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Honor and Profit Full Spoilers


Eillieferung #33
1c Event
Look at the top 4 cards of your stack, put one of those into your grip. Shuffle your stack.
1 inf

Finte #34
2c Event Run
Make a run on HQ. You bypass the first 2 Ice you encounter this run. If the run is successful, you don’t access any cards.
3 inf

Geplanter Angriff #36
2c Event Double
As an additional cost, pay click
Search your stack for a Run Event and play it (paying it’s cost), ignoring additional costs. Shuffle your stack.
2 inf

Öffentliches Terminal #38
1c Hardware
1 recurring credit
use this credit only for Run Events
2 inf

Unregistered S&W 35 #39
1c Hardware Weapon
use only after you made a successful run on HQ this turn
click, click: Trash one rezzed Bioroid, Clone, Executive or Sysop in a server without paying the trash cost
3 inf

Fenster #40
2c Hardware
click: draw the bottom card of your stack.
1 inf

Wanze #43
0c Program
1 MU
Can only be played after a successful run on HQ.
Whenever the corp draws a card, you may pay 2c to expose that card
1 inf

Pfefferkuchen #44
2c Program Icebreaker
1 MU
1c: break Tracer subroutine
2c: +3 strength
2 base strength
2 inf

Ausweis #46
1c Program Icebreaker Decoder
1 MU
1c: break Codegate subroutine
2c: +2 strength
Can only be used on central servers
2 base strength
2 inf

Das Glück herausfordern #47
2c Event
pay any number of credits secretly. The corp guesses odd or even. Reveal spent credits. If the Corp guessed wrong, gain twice your spent credits
1 inf

Sicherheitstest #48
0c Resource Job
At the start of your turn, choose a server. The first time you make a successful run on that server this turn, gain 2c instead of accessing cards
3 inf

Masseninstallation #51
1c Event
install up to 3 programs from your grip (paying their costs)
0 inf

Psychiatrische Klink #9
0c Asset (some money type) 3 trash
Gain 1c when your turn begins
The runners max grip is increased by one.
2 inf

Shi Kyu #11
0c Asset Ambush 0 trash
When the runner accesses Shi Kyu, you may pay Xc. The runner either takes X net damage or adds Shi Kyu to his agenda area as an agenda worth -1 agenda point. Ignore this effect if Shi Kyu is accessed from R&D.
4 inf

Shiro #19
6c Ice Code Gate
-> Look at the top 3 cards from R&D and put them back in any order
-> the runner accesses the top card from R&D unless the corp pays 1c
5 strength
4 inf

Susanoo-No-Mikoto #20
9c unique Ice Sentry Defelctor
-> If the runnner is not already running on archives, he is now considered running on archives instead of passing Susanoo-No-Mikoto. The runner cannot jack out until he encountered at least one more Ice
7 strength
3 inf

Netz von NeoTokio #21
2c Upgrade Region 5 trash
The first time each turn a card in this server gets advanced, gain 1c.
Limit 1 region per server.
2 inf

Tori Hanzo #22
3c Unique Upgrade Sysop (trash cost unreadable)
The first time you do net damage during a run on this server, you may pay 2c to deal 1 brain damage instead.
(unreadable inf)


@Sirprim is on the case: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/15594597#15594597


It’s my duty and pleasure :slight_smile:


According to @Orange_Devil this card reads: “when an advancement counter is placed on a card”

@Sirprim is that accurate? It has implications with things like the Tennin ID.


I’m confused, is there a difference between the two wordings? AFAIK it doesn’t specify how the card got advanced


The difference could be that it could trigger on ICE too, but since it is IN an server, I think there is no difference between the two (card gets advanced or when an advancement counter is placed).

The wording on the NeoTokoy card is the same as on Tennin ID, wunderbar! :smiley:


I was kinda hoping for better Anarch splashes here, but I only see two (both one influence). The one that allows you to draw one of the top four cards, and the one that spends credits secretly and possibly gain double that amount might see some OOF action, but nothing here gets me truly excited for Anarch.

That being said, some very nice cards on both sides. I predict Gabe will surpass Andromeda with this, now that he’ll be very difficult to lock out of HQ for long.

I’ll reserve judgement on Jinteki. The cards are good, but fitting them is going to be a huge pain.


@Lysander , how about Mass Installation?

Masseninstallation #51
1c Event
install up to 3 programs from your grip (paying their costs)
0 inf


I’m happy that we will be able to shoot Caprice Nisei. With a gun.
Unless she is on HQ. (Then we need a sneakdoor).


The turnaround between this and the regional championship I’m going to on the 10th is really narrow :). Must… find time… to test decks…


Mass Installation will likely see play, but I wouldn’t assume it’ll fix anything for anybody until Duggars comes out. It can pair with QT as well if you have a ton of money, or perhaps in Noise if you have a Sahasrara on the table.


As a first turn draw for Andy, it might be nice, but after that it’d be dead as often as not, I’d imagine.


