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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


About ID, I think they will keep asset spam a weakness vs Anarchs. Anarchs concentrating on Archives / Naked remote is very much faction pie, while Shaper concentrating on R&D / scoring lock and Crim slowly recovering from loss of Syphon until some sort of “play only as first click” syphon comes out (fluffing this with new security measures since Android: Mainframe fluff).

Archive Syphon could very much be “run on archives, if successfull access an installed card”, so people takes the habit of icing archives when playing vs red, because this kills most of their current strategies.

Shaper could stay semiweak vs asset spam (this is because people don’t play 1 inf + asset only Paricia).


That card would be devastating…remember that Quest Completed did just that, and required successful runs on all 3 centrals…


I remember Quest Completed, yeah, that’s a card nobody folded ever ?

I remember Account Syphon. People use to ice HQ or they provide a 15c diff to your opponent.

Corp would ice Archives, ice HQ / R&D, Hedge (btw this allready destroy Alice & Omar)


What I wanted to say is that alternative accesses are a very powerful effect, and the one you suggested would obliterate glacier archetypes and would force corps to go even more horizontal…


Well, take the new crim ID for instance. It is pretty good against asset spam, but it is not AS good as the virus ID.

Shaper could always use a playable ID that has an active ability rather than a passive one?


Glacier would have no trouble to ice archive. They have ice, more than enough for that. Glacier had the same trouble against Account Syphon.
Going for “more horizontal” vs the current Anarch is the perfect recipe for defeat.

Ice. Archives.

It is a problem that Shaper can expect some would-be-remote-instead ice to be put in front of R&D.
Without Account Syphon, Crim is just now starting to face some of the problems non-opti Anarchs ever had.

Crim still have 1-shot HQ scoring events (like legwork), when Anarch have no 1-shot Archive scoring events. This means that for Crim some of the would-be-remote-instead ice are in front of HQ. But less ice, since their best impact Syphon is gone.

This ice is in front of scoring remote for Anarchs now. Anarch is the faction where remote lock work the less. Without Medium, Anarch can’t expect ice to be put in front of R&D.
Then Anarch may need corp to ice a central, I’d say Archives, at least with 2-3 ices ?

So : run Archive if successfull instead of access, trash any ice. Aka a better Immo script. Or run archive if succesfull access one additional card from R&D and one additional card from HQ then access Archives. This would be at least their archive legwork / maker’s eyes.
I don’t know. Some day 0 - turn 1 ice archive threat. They absolutly need that.

It’s not “multi access blabla we need to remove this”, it’s currently any corp have very little pressure on archives, and currently anarch don’t put a big pressure on other centrals. Then the corp ice remote and good luck to be there more than once every 2 turns.
Every 2 turns, the corp say “did I droped an asset there” ? If you loose they win 2 points automatically, when vs other runners this is not like that because the layer of scoring remote ice is typically 2 ice thinner.

  • Remote lock stay longer in Shaper / Crim than Anarch.
  • R&D lock stay in Shaper
  • HQ lock tries to stay (but without syphon have an half purpose) in Crim
  • Anarch doesn’t lock anything. Oh yeah, well, naked remote with 6c “can evade voiding HQ” Maw. But this is meta : your usual Tenin for exemple see Maw say meh whatever. There is a need of an Archive lock in the game because Anarch need to lock something not depending of the meta. And you can’t give them lots of HQ (Crim) or R&D (Shaper) locking HQ/R&D tools because they would be splashed in Crim / Shaper for C-C-Combos.

So yeah, I think a remote sneakdoor of some sort, but as a 1-shot event is needed. Corp would ice archives instead of putting say 5 ices in front of scoring, voiding HQ and say “luck / no luck” on R&D single accesses every 2 turns in late game. Anarch need some tools to score if they can access to Archives.

Or at least, anything that is Anarch + archive run + low prereq + is brutal start to endgame, is actually needed. 11c difference for 3 clics + an HQ run was brutal. Order top 5 R&D cards is brutal. Trash a rezzed ice if one is in archive is not brutal. Re-install one program for 3c + run is not brutal (etc).

Anarch need a “if Archives stay open, I win”. There is actually in the game more archive ambush defense tools in the game than ways to attack a corp through their archives !

And Crim being the best “Archive open = I win” faction isn’t anywhere close to what the situation should be. Actually a corp should see Anarch, and archive panic sometimes.

Kernel Panic
Anarch Event: Run, Priority • Cost: 4 • Influence: 5
Play only as your first click.
Make a run on Archives. If successfull, choose a central server. The runner may trash installed ice so the number of installed ice in front of each server is made equal to the choosen central server.
Limit 1 per deck.

Block Party
Anarch Event: Run • Cost: 3 • Influence: 4
Make a run on Archives. If successful, instead of accessing cards, add Block Party as an agenda in the Runner’s score area with the text “This agenda is worth 1 agenda point. Trash Block Party if the Corp purges virus counters.”

Bourgee Clients
Anarch Ressource: connection • Install: 2 • Influence: 2
1c, click: Make a run on Archives. If successful, instead of accessing cards, the runner may remove a brain. If he do so, the runner can choose a card from his heap and add it to his grip.

Shredder Puzzle
Anarch Event: Run • Cost: 2 • Influence: 2
Make a run on Archives. If successful, instead of accessing cards, resolve three of the following in any order :

  • the corp trash the top 1 card of R&D.
  • the corp trash 1 random card in HQ.
  • the corp trash 1 rezzed Asset or Upgrade.
  • remove 1 faceup card in Archives from the game.
  • gain 2c
  • access archives cards.

Lost Watch
Anarch Event: Run, Double • Cost: 3 • Influence: 3
As an additional cost to play this event, spend click.
Make a run on Archives. If successful, before accessing cards, the runner is considered to have made a successful run on R&D, HQ, and Archives this turn.

You see what I mean ?


Yeah, thought that you wanted to only attack remotes via archives. Makes sense now for sure!


Down the White Nile (pack #2 of Kitara) has a US release date of 2/1.


ah, that sweet drip of new cards.


Anarchs could use an impactful archives run event. The faction does threaten archives but almost solely via another server.

The only native archive threats are: interface, immolation, sucker, hemmorhage

Not a single one of those being more impactful/dangerous than sneak door


Datasucker and Aumakua will be plenty of Archives pressure once Khumalo is live.


You forgot Political Graffiti :wink:


@moistloaf Not so sure, because the game knows allready what to splash against that and those tools are allready used in most of competitive decks (being with Cyberdex or Macrophage).
Anarch need to force the corp to ice archives by directly scoring through, or by being poor allready, they will be rushed to infinity and behond.


There’s also Retrieval Run, Alice’s ability, Omar’s sneakdoor ability, and Mining Accident (indirectly, but same as Sucker).


Mining use any central run, it’s not the same. Eventually at a point you’d access HQ or R&D, then you have the opportunity to use Mining. Or maybe running on HQ cost you 0 whereas other centrals costs you 5.
An archives run is supposed to be cheap but scoring anything through it requires a lot more cards than breakers only + a legwork/maker’s eye.


would it be easier to digest if I said anarchs could use a legwork/makers eye type archives run event?

Perhaps if it was put into these terms:

Vs. Criminal I ICE HQ then Rnd
Vs. Shaper I ICE Rnd then HQ
Vs. Anarch I ICE Archives/HQ then Archives/HQ

Omar and Alice are native archive threats that’s true but it’s also true that they come with a penalty and aren’t available to all IDs.


@ericbtool We should make a lobby named the F.T.I.
(the “Frozen Trash Initiative”).

I wonder what meta change could make a 2c event run archive, trash one HQ card + top (or bottom ?) card from R&D. Probably less Minings in Anarch decks, and smaller scoring remotes vs them.


Couple of White Nile spoilers in the wild:


Wari is an interesting design. Bouncing ICE is currently either Shaper (Ankusa) or Criminal (Leela). This card suggests it’s supposed to be in Criminal. It ties together expose and ICE bounce with an HQ-centric condition, so it feels like the direction Crim’s going in.

Is it good? I have no idea, that’s above my paygrade. I’ll just be cool and assume it’s terrible.


Aimor is like the old-dated Data Mine on steroids. Grindier than Mganga even in PU - and no Feedback Filter or Caldera saves the runner. For 2 inf I could see this in Skorpios. But I don’t want to.