a few cards that will legitimately shake things up. Much as Clot took FA down a peg, blacklist hits recursion in the groin and takes their lunch money.

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I played grail NEH during store champs season because it’s best match up was criminal good stuff and had a better matchup vs kalimsha Kate than the more traditional Eli, Lotus Field, Arichitect ICE mix. Stealth Andy in particular had as close to a 0% matchup as a runner can have against a Corp deck. I don’t think it’s gimmicky at all. The problem was parasite recursion with data sucker back up out of Maxx, which, as it happens, Blacklist helps with quite a lot.

In a deck that threatens to win as fast as NEH FA, the grail ICE is the real deal, punishing aggressive running and significantly slowing down the cautious. On top of that it’s still reasonably taxing when they finally do get all set up.


I warned you guys…

So, I played three games against nongrail NEH with blacklists as reg ass and won every one. I think the issue was that there was a lack of etr ICE to actually protect blacklist. It almost got me one game but I managed to RNG medium win the turn before he scored out. All in all, not terribly scared yet.

Hive mind in general leans towards #skyisfalling when new cards arrive.


I feel like the SH community leans towards the other end of the spectrum:

“Card sucks who cares”


I’ll start worrying about Blacklist once Clot is done destroying NEHFA (I’m still waiting).

I’m going to use this in a set review.


Sounding like you worship at the Altar of Brule. Welcome, brother.