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Link's Adventure - The Sunny Lebeau Thread


Lovegood to disable The Source while still triggering a Steal for Aaron counters. Basically you choose between Film Critic or Lovegood depending on whether you need to Steal, or dodge On Access badness (like Fetal/Future Perfect).

ProCo by himself gives the deck enough draw, oddly. If I get Jak and John out together, that’s almost enough draw, unless they ice up everything… Hoppers are very very rarely used for card draw, because the cost of installing them tends to negate the 3 cards you drew. (Unless you installed them off Supplier.)

So… Here’s the thing, Sunny crushes every Corp in the Late Game. Every Corp crushes Sunny in the Early Game, though. Thus, we have two options: Accelerate Sunny’s game, or Slow the Corp’s game. The Source slows their game to a crawl, especially if they have to run through it multiple times via Fall Guy. I’m very much not on board the Peace In Our Time train, though, because while it gives Sunny a huge credit boost, it also speeds up the Corp which I’m not really ok with. Add in that it has an influence cost, and I’m out. :slight_smile:

I’ve gone over multiple times why I dislike the OCA engine, and it’s not for lack of trying. :slight_smile:

I have been finding that Overmind gets stuck in my hand a bunch, but it’s simultaneously very useful; once. I’m going to try cutting it entirely and going to 3x Daily Casts, and upping the number of Jak to 2. Bump John up to 2 as well and cut a Security Chip, since I only generally need one of those things a game. I’m also looking hard at Freedom Through Equality, since HB decks have sort of fallen off a bit I may not need to tech for them… Still, GFI is around, so I might keep it around a little longer.


Any thoughts about Deep Data Mining for a big R&D dig when TD drops? It’s fairly hefty influence chunk, but it’s not like we don’t have a ton of free MU all the time.


Sunny was the first place I thought of for DDM.

Pretty sure the influence hit will keep it out of her hands, though. I would come and revisit it when Underworld Contacts rotates, though, as I feel Sunny will fundamentally change at that time.


Thanks @CrushU for the response. I’ll give ProCon a try. I realised that you also have 3 hostages, so that make it more likely to install.

You should definitely bump John and Jak up to 2 each. Other than that, your current list is actually pretty solid. In my case I will stick to DLR strategy for the moment, though.


Has anyone thought about adding mad dash in sunny so that you can close sooner?


it synergizes with DLR and globalsec security clearance


Yes. I already had FTE in there, Mad Dash straight replaces it.


I know we still have a few data packs left to go. But does anyone have any ideas what a Sunny’s econ package will look like when Underworld Contacts rotates?


I would probably wait and see. With any luck there might be something this cycle that benefits link… Or a kick ass cloud breaker.


As a mental exercise, I’m thinking about what are the advantages of being Sunny:

  1. Underworld Contact is amazing
  2. Security Nexus is in faction and great
  3. You get a bunch of acceptable but not incredible influence-free breakers, freeing up your influence for other stuff.
  4. You have zero memory problems because your breakers all live on the cloud.
  5. Jak Sinclair is a virtual extra click a turn.
  6. Citadel Sanctuary appreciates you having link, which enables powerful DLR shenanigans.

1 & 6 are gonna be gone, and that’s pretty rough. It’s kind of underwhelming, but I wonder whether Magnum Opus economy might be the best Sunny thing to do. The biggest problem with that is just questioning whether that’s really going to be better than playing the same deck out of Shaper.

I suppose Sunny doesn’t HAVE to play a drip econ based strategy. It’s certainly going to be hard to rely upon with just a few Data Folding.

I certainly agree with Myriad that it makes sense to wait and see if Sunny is getting any extra goodies as a consolation prize for losing her best friend Mr. Phones, but I think given the current card pool, there are going to be options just because Sunny is so versatile (especially because of point no. 3).


This is pretty on point.

I still count Sunny as the best of the mini-factions just because she’s not strictly tied to any specific strategy, given that she doesn’t have to spend influence on breakers, and the only thing she has is just ‘I’ve got good Link and can bypass one ICE a turn’… That’s a pretty wide open field for her to play in.

The downsides is that she doesn’t have any focused, powerful abilities (other than the 1/turn bypass, which honestly needs to be the focus of Sunny decks imo) and that she has a 50-card deck.

Speaking of, the reason Sunny relies on Drip econ right now is that it synergizes with the 1/turn bypass of Security Nexus. You don’t need a lot of money at once, you need Some Money every turn.

I’ve done some experimenting with other builds that don’t necessarily need/want UWC and drip econ/long game power… It’s not as good as UWC and the Congress drip econ package. I’ll have to look more.


Honestly, I’d love to see a appropriately powerful 5-influence (or faction-locked) Sunny card sometime. Something that won’t get splashed and gives you a unique and big benefit for running a mini-faction.


Actually, kind of a silly thought, but Grifter + Jak? Won’t survive rotation, but could be interesting as drip #4-6.


Interesting idea. Grifter paying at end of turn makes it less great.


It’s one of the few drips that can start to pay itself back by the end of the turn?

Everything else won’t kick in until beginning of the next turn.


Pretty sure the reason I haven’t tried this before was the Successful Run requirement. I’ll try out a build with it…

(Worried about influence now… Might consolidate some of the influence into single power cards…)


Also… 4-6?

Underworld Contact
Data Folding
Power Tap
Daily Casts
Grifter’s like 13-15. :smiley:

My honest worry is that Grifter probably isn’t good in current meta, though it will help against Asset Spam… (Which IS an issue; Sunny has a hard time getting enough money for that, so Grifter might help.

Btw, here’s the list that I decided to try first:

Power Tap Sunny

Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist (Data and Destiny)

Event (7)

Hardware (7)

Resource (30)

Icebreaker (6)

25 influence spent (max 25, available 0)
50 cards (min 50)
Cards up to Daedalus Complex

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Basically took out a Hostage and an Employee Strike for the influence for Grifter, dropped third Sports Hopper for the card slots. (I’ve been not needing Hopper that much. Generally only need one installed for the Link or Scorch-protection.)

Aaron’s here because Breaking News into All-Seeing Eye is game over.


I feel like you’ll do better with: -3 Grifter +3 Paricia…


Yes, but Paricia only gives you money for assets and not for installing stuff or trashing upgrades…



The problem is that grifter doesn’t even see play in Crim decks that play cards like Desperado, Sec Test, and Temujin to get mad value from runs. It seems unlikely that it will be worth it in Sunny.