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Link's Adventure - The Sunny Lebeau Thread


I feel like this is pretty accurate. I also feel that if this becomes the case, Sunny loses power in the meta in general and isn’t as strong.

This argument I like. 2 Holes instead of 3 is a decent thought… It’s just… Rabbit Hole and Magnum Opus are very similar cards. Both have a high investment cost, that pays off over the long run. You’re paying 2 credits for a Link, then every 2 credits after that gives you a Link, a Card Draw, and an Install. Provided at least two more traces are initiated over the course of the rest of the game, you’re making your money back. I don’t know of another way to click for 3 installs and two cards.

The Influence reason is still the best argument I’ve found against them, simply because if you look at it any other way, they perform a unique service in Sunny, because they put her over her Nexus’ Trace 5, making it simply economically unfeasible for the corp to keep paying to keep you out. The main advantage I find is that I only need to find one. Every other Link solution requires me to find two specific cards out of a 50 card deck.


Sunny gets another self tracer in pack 4! And it is pretty relevant to right now.



Man, where was that when I was playing DLR Sunny like a crazy-person. Might see a little revival. Jak run, intentionally fail the Nexus trace to get tagged, mill some cards, get in Archives click 4 to steal agendas, use Citadel to clear the tag?


Card’s so good.

Only downside? Does nothing vs Breaking News -> All-Seeing I.

Personally I think it’ll actually see better play in Nexus Kate. It’s still something Sunny’s interested in, but I think NACH is still the better one for now. (If there’s a way to trace to cause Bad Pub, then Sunny’s in business.)


Its a pretty major downside to Sunny’s card pool in the current meta. No idea how Sunny can deal with that outside of City Hall. But even that doesn’t seem like enough. She sure as hell is not running traffic accident or clot. The Source seems pretty tough.

There is one major thing I like with the card.

Sunny can run Power Tap + Nexus + This card with practically no stakes at all thanks to her base link.

Run the nexus trace and get your drip, if you want to get in then use those creds to beat the trace (probably). Then run the location trace to clear the nexus tag at the end of your turn.

With even 1 power tap up, that will get you a daily cast every turn and the corp can’t do anything about it.

It is still a three card combo, but any two of them in combination work very well together.

The ability to pop it to stop a scorch or boom is pretty good too.


Would Citadel Sanctuary be able to shake off the tag gained from Joshua B.?


Minus a clarification on the turn structure or an official ruling the answer looks to be no. Joshua B gives a tag on the end of turn trigger, Sanctuary looks to check on the end of turn before the triggers start. At least that is the general consensus building.


Yep, that looks correct. Sorry str4atman!

At least you can run Johnny Masanori?


Darn it, back to the drawing board it is…


Except they’d just trash it first since it’s a Resource, but yeah, I like that aspect of it too.

I’ll be taking another pass at Masanori-based Sunny with that resource out.


I don’t think that card has a place in the sun(ny). How often you actually want to fail the Nexus trace, really? Or play Masanori? As Sunny you’re probably already teched hard for avoiding tags so it feels just super clunky to include a card that makes you want to have a tag.

It basically needs Power Taps to be worth it, and then you’re just opening yourself to BN + ASI that was already mentioned. It just isn’t the self-trace card that Sunny’s looking for.

Maybe there’s a deck out there but even my jank sense fails to see it, sadly.


It has a place if you are running Power Tap builds.I wasn’t saying you would do that every turn, but you would certainly do it while you are setting up and scouting the board.

It also makes your Sinclair runs even more efficient.

It seems like it could make the power tap build actually work, rather than just be clunky. Although the power tap version is probably strictly worse than a data leak build.


… Oh shit, you can make DLR Sunny with Jak+Nexus and 4 or less link. Just intentionally fail the trace, gaining money with the power taps, then DLR 3 times and clear the tag.

I think I need a shower now.


DLR 4 times and clear the tag if you are packing the Starlight location that is in two packs… and make more power tapping money.


There’s no reason to pay 8 for something if you want to build the DLR deck. You’d want Jak Sinclair, John Masanori, DLR, new starlight location, and N underworld contacts/data foldings where N is however much money econ you need for the corp to be unable to call you out on the end of turn trace. Each link is the same as a credit in your credit pool in terms of the impact of that trace 1, it usually autofails, and would get referenced 1 time if the corp tried to boost the trace, it wouldn’t need to be a link deck at all. Preferablly you install an NACH if you’re against yellow so that you can survive BN ASI.

It’s a 4 click DLR, not as fast as a 5 click DLR, but in a slower meta maybe there’s something there.

I’m not sure the deck’s not better in crim or anarch though.


I think there’s a idea there to actually bluff and switch whether you’re trying to actually get through the ICE or not with the Nexus. If the corp doesn’t buff the strength of the trace, then you can just spend a couple of credits and boom you’re in, access stuff normally. If they do spend a bunch on buffing the trace, you can choose to fail it intentionally, and then start DLR’ing with the tag, and clear the tag with Citadel.

If only the Nexus was a bit cheaper… or had a discount on install costs based on your printed link…


I can see the DLR case but not a case for “normal” Sunny. In particular, it doesn’t change the fact that Power Tap is only playable in a tracer heavy meta.


Back from future cards to the current pool, what are everyone’s opinions on how to best utilize Sunny’s spare MU? Because that really is one of Sunny’s biggest advantages compared to other runners, thanks to her breaker suite. Just adding Data Folding is the influence-neutral option, but I really think we can do better.

  1. Datasuckers. Sunny doesn’t really want to run that often until she’s set up, but one or more suckers seems to be one of the most economical ways to boost her breaker suite, while putting pressure on all central servers.You can get cheap tokens from Jak Sinclair runs, at least until there’s a CVS in archives.

  2. Y0g. Striker is probably Sunny’s least efficient breaker, compared to the most commonly played ice. However, it is decent against the code gates that Y0g has problems with, while Y0g vastly improves your efficiency against gear-check code gates, especially with suckers.

  3. Knight. Sunny’s breakers aren’t too great for medium to high strength single-sub ice, but Knight covers these pretty well. Knight + Nexus also gets you through most 2 ice servers in the early game, if you can get your Nexus online early.

  4. Faust. It’s pretty expensive influence-wise now, but Faust still needs mentioning as the best way to threaten early remotes while you’re setting up.

  5. Paricia. While it doesn’t work against upgrades, Paricia even more efficient than Scrubber in the asset-spam meta. The only real drawback is that you can’t use it on Jak Sinclair runs.


I guess the biggest problem with including programs to use that MU is the fact that most of Sunny’s influence goes into setting up.

Currently I think Paricia is probably the best 1 inf option, although I have to admit I didn’t think of the Jak restriction with it and may have misplayed it a couple of times. Even with that, it’s still a tempo positive way to get into trashing assets.

If we go back to more glacier, I could see Magnum Opus taking up 2 of that MU. It allows you to switch instantly into money making mode after finding Nexus and breakers. I used it in my Blackmail Sunny deck and it felt pretty good. It’s really good in the late game where your turns are mostly all about checking the top card with security clearance and then click for 6c if there isn’t anything.


The problem I have with Magnum is that it has so few ways of tutoring for it in Sunny. But that is probably just my inner shaper talking.

I think Datasuckers are probably the best compliment to her rig. Yog makes a lot of sense, but usually I find myself so influence strapped after card draw or soft economy effects that I lack influence for breakers.