How to Jam with HB?

I’m trying to figure out how all the parts in the jammy HB decks work. These decks have Jeeves, AAL, and Team Sponsorships, among other things.

I’ve seen and read all the cards, but I still can’t grasp how they all interact to do wonderful things. Are there any good articles or videos out there explaining all the moving parts of these decks?

A few combos.

  1. Biotic Labor, Install, Advance x3 (3/2)
  2. Biotic Labor, Install, Rez Jeeves or Jeeves already rezzed, Advance x3 (4/2)
  3. Install, advance, use Efficiency Committee Counter, play Shipment from SanSan (3/2)

Using AAL only after the runner has spent 4 clicks not running the AAL server, then installing Jeeves in that server using AAL, is a nifty way to hedge your bets as you go into an Fast Advance.

Also, with Jeeves already rezzed, Lateral Growth an agenda and use Shipment from SanSan, then advance (to score a 3/2). You only need the two to play LG to start the combo, which can catch people off-guard when they expect you to need 6 or more for Biotic.

There’s already a thread on Jammy HB, which is worth a read if you’re looking for videos and advice on how to play it:

IMO, Jeeves in HB is not Jammy HB. That’s fast advance in HB, but Jammy HB is having one remote that in the early game you rush out agendas before the runner is set up, and mid-to-late game you keep installing cards to annoy the runner by forcing them to keep checking it. You often do close out the game by using Biotic for that last 2-3 points, but that’s not the whole game plan, like Jeeves decks tend to be.

If you’re looking to discuss Jeeves in HB, there is a thread for that too:


Thanks for pointing these threads out. Poor search on my part not to find them before making OP. I’m having some fun with Ben Ni’s Jammy HB from his video.

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Also, if you’ve been seeing an HB: EtF deck with Jeeves, AAL, and Team Sponsorships recently, it’s likely from @TheBigBoy’s most recent article: