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Mumbad Cycle


My point is it seems like the exact same logic follows putting other viable tag punishment like Closed Accounts or All-Seeing I in decks that tag only with BN. Sure, it seems great when it happens. But it doesn’t happen consistently enough to justify a card that could be broken.

Now, if we’re talking about a deck with a more solid tag-based gameplan, we’re on the same page. But if we’re just talking about jamming an Exchange and three BN into Fastrobiotics, there I’m skeptical.


I don’t think closed accounts or all seeing I are as general purpose tag punishment as “Click:gain 1 or 2 points. Then, screw the runner”


It occurs to me that The Liberated Mind is where all this cycle’s ice was hiding. I’m sure (in fact, I know) that many of you have noted the scarcity of ice (and instead, the slew of assets in their place) this cycle. In case you’re interested in the precise numbers:

Kala Ghoda: 2 ICE.
Business First: 1 ICE.
Democracy & Dogma: 1 ICE.
Salsette Island: 2 ICE.
The Liberated Mind: 6 ICE.
Fear the Masses: 1 ICE.

Seems pretty peculiar to have pack 5 contain the same number of ice as the first 4 packs combined (almost half the ice for the entire cycle), but hey, maybe that’s just me.


plus they keep the tags if you can score and swap on the same turn

or swap a 15 Minutes and shuffle it away

a 4-point swing isn’t a bad turn, assuming you use SEA Source / Midseasons to land some tags, play Exchange of Information to swap 15 Minutes for Global Food Initiative, and for your last click, shuffle 15 Minutes back into your deck


2 Vanity, 3 Breaking News, 1 15 Minutes, 3 Global Food meta? Damn the variance, embrace lady luck!


i’m actually thinking maybe some Beales, Foods, and a whole bunch of 1 pointers in Haarpsichord


if you can find room for money and midseasons, qpms and that card, you should get plenty of fuel for switch agendas around…I’ll be keen to see what people come up with


So was I, but I thought of the card slots I’d pretend to save by including vanity, and one thing led to another. Imagine an alternate world where NBN imported Punitive instead of Scorch


Time for a terrible exchange of info / government takeover deck


You have to put the board in, you know that, right?
Also, you are required by jank mandate to run shi.kyu/news team
Or why not both?


That Shaper Run event can charge Turning Wheel hilariously fast if you’re permitted to bounce off ETR on HQ and RND.


i was literally typing the same thing but stepped away from the computer to help with dinner haha.

or just run normally i guess. i’m still trying to figure out how to use Out of the Ashes effectively. it goes really well with Faust, discarding it for extra strength or to break a sub, then getting a free run later. it’d probably go well with MaxX if not for that influence. seriously, why are both of the Shaper 6-of cards 2 influence? Ramujan-Reliant can pitch any that are in your stack into your heap. so can Making an Entrance?
i don’t know if it’s really worth it if you’re spending a credit and a card to make a run just to get a free run later though, unless you’re going for some super specific combo turn with things like Hyperdrivers, Apocalypse, Three Steps Ahead, or something.

also as an aside, anyone else think the kid on Information Sifting is Eli? (or is it just super obvious to everyone else, and i’m the only idiot who’s pointing it out?)


No idea on the Eli thing, but imagine a world where you saw the board being rezzed for a reason?


Im interested to see the interaction between Info Sifting and Leela


You never play Out of the Ashes unless the corp had ELP out or you’re somehow profiting. You only ever play it from the Heap. (Or have I misunderstood the card)


i imagine there’s no interaction at all, unless you somehow manage to gain extra accesses from, say, HQ Interface, Nerve Agent, Turning Wheel, etc.

the new card would likely be in neither ‘pile,’ but if you had extra accesses, it would probably allow you access anything bounced during the initial access.

[quote=“MasterAir, post:2717, topic:4340, full:true”]
You never play Out of the Ashes unless the corp had ELP out or you’re somehow profiting. You only ever play it from the Heap. (Or have I misunderstood the card)
[/quote]no, you haven’t misunderstood it. that was exactly my point. you have to find ways to pitch it into the bin, but even then, you’ve spent time drawing and pitching the card for a free run, so it does it actually give you anything extra? you need to have some reason for wanting those extra runs (or potentially, wanting the card gone from your deck). you can’t just throw this event in a deck and call it a day imo.

like i said, it seems like perfect fodder for Faust, but unlike every other card you would potentially trash, it has no use otherwise, but helps you out a bit more if you discard it for Faust.

i also imagine it might be decent for Apex’ facedown cards (but again, influence, but i don’t imagine you’d necessarily need all 6)

yes, i mentioned Apocalypse and a few others in my original post


Aha, yes, I see that now.

A free run helps with Apocalypse, Notoriety etc a lot. I imagine that’s the main use we’ll see.


WHY ISN’T IT CRIM? Ken could even play it normally without Faust! The more I think about it, the more I hate that it’s green.


swapping the QPM they scored for you for a GFI. living the dream


Because that would mean Crim got another card in the pack, and two cards is too many for that faction!

(I guess Shaper had the same with Business First and Democracy and Dogma only containing one Shaper card each.)