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Imaginary Cards


You think a 0/0 with no ability would be too powerful? Would it even be playable? It’d basically mean 1 click (the install) to turn on any forfeit card and that’s it.


Yeah, but there are plenty of important triggers off of scoring and forfeiting agendas. You can spend a click to turn on Archer, Oberth, Corporate Town, sure, but you also trash runner currents and can clear The Source from hand with a click remaining. In a more niche example, Gang Sign isn’t optional, which could make a hand of snares deadly with a couple easy scores lined up (and no risk if you leave them undefended, because they’re not worth anything).

EDIT: And stealing it triggers things like Midseasons, again at no risk to you. There’s Team Sponsorship, too. That would be a big one to fire 3 times in a turn. It makes me think that what you want might be better handled as, say, an Operation (double or terminal, maybe?) that adds itself to your score area as a 0-point agenda. That we you get your forfeit fuel without all the extra triggers to consider.


I’m going to be playing the spoiled Weyland 2/0, and not necessarily for its ability. Pointless agendas are powerful if you build your deck around them.

Once Hunter Seeker comes out, Argus with Midseasons, Ark Lockdown, and a lot of ETRs is going to be a PITA.


All solid points. Looks like, yeah, 2/0 is the lowest you want to go. Honestly I thought the self-searching ability was what broke it, but hadn’t considered how good a riskless, no investment 0 would be. The remaining clicks after the score are just huge.

Oh shat… Add another br0ken interaction: Aggressive Negotiation would become busto with a 0/0. Install - Score, play two AN for exactly the cards you want (SEA and Scorch seem solid).


Fine Print - 0
Weyland Ice - Code Gate - •••
-> The runner cannot remove tags until his or her next turn.
Str: 3
"It’s the fine print we didn’t write that will really get you." - Elizabeth Mills


Second swing at BE:

With the additional cost, it removes the possibility of doing a Corp Turn 1 play of BE, Tithonium, and an installed agenda behind said Tithonium. On further thought that seemed oppressive to me, especially since it is Siphon proof.

I really like the flavor here. I imagine Weyland is basically paying government bureaucrats to be political spinmeisters for them, mitigating their bad image and allowing them to perform business with a little less oversight.

Another idea I had kicking around:


With the additional cost, it removes the possibility of doing a Corp Turn 1 play of BE

GRNDL says hello.

Imagine the level of rush you could get off BE + forfeit ice if GRNDL was a 40/15 like it should have been.

I like the ED design idea, but I feel like it might be a little strong? I mean, 15 Minutes is 1-per-deck. Then again, stacked-up bad pub can be pretty nasty when it starts to invalidate your ice/asset trash costs, so maybe that’s just me.


Hmm. Maybe that’s a good thing? GRNDL is kind of terrible right now.


This is true. Giving Weyland Good Cards™ is hardly something I can object to.

Just watch, this’ll be printed as the first splashable agenda and only 1 pip.

EDIT: New identiy idea:

Jinteki: Ordinal Defenses

You may install ICE at any position in front of a server. The install cost of the ICE is equal to the number of ICE in a lower position than the ICE you install.

Flexible solutions

I think it’d be fun for glacier, and shore up their positional ICE quite nicely by being way more flexible. Plus it’d save a handful of credits. Makes building 3+ deep servers viable, even cheap.

Other idea, but I’m not sure how to make this work, what about an anti-ice-trashing ID? Something that would also work with Trap ICE in case of non-parasifr decks showing up?


How about an ID with something like “When the Runner’s turn ends, you may install one piece of ice from Archives, reducing the install cost by 1 for each other piece of ice in Archives.”? It doesn’t nullify trashing, but it does help recover from it. It also gives you some other play options, including trap ice and saving credits on building a big server by overdrawing and discarding, IG-style.

I don’t know if that might get silly with other recursion effects, so maybe it’d be better for a 40/12 ID, to cut down on out-of-faction recursion (due to lower influence) and discourage Museum use (due to smaller deck size)?


My own addition to this idea would be:

Saikatsu Systems: Organic Solutions
Jinteki ID, 45/17
You may install ICE in any position protecting a server when you install it (you still pay install costs).
1$: Add an installed piece of ICE to HQ.

This lets you preempt Parasite and Cutlery by bouncing ICE. It won’t protect you that turn, but you’ll have it.


Also, I wanted to lob up an idea here.

Khan was a bit of a flavor-flop for me. She’s supposed to be this corporate-owned runner who tracks the people they want to find, but it is in no way reflected in her design. So I had my own idea for Khan:

• Khan, Skiptracer (2)
WEYLAND Upgrade - Runner - ••• (4 Trash)
Whenever there is a successful run on this server, Trace 3. If Successful, put 1 Power counter on Khan.
2 Hosted Power Counters: Give the Runner 1 Tag.
2$: Move Khan to another Server.
“I find people. The best part? It’s legal.”

Here Khan does what she’s supposed to do: Take cash from Corps to hunt down troublemakers.
The run-trace reflects, you know, skiptracing: tracing people who have “skipped town”. As soon as she has a bead on them, she can go after them.
Why two counters? Partly balance, partly thematic. Khan is not the SEA, and doesn’t have all those resources. She’s good though, and two stuck traces means she has a ping.
The move ability? She’s a freelancer, and can’t easily be tracked through corporate databases.


that’s some great design. Bravo. I’d like to see her and Chief Slee in some kind of Sismance(?). She finds the runners, and the Chief shoots them in the face. (Slee doesn’t work with tags, but still)


My own brand of Tagging:

Weyland ICE-Sentry-AP
Rez: 5
Strength: 4
->Do 1 net damage
-> Search R&D for a card and add it to HQ
->Trace 3: Give the runner one tag and end the run

Howler Company
Weyland Upgrade: Hostile
Rez: 1
Trash: 3
Whenever an encounter with a piece of ICE ends and the runner broke no subroutines on that ICE, place 1 power counter on Howler Company.
2 hosted power counters: Give the runner 1 tag and draw 1 card.
2c: Move any number of power counters from howler Company to another card.
Are we the hunters? Or are we the prey?-Kate"Mac"McCaffery

Weyland Operation-Double-Black Ops
Play: 3
Trash: 1
Trace: 6: Give the runner tags equal to the number of unsuccessful traces last turn.


Some ideas for Slee-friendly porous ice I had. Works for Chum, too, I guess.

Neutral ICE: AP - Destroyer - Sentry
Rez: 4
Strength: 4
-> The runner may pay 4c to prevent Highwayman’s other subroutines from resolving during this encounter.
-> Trash 1 program.
-> Deal 2 net damage.

6 to break (completely) with Mongoose, 5 with Garrote, 4 with Shrike. Pay 4 to walk through without a breaker, if you don’t mind the subroutines going unresolved.

Jinteki ICE: Code Gate
Rez: 3
Strength: 4
-> Increase the trash cost of each card by 1 for the remainder of this run.
-> Increase the trash cost of each card by 1 for the remainder of this run.
-> Reduce the rez cost of the next card you rez during this run by 1.
-> Reduce the rez cost of the next card you rez during this run by 1.
Influence: 1

Big code gate outside of immediate Yog range. Could be irrelevant, could give the corp a free Caprice with a trash cost of 3. Useful for protecting Slee (or making it taxing to trash her), or try it on a central server in an asset spam deck for a cheap rez. With all the subs, it felt unfair to set strength any higher; it already costs 6 for Gordian, and 4 for 4tman still doesn’t feel good.


Weyland Op-Grey Ops
Play: 2
Inf: 3
Pay the install cost of an installed unique connection and give the runner 1 tag unless the runner removes that connection from the game.
It’s nothing personal, friend.


Maaaan, this is so flavorful. So much Weyland.
The Runner be like “I can trust you right?” and Kati be like “Sure, man, I got your back”, then Weyland be like “Excuse me, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of all the money we have. Explain again who’s back you have?”


Why would you betray us like this Kati.

We trusted you.


Anyways, love the design, but it’s really strong, maybe it should also be a double because it requires no trace?


In fairness, it does give the runner an out by letting them lose the connection instead of taking the tag. I could see the problems if a runner needed a specific unique connection for their gameplan, though; as a single, you can double scorch after it, so if the corp has enough money and cards in hand, it’s risky to accept the tag to save your Aesop’s Pawnshop, for example, especially since they can just click to trash it if they can’t afford to kill you yet.

A double could shrink that certainty (2 clicks and 4+cost to kill Jak or Aesop guaranteed, sure, but 3 clicks means your whole turn is gone), but I still feel like the smart play would almost always be to sacrifice the connection. What about a terminal operation that gives 2 or more tags? I know that doesn’t open the immediate kill option, but I feel like it does make the choice more important to the runner, since they know they won’t lose the connection yet no matter which they choose.


Terminal is good. You could use that to rez Judge, would make a nice combo.