Haha, Shi Kyu becomes an agenda in the runenrs score pile worth a NEGATIVE point.

We had speculated before that some 0 point agendas might make data dealer interesting. But it seems they went past that and made a trap giving a negative point agenda. Gotta make that Data Dealer playable!


I can see some crazy Caissa plays once Duggars comes out. But I don’t really see it working reliably.

I wonder if Doughnut might give Whizzard a tool against operation-based economies?

Overall, though, I’ve gone from being excited about the set to being a bit down about the whole thing. For all that I want to get excited about possible new strategies, I see “Tutor for Siphon” and “Tutor for Astroscript/Efficiency Committee” and fear those are the cards that are actually going to have the impact.


Eillieferung #33 - Draw 4, Pick 1, Shuffle
This should be good - in faction. Not as good as Diesel or Quality Time out of faction but I think it is worth the extra credit to see an extra card.

Finte #34 - HQ run skip 2 Ice, no access.
Blocked by Guard, Gabe nets 0 credits, Ken -1. Is only half as good as Inside Job. Worse than Infiltration for Silhouette. I guess it helps Lemuria Codecracker, Quest Complete and Notoriety? It’s for use with the hand cannon I guess, but that’s a ton of deck space with no guarantee the Corp even has personnel to kill. Waiting for the other shoe to drop here.

Geplanter Angriff #36 - Double, Siphon Tutor.
This will see all kinds of play, though I can also see it being used on out of faction run events for more reliable surprise factor with lowered influence penalty, or for things like Inside Job when the situation is right.

Öffentliches Terminal #38 - 1 recred for run events
It seems a little odd to play this instead of or even alongside Prepaid Voice PAD but if your deck really is ALL run events, saving the credit on install helps your tempo. Everyone plays Sure Gamble but realistically Prepaid Voice PAD will likely only give you a couple extra credits over the course of the game if those are the only non run events you are playing.

Unregistered S&W 35 #39 - Murder somebody
Iffy. Jackson Probably runs away as soon as you run HQ with two clicks left, so you’re not killing him directly. Installing this and two clicks plus an HQ run? Jackson is usually way easier to trash than that. Ash is a surprise rez and then you trash him. Doesn’t really need to be shot in the head.
good answer to Caprice, but if installing Caprice costs the runner a deck slot, a credit and a handful of clicks to draw, install, activate and use, she’s done a good job.

Fenster #40 - Draw from the bottom of the Stack.
Bails you out when Mr. Li hits two key pieces at the same time. Feels like deck bloat.

Wanze #43 - Use up MU and money to track what the corp is drawing.
You know, I like this thing. Makes HQ access more efficient, and supplies early warning for trap mitigation. 2c is a little steep for a recurring cost but criminals have money, right, and it is probably less expensive than R&D lock. Unlike true R&D lock you don’t score with it, but that’s what Legwork and HQ Interface are for. I think there may be something to this card, and even if it isn’t great I think it helps diversify the way the game is played.

Das Glück herausfordern #47 - Scratch Tickets
Interesting. Kind of a Hail Mary pass type card. Maybe this follows up a Siphon, you throw 9 or 10 credits at it. If the Corp guesses right, they’re still down 5 and you’re something like even-ish. If they guess wrong, you’ve made a 25c swing in credit differential.

Masseninstallation #51 - Install 3 programs
Noise will love this. Andy maybe. I would play this in Noise for sure. Could be useful elsewhere but Noise deserves to be more relevant and this is a boost.


EillieIm evenrung #33
its not bad. the 2c discount compared to quality time is relevant, especially if you want to play what you drew.

Finte #34
I don’t think trigger on successful run abilities are there yet and many of the “instead of accessing cards” abilities are runs, so don’t think this is all that… Unless it is which I think would be a bad thing.

Geplanter Angriff #36
yes. definitely for criminals, maybe as a splash? I’d have to think about it. There are some strong run events that I think are greatly more playable with a tutor and could cause significant changes.

Öffentliches Terminal #38
no. too conditional and many cost zero anyways.

Unregistered S&W 35 #39
Maybe? Interesting and exciting for what it implies. Caprice and the odd Bioroid or whatever might make it decent if the meta shifts that way. (And I would note that Weyland demands 2-3 cards and is largely considered the 3/4 best faction, so they don’t have to be dominant necessarily). But probably not.

Fenster #40
off the top of my head Mr. Li, but that’s not worth a card slot. No.

Wanze #43
Interesting, geared toward a new criminal archetype in my opinion or at least a more divergent Andromeda.

Pfefferkuchen #44
might be useful, but I’m assuming not until I have a reason to think otherwise

Das Glück herausfordern #47
Oh hell no.

Sicherheitstest #48
interesting with medium/nerve but not sure it’s worth the splash.

Masseninstallation #51
Ehh? You usually don’t need three installs.

Psychiatrische Klink #9
meh, so you really need a faster PAD campaign for 2 influence? Maybe in Jinteki, but even then, I feel it’s kind of a wash with PAD.

Shi Kyu #11
Scary. Not sure where it fits in with the new Jinteki, but I think is a legit option.

Shiro #19
6 cost is kind of expensive, but I do think people will realize this is very good, this is counting if you already that. most of the time it’ll prevent a score and help you draw what you need.

Susanoo-No-Mikoto #20
9 is expensive and I’m not sure comboing Shock or some damage Ice is worth the cost.

Netz von NeoTokio #21
interesting card, but Corp economy has surpassed this.

Tori Hanzo #22
Interesting, 5c for brain damage is a lot. I feel like it’ll fit into something gimmicky and not worth it.


Psychiatrische Klink #9 - Corp Gains Money, Runner gains Grip
Is this better than PAD Campaign? The return on investment is more immediate to be sure, but the trash cost is lower and it gives the runner grip while being from a Corp that likes dealing damage.

Shi Kyu #11 - Mega Snare! that the runner can avoid by losing an agenda point
This is very, very good, both as a card and for the game. I like that it is a better HQ defence than Snare! and I think it’ll encourage putting Snares on the board rather than using them to protect HQ. Makes R&D a little easier to sift through for the Runner but you’r probably playing this in Never Advance where there aren’t too many trashable assets to begin with.

Shiro #19 - big 'ol code gate manages R&D accesses
Decent Rez cost. Yagura’s older brother. I like that it can force the runner to hit Shocks and Snares and controls R&D lock. Tricky thing here is figuring how many to slot into a deck. Too many and you’ve got series redundancy. Too few and you won’t get it very reliably. Should work well in a Jinteki Fast Advance archetype.

Susanoo-No-Mikoto #20 - Whoppingly Expensive Sentry Deflector!
Love this thing. Late game monster that feeds the Runner Shocks and whatever nasty program trashing Ice you stick on Archives. 9c is probably too expensive, but the 7 Strength is difficult for a runner to prep for, especially with fixed strength breakers. Incredibly fun card but too slow to win games reliably.

Netz von NeoTokio #21 - Makes advancement cheaper, or better.
Takes some of the sting and economic tempo loss out of advancing traps or 5 cost agendas. The trouble is that it is 2 to rez in the first place, and you’ve got to draw and install it so there’s a tempo hit in prepping this that you don’t really get back until later. Where this might be interesting is in Jinteki Fast Advance. Setting up Trick of Light you’ve banked your tempo already, so when you rez this thing and TOL you should come out ahead on cash straight away. The idea of Fast Advancing an agenda and coming out of the turn with more money than you started with is incredibly appealing. Nice trash cost too. Is something like an additional Subliminal Messaging with Tennin.

Tori Hanzo #22 - Sysop Converts Net Damage to Brain Damage
Love this with a scored House of Knives. I’m assuming she has a low trash cost and probably loves to hang out with Caprice in a central.


I was talking with Calimsha about tutor for events last tuesday. It seems way too strong to ever be published :). As a Gabe player, I’m pretty happy with this !

[quote]Unregistered S&W 35 #39
1c Hardware Weapon
use only after you made a successful run on HQ this turn
click, click: Trash one rezzed Bioroid, Clone, Executive or Sysop in a server without paying the trash cost[/quote]

could be good against jackson too, because corp will have to trash it after your run on HQ, else you could lose 2 click to trash it, and corp wont be able to trigger his ability

split this topic #20

I moved 3 posts to a new topic: Planned Attack: Is this a Problem Card?

Planned Attack: Is this a Problem Card?

When I was reading through the pack

Shi Kyu #11 caught my eye looking at the German text, there is nothing saying it would not work from archives.
There are two possibilities:

  1. Translation mistake: instead of not working from R&D it should read Archives. I have the German card in front of me and it clearly says R&D (F&E) but it would not be the first error.
  2. The card is translated correctly and accessing it from archives triggers it. (scary) What makes me wonder is, that every ambush explicitly says if it works from archives. This strengthens my assumption, that this might be a translation error.

The decks, that frequently want to run archives to get Datasucker tokens, and Desperado money might have to use Sicherheitstest, to not access archives.

Either way it combos incredibly well with Philotic Entanglement in a 1 point agenda Personal Evolution deck only problem is that it is a forced one off.

Fenster #40 is clearly the hatepick against Will o the Wisp (Mr. Li shenanigans are a plus).

Eillieferung #33 is pretty terrible. I have to draw it (1click) then I have to play it (1click) I even have to pay 1c what do I get for this 1 card that might be slightly better than the 2 other cards I might have drawn with the clicks. Usually I don´t like counting the click to draw but for a “drawing card” counting the card it replaces seems appropriate.

Das Glück herrausfordern #47 is terrible too on average I loose 2 credits for playing this. And it only works if I already have a lot of credits (around 10). Also weird placing in the pack an event between programs and resources, this makes me wonder if this could have been a resource at some point. A shame, that this great piece of art will go to waste.

Unregistered S&W 35 #39 might see a lot of play in my meta, so many HB players (CI is really strong and classic HB fast advance is still pretty strong too